Friday, August 24, 2018

Another Hope - Poetry.

I am on a roll this week, so here is another poetry I just wrote. There is truth, there is sadness, there is love, there is loss and there is a lot of hope in it. Such is life! Here it is, enjoy it!!

Another Hope...
[11.30 A.M. August 24th 2018.]

Can you read between the lines?!
You and I are done, done, done...
The butterflies flew away,
what was there belongs to yesterday!

Tears were shed, plenty let me say,
a piece of my heart died if you must know,
we loved and kissed and made love,
we felt and filled each-other's souls!

We made promises, we told lies,
we smiled as we broke hearts,
someone threw the first stone,
someone abandoned the other, gone...

Because life and love doesn't always work out
it is never what we expect it to be about,
we don't think it will end that way,
we have hopes but hope dies away...

...And another hope starts beaming,
like a little petal from a new plant blooming,
life goes on despite our faults and failures,
we hope for the best and try to triumph through our mistakes and errors!

So go on, catch a sun ray,
smell every flower, plant a new one,
grab your loved ones that were always there for you
feel blessed, thankful and grateful for today!!