Sunday, September 30, 2018

Little Striped Ruffled Romper and Fields of Flowers.

This Summer was the Summer of rompers, jumpsuits and skirts - lots and lots of skirts. By far the romper I wore the most however, was this Little Striped Ruffled Romper which is this Linen-Bend White  Romper with Baby Blue and Light Red Stripes, purchased on clearance at American Eagle. But I love the Oversized Ruffle Double V-Neck (front and back) and the little ruffle on the hem of the shorts. It makes it girly, flowy and fun. If I remember correctly, I wore this romper 4 times this Summer (though I only blogged it here) and even packed it alongside two other rompers for my July beach vacation.

This time I wore this Adorable Little Striped Romper with these Fuchsia Jelly Flower Sandals by Old Navy (bringing out the red and pink stripes from the romper) and the Stunning Circle Feather Earrings by Express. I love that I mixed it up a little with that Olive Green Crossbody Bag. My little Vivian joined me for a Mommy+Me date downtown Wixom, that day, after I picked her up from Summer School. She looked adorable mixing prints with her Colorful Sunflower Biker Shorts and American Flag Tank, rocking those Shimmery Pink Shades (by Disney) that matched her Shimmery Pink Jelly Sandals (by Target). She is my little flower among those flowers. Speaking of flowers, I loved seeing all the beautiful fields of flowers over Summer in all the beautiful cities we have visited this Summer. I especially have loved all the stunning, large hydrangeas - we have some of those in my front porch. But yeah I noticed this was the Summer of hydrangea in Michigan because all of our down-towns and different home gardens were blooming with them, as some of the photos today show, too.

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Have you been wearing rompers this Summer and are you planning to wear them for Fall, also?! Let me know.


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