Saturday, July 14, 2018

Skirtmas in July Collaboration, Day 6: Denim Mini Skirts.

I hope you all had a fantastic Saturday. I work most Saturdays and unfortunately I had an 10-hour day today, also. But I am looking forward to Sunday off, going out a little bit and wearing yet another pretty skirt! Speaking of skirts, Elsie and I are going strong in this Fashion Challenge we undertook this July and it is no easy feat because we are both working professionals and we both have daughters too... and a personal life lol. ELSIE from Polished Whimsy - my co-host during this fashion series - and I invite you to tag us and follow along with the #skirtmasinjuly hashtag on InstagramIn case you are here for the first time this week, I am doing a week of skirts styled on the blog, in collaboration with my Californian friend Elsie, and so far here is what we have worn: Day 1 we styled Ruffle Wrap Midi Skirts; Day 2 we styled Faux Suede Mini Wrap Skirts; Day 3  we styled an Identical Button-Front Striped Midi Skirt with Pockets (by Who What Wear; Day 4 we styled our Identical Black Eyelet Button-Front Midi Skirts (by Mossimo from Target) and Day 5 we styled Mini Skirts for the weekend where I did a Super Casual Friday Look and a dressier Sunday Brunch, Shower or Night-Out Look. And we are pretty much half-way through this 12-day series. But I am going to miss it when it comes to an end, I know I will. 

For the 6th day of this series, keeping in mind that it is still the weekend, Elsie and I chose to style Summer Denim Skirts for the weekend. Because nothing says Summer like a Denim Mini Skirt. And neither of us chose a Classic Blue Denim Skirt either (to tell you the truth I got rid of both of my Blue Denim Skirts but ordered one this week, hope it works out). Elsie doesn't own a blue denim skirt either, but lo and behold I have my White Denim Mini and on the opposite end we have Elsie with her Black Denim Skirt. So, it was 'obvious' that my White Denim Skirt would make a better casual/daytime look while Elsie's Black Denim Skirt would be better suited for the evening or a dressy-sexy look. And just like yesterday with our mini skirts, Elsie NAILED a super sexy, feminine and gorgeous leggy look. Her striped clutch, her edgy boots, her pretty scarf, her pattern-mixing, it all is so pretty-styled together. Plus I always love red and black.

Cute Little Vivian joins me again today for the third time this week and I decided to make it another Mommy+Daughter Style and Lifestyle blog post just like the Black Eyelet Midi Thursday Moda post. Today's post has a lot in common with Thursday's because it shows another evening out and about, at another cute down-town by us. This is the second evening this week when Vivian and I went out for a mommy+me date just like we did Tuesday in Northville. This time it was on Friday the 13th Downtown South Lyon Michigan. It is a very small downtown but still cute. One of the neighborhood streets by the downtown has a vintage feel to it with older but cute houses. Decorated with lots of gorgeous flower pots, topiary and American flags, with a few restaurants, some shops and a nice hotel. Vivian and I went there kind of late the evening of Friday the 13th trying to let the weather cool off a bit (since it was a high of 90 degrees that day), so we were only there for about 90 minutes or so. We ended up having Guernsey Ice Cream and Iced Coffee for me (local coffee made in Traverse City) at "The Corner" which is a coffee, ice cream+pastry place. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen some snaps from our Friday night through Insta stories. I am very active on Insta stories by the way. Almost all the photos from that day are taken downtown South Lyon's pretty locations and some in front of our beautiful home. And FYI all of these are cell-phone pictures, most of which even edited on my phone. I love my Samsung Galaxy. Vivian took all the photos of me, didn't she do such an excellent job?! She is getting experience lol. I am including some photos from South Lyon, too. Next week I want to hit Plymouth and Royal Oak. They are both gorgeous towns here in Michigan - stay tuned for posts.

Vivian's Outfit:

I wanted to be comfortable and presentable for our simple evening out and my outfit is pretty, feminine, casual yet put-together for a mom. A total Mom Babe Look if I say so. Vivian even wore a skirt herself (a tulle skirt - shocking!!). We coordinated in Pink and White. Her Tulle Skirt has an underlay in a rainbow of polka dots and her Minnie Mouse Graphic Tank is colorful too. The white skirts we wore, were coordinated and the pinks of her outfit match my Pink Ruffle-Sleeve Top. I ended up wearing my White Mini Denim Skirt (it is practically vintage now, over a decade old from Gap). It fits me a little loose at the waist but still works. I love that it is in a classic denim skirt style. I paired it with my Pretty Pink Bell-Sleeve Poplin Blouse from Ann Taylor from this Spring. I wore my Lavender Cluster Crystal Earrings by Bebe which matched the 2 Beaded Charm Bracelets by Sue Marie who sells them on Instagram. For the first time ever I am also wearing my Metallic Rose Gold Platform Steve Madden Sandals which went so well with my Rose Gold Sunglasses. The sandals are modern, fresh and they were very comfortable despite the height. I love that the Platform Sandals gave this casual outfit a very modern, street-style athleisure vibe. And that Neutral Crochet Woven Bucket Bag also at least 10-12 years old from Lord+Taylor. It was packed in the basement to be given away and IDK why because it is such a cute easy-breezy Summer bag. These kind of bags are so stylin' right now! Upon second look this outfit reminded me a lot of my Dressy Mini Skirt Look from Friday's post. Both are Pastel Outfits featuring white mini skirts and Soft Pink Statement-Sleeve Blouses. Which one do you like better?!

Denim skirts are casual, effortless, easy to wear and easy to style. After all denim is a comfy material. Whether your mini skirt is in a dark, medium or light blue wash, white like mine or black like Elsie's, all of these colors of denim are neutrals and can seriously be worn many ways and styled endlessly for the Summer. First of all, even if you work in a casual work-place (unless it is in retail or fashion) I wouldn't do a denim skirt for work on a Friday, denim jeans/pants yes but a skirt no. The denim skirt seems even more casual to me. It has that 'mom on the go' and 'street-style' vibe going for it. It can work for when you fly or travel or as a tourist. My tip in styling a denim skirt for a Casual Summer Weekend is to keep it simple but still interesting. Whether you do a blouse, tank, camisole or tee on top, choose a material as breathable and cool as denim. I wouldn't do lace. You can choose some interesting detail on top like I did here with statement sleeves. It can also be some embroidery. For shoes chose sandals, canvas sneakers or leather sneakers and choose an woven bag, canvas tote or crochet bag like I did. Don't forget a pair of cool sunglasses too.

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Happy World Cup Finals Sunday!! 
(I will be watching the game and cheering for France!!)