Sunday, August 19, 2018

Life Lately...

I haven't done a Third Thursday Thoughts post in a long while so this "Life Update" post can count as that. Speaking of Third Thursday, I cannot believe that the third Thursday of August is already gone and this month is flying by, heck Summer flew, it will be over in some short weeks. I cannot believe how many states have started schools already. In Michigan they start later, usually after Labor Day, though this year a lot of districts are starting the week prior. I personally think after Labor Day is best, so the kids can make the most of their Summer during their vacation or off time. Plus, if the school starts a week before Labor Day, then the kids get a 4 day-long weekend off for their Labor Day vacation and it truly gets them distracted I think.

Anyway, my life lately has been busy busy busy. I feel like every Summer is very busy. My life has been running non-stop all this season, but even more so after we came back from our short 5-day vacation in late July. I have been working a ton of hours all those weeks after vacation. Work truly has kicked my butt you guys and I really hope that in the Fall I will be starting another job, too. Plus Vivian finished her Summer school this week on Friday and truly it has been so crazy busy. I have a couple of dozen outfits shot and not blogged. My blogging days these last few months have been reduced to 3 days a week pretty much, sometimes 4. Plus I did blog a lot of outfits in July when I did my "Skirtmas in July" collaboration with my skirt-loving friend ELSIE from Polished Whimsy. As a matter of fact we decided to collaborate together and wear our skirts more often, at least once a month lol, so starting next Tuesday August 28th we are doing our Monthly "Skirtmas Linkup" and I personally cannot wait to see what Elsie has got styling next week as I love her style so much. Also, this week, there will be a recap of my "Skirtmas in July" series, so stay tuned. =) I put together so many great outfits utilizing all of my pretty skirts in July and cannot wait to recap them.

My life has been so busy that besides blogging part-time, I have not had a lot of time to comment or follow up with other blogs/bloggers etc. I haven't been as active on my Instagram or Insta stories either. I haven't had time in the mornings to add my links to the linkups either and I feel bad for that for two reasons: 1) I run my own linkups and always want my fellow bloggers to link up; and 2) by linking up, more bloggers can see my latest posts and stop by them, therefore more traffic on my blog. But you know what, life and its daily responsibilities and activities always always come first! Keeping it real, folks!

I have done well so far with my no-shop August goal, with the exception of that infamous Black Jumpsuit by Wild Fable (the new line at Target) that everyone has gone gaga about. My local store didn't have it so I ordered it and will pick it up at the store tomorrow. I cannot wait to see how it looks on and all the ways I can style it. I have done some back-to-school shopping for Vivian though. I bought her a new backpack and several new pairs of shoes. Target had their kids shoes at BOGO a few weeks ago and I got her some pairs. I think she is set on both sneakers and boots for the time being. But I do need to get Vivian ready for her first year at Elementary School. On Monday we are stopping by her school for some paperwork. I cannot believe she will be a kindergardener this year. How, like how?!

I still plan to make the most of our Summer and our days off together though. The next two weeks I am off Monday through Wednesday since she is off Summer school and besides running errands and wrapping up things with her school, I plan on a couple of lake/beach days for us and also visiting some more cities and down-towns, like we did earlier today when we went to South Lyon. Vivian is used to our Summertime Mommy+Daughter dates with lots of walking down-town, visiting cute cafes and sometimes doing activities too. Like I plan on going to a pottery painting store soon and have the two of us choose and paint two objects. Looking forward to it. And you know what, before we know it the sun will set at 5.00 PM and it will be freezing outside, so we have to make the most of our time, our warm weather and our longer days for sure!

I also changed the intro logo/picture on my blog. Hope you noticed it and liked it. I am very happy with it. It came out nice. I am itching for a new blog design though. I have had the current one for 2 years and a half now and I would love to get a new one, as early as November or by January at the latest. Any graphic designers/blog designers you recommend or that you have worked with that you love?! Someone that doesn't cost a monthly paycheck would be appreciated lol! Thank you. Let me know ladies. =)

What have you guys been up to?! I could write down at least half a dozen more things that are on my mind currently but I will stop. I hope life lately isn't as hectic or busy for you as it has been for me. Are your kids back to school already?!

Have a great new week everyone! Until next time...