Thursday, August 30, 2018

Thursday Moda #130: Americana Denim Cutoffs.

I have great legs. They are not thick, not too thin, they have muscles in the right places. They have well-shaped thighs. They are fit. They are long. And (lately) they are tan, also. Sure, I have cellulite - who doesn't?! And I, like most women, hate shaving lol, but despite all these 'issues' I am pretty happy with the gams I have been blessed with. And yes, I am not supposed to flatter or compliment myself, but darn it I do have pretty good legs and I have been told that by men (and women) for over two decades now. Actually, at 21 when I was working while going to college and dressing pretty fancy for my job, this girl I worked with started calling me "legs", a nick-name others have used and called me for years, including a current male co-worker. But see, as great as my legs are I never wear super short shorts though I love mini skirts and wear those often. And I may have owned a pair or two of cutoff denim shorts before, but none I have truly been happy with. And truth be told, I am not 100% convinced these are the best denim cutoffs but they were inexpensive (less than 20 bucks from 'Universal Threads' at Target), not very distressed except for the little frayed hem, mom-approved (I think) and high-waisted. Plus the button-front fly is the icing on the cake I think. 

I do think every woman needs a pair of Denim Cutoffs though. They are super versatile, timeless and sexy and definitely have that Americana vibe. Denim shorts are as American as red, white and blue. So, on a day off last week I decided to wear my blue denim cutoffs exactly with red and white, after all Labor Day is just a few days away. I also brought these with me on vacation and wore them there twice. This time around I dressed them up a little. Yes my Red Floral Loft Tank Top is a simple, casual cotton tank but the Cropped White Linen Blazer and those Red Patent Leather Wedges (with turquoise+yellow straps) certainly dressed this up and I did the same with my makeup. It was hot day though so I kept the jewelry very minimalistic and stuck with tiny Turquoise Violin Stud Earrings only. Have you been wearing a lot of Americana Denim Cutoffs this Summer and how have you been styling them?! Do you like dressing them up as I did?!

Last week we made it to almost 100 links! Yeay! There were so many favorite looks if I am being honest, I was torn so many times. I originally saved a dozen outfits as favorites and trust me when I tell you it was so hard finalizing it down to these 6!!

I agree with you Joi, it is 'Still Summer' so saturated colors should be worn. Those palazzo pants with the bell-sleeve blouse are both on trend and classy too!
Melissa shared a beautiful, striped+ruffled '$44 Dress' and showed us how you could wear it into Fall with a black moto jacket. Those fun laceup sexy stilettos sure are cool!
I always love Amber's style and it is totally Americana too with a French vibe, just like the outfit she shared last week. And yes my friend those 'Leopard Bow Flats' are an essential wardrobe item.
For an 'Evening Stroll in the City'  I am sure Tatiana was the most feminine and fanciest lady out there in her 60s-inspired, plaid fit+flare dress. I love that she belted it!
'To Dress Up for a Jazz Night' Jess wore one of her many dresses. Love the pastel flowers on hers and the trumpet hem. But adding that aqua scarf on her neck was perfection! Also, such a pretty quilted tote.
I love how Bojana did 'Summer Dressing' yet with that long, lightly-woven knit cardigan totally could transition that colorful little Summer dress into Fall. Her statement earrings and straw tote are perfect!

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