Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Thursday Moda #129: Mommy+Daughter Day Out in Matching Tropical Pieces.

Happy Thursday Moda day! I rarely do this, but I am blogging the outfit I actually wore today (on Wednesday August 22nd) and posted a few hours ago on my Instagram. I was actually off from work the last couple of days since Vivian finished Summer school. I have been getting ready for her to go to Kindergarten and I am not done with the online process of the registration because the whole thing wasn't explained well to me at all and if I am being honest there is so much bureaucracy involved. How difficult could it be to enroll your kid to Kindergarten for real?! I did spend a lot on all her school supplies provided in our list and have bought her a bunch of clothes too. I truly hope I run to her school first thing in the morning and finish the online registration process because it has been a pain in my butt - excuse my French. Please pray for me that I finish it all today (Thurs morning). So yeah I wore this Beautiful Tropical Jumpsuit all day and these photos are from our first part of the day running errands and doing school stuff. My sweet Vivian matched me in her own Beautiful Tropical Dress. Our jumpsuit and dress were purchased last Summer from Old Navy and we are finally wearing them! C'Est la Vie! 

As you can see, out photo-shoot today started from our home's front porch and the rest of the photos were taken out and about in one of the cities nearby. I love all the gorgeous multi-colored flowers and all the water fountains in the Summer, super pretty. The second part of the day I styled the same jumpsuit a little differently with a Nude Lace Tee underneath, Gold Plaque Statement Earrings and Cheetah Slides. It was a little chilly in the evening. Vivian wore a different outfit too. The two of us and my parents went out for dinner and walked down-town our city and even got to see a vintage car show. And I love those, just like my dad! Our dinner was delicious. The adults shared the best Greek Pizza and a yummy Michigan-Style Salad. It was all fresh and delish, great service too! Even Vivian finished all of her grilled cheese + fries. The entire day was such a busy one, running in a million directions and taking my car to the dealership too, . I have a lot more errands to run before the week is over and the rest of the week I will be at work mostly so I don't know how I will find the time. But hey, we are smiling and healthy and it is still Summer so I am not complaining!!

I love the beautiful floral tropical print on these matching Mommy+Daughter pieces. The striking bright colors of hot pink, yellow and orange definitely shine through the black background. My jumpsuit is linen, so comfortable, it has pockets and I love that it has a matching sash so I can cinch it. I also really, really love the square neckline with the wide straps. The Pink/Orange/Yellow Crispin Ball Earrings (purchased last year from Wal Mart for $1.00) couldn't have matched this jumpsuit more perfectly. Plus these Pretty Statement Earrings are just as nice and look identical to the Bauble-Bar ones which cost a lot more. Also, that Bright Orange Crossbody Bag I have carried non-stop the past two weeks matched the jumpsuit perfectly. But I do love that I chose Light Pastel Lavender/Mauve Faux Suede Bow Slides (from the "A New Day" line at Target -- they are pretty and comfortable!). The slides actually bring out the little lavender from the flowers of my jumpsuit. The Stretchy Rust/Green/Orange/Tan Bracelet went well with the jumpsuit too and brings a touch of Fall to the look. But because of all the bright colors I went for a Very Light Pink Shimmery Lipgloss. My sweet baby girl/soon to be a kindergartener looks great in her own Tropical Old Navy Dress. I layered it with a Light Pink Tank Top underneath since it was only about 70 degrees and windy and she decided to spice it up with red accessories: Crossbody Bag and Pom Pom Sandals. Aren't our bags so similar together too?! I must say, I love it when I get to match with my daughter and she does too. One of her favorite words lately is "twinsy". Viv loves saying/asking "Can I be twinsy with my mommy?!" And I really do treasure these years when she is still so young because I am pretty sure she won't twin with mommy all of her life, neither will she want to lol. What do you think of our same-print, Matching Mommy+Me Looks today?!

Vivian's Outfit:

Her poses kill me. I don't know how she comes up with them but she is still very little so I don't mind at all lol! Not that I am surprised by her posing either, because A) she has a lot of personality and is not shy; B) she is very photogenic; and C) she takes after me and has been used to/has seen how I pose/photograph for some years now.

Last week we saw more traffic on the linkup and I must say that the over 40's crowd killed it! Just see these fashionable ladies, below! Several different outfits and I love them! Can I say super beautiful purses and shoes too?! Can I have each?!
Darlene showed us 'What to Wear with a Maxi Skirt'. I love that hers is sort of dressy. I am now convinced I need a black maxi skirt. I liked the simplicity of her chic look!
Shelbee played model for one day, striking several pretty poses in pretty outfits from 'Solitary Consignment'. Each outfit was great but I loved this combination of cobalt, leopard and gold. Plus the jeans+shoes are killer!
Di shared her 'Halter Style' 3 ways on her latest blog post. Loved the feminine colorblocking of red with navy and that awesome anchor belt. Great clutch, also.
Nicole has a 'Great Fall Wardrobe' and proved it with this modern-day Julia Roberts dotty dress paired with a buttoned denim jacket. Pretty Woman indeed!

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