Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Currently: September 2018.

It is September you all. The official start of a new season, beginning of Fall, a brand-new school year, apple-picking month, etc. It is a month of changes not just when it comes to seasons and temperatures or weather conditions but in our personal lives too. I am sure whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom like me, your Summer schedule looks quite different than your Fall schedule. After all, kids are back to school and that changes things. It makes things easier or less busy for some of us or complicates things / makes schedules heavier for others. But, like I mentioned on a recent Instagram post where I welcomed September, I am so hopeful and filled with joy about this month. Tonight, as I am typing this, my little 5 and a half year old started Elementary School for the first time ever today. It was an unforgettable Tuesday for both of us even if it was a super short/orientation day. And tomorrow she gets to ride the school bus for the first time and her real school experience starts. I am a little nervous but also excited for her tomorrow. I will be thinking about her all day at work. Oh and in case you missed it, I posted on Instagram a photo from today - from Vivian's very first day of Kindergarten - and there will be more coming! Actually I think tomorrow's Thursday Moda post will be all about Vivian's 1st day of Kindergarten. Stay tuned. =)

For now, let's link up as usual every month with ANNE from Anne in Residence for her monthly "Currently" posts.

starting: I am not sure how I am supposed to answer this. But this month I am starting to purge as much as possible. Also starting to get more into a regular schedule for Vivian and I since she is back in school and going to Kindergarten full-time. 

buying: Nothing. I bought a lot of back-to-school clothes, new backpack and many school supplies for Vivian last month so I am trying to stay away from the stores for the entire Fall if I can make it. Neither me, nor my daughter need anything for now. 

sharing: on the blog lots of outfit posts and many Mommy+Me posts from all of our Summer dates we have had. I will ease in to Fall fashion, as the weather changes. For now I plan on sharing real outfits I have worn in real time, on current weather. 

reading: "Sharp Objects" and another book, at the same time. I am one of those people that usually reads two books at the same time. I am very interested and curious to see the HBO series version of "Sharp Objects" too, plus there are some great actors there. 

recording: nothing. Do people record things these days?! Do you mean TV shows or music, albums and podcasts?! Should I be recording anything?! Let me know, please. I may be missing out on a trend. 

Below are three outfits I have worn around this time in previous years, on the blog.

This Zipper-Front Silky Dress from H+M is one of my absolute favorites. I love the vibrant blue shade, too. Purchased in the Summer of 2014 when I wore it many times and worn at least once every Summer since then. Back in early Sept 2014 when I blogged this outfit, I went patriotic for Labor Day with my Red+White Striped Wedges. I kept my rings and bracelets simple but went for a Super Fun Intricate Geometric Gold-Tone Necklace and I must say I love my hair in this length and layered as it is. FYI, I recently wore this dress this Summer but have yet to blog it, so yeah you will see it again, soon.

I have done these "What to Wear to a Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer Wedding" Collaboration posts since September 2014 now (when I did the very first one). Since I love dressing up, this collab is one of my favorites. In 2015 I chose this Ruched Dark Red 100% Silk Bodycon Dress by Express to wear to a Fall Wedding and I paired it with Block Heel Faux Snakeskin Pumps my Express and this Cropped Black Velvet Blazer which is actually from Wal-Mart and it is real velvet and very well-made. All of these pieces including the Silk Skinny Rectangle Beaded Clutch are old and I have had them for many years. I do plan on revisiting this series again this upcoming Fall, as well as in the Winter.

I have worn several rompers and jumpsuits this Summer. I even packed a couple of them when I was on vacation in late July. Back two Summers ago when I co-hosted Thursday Moda with Michelle's Pa(i)ge the two of us styled a Jumpsuit (me) and a Romper (her). I love love the jumpsuit I was wearing. You could dress it up as I did or dress it down. The knit mosaic halter top is gorgeous!