Sunday, August 12, 2018

Love is Bigger - Poetry.

I haven't posted a poem here in a while so here is one I actually starting thinking+writing as I was driving back from work, to pick Vivian at school yesterday. That is when the first stanza was created... and the rest came from there. I hope you like it. It is simple but meaningful.


Love is bigger than anything,
bigger than the meaning behind that ring,
bigger than the promises we once made,
husband and wife we once were...

Love is bigger than each desire,
liberating and crazy full of fire,
bigger than moments we captured and passed together,
bigger than the smiles we shared full of laughter...

Love is bigger than the lies and the hate too,
bigger than the hurtful words you said,
bigger and grander than the good times,
bigger than two hearts beating as one...

Love is bigger or so we thought,
the moment another life we brought,
a beautiful child we created - you and I,
a little darling, a stunning butterfly...

But what happened to love after that?!
What scared you and made you mad?!
That's when love was supposed to be bigger, grand,
but here we are, not together, pieced apart...

But I am here to make it through,
because I can survive without you,
because I still believe love is bigger,
as long as I have my joy in life, my daughter!