Friday, July 13, 2018

Skirtmas in July Collaboration, Day 5: Mini Skirts for the Weekend.

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Happy TGIF you all! I have the day off today since I worked a very long day yesterday and I work a long day Saturday, too. Hooray! But the Skirtmas in July Series continues with the stunningly stylish ELSIE from Polished Whimsy who has been killing it all week. Once again the two of us invite you to tag us and follow along with the #skirtmasinjuly hashtag on Instagram. In case you are here for the first time this week, I am doing a week of skirts styled on the blog, in collaboration with Elsie and so far here is what we have worn: Day 1 - we styled Ruffle Wrap Midi Skirts; Day 2 - we styled Faux Suede Mini Wrap Skirts; Day 3 - we styled an Identical Button-Front Striped Midi Skirt with Pockets (by Who What Wear) and Day 4 we styled our Identical Black Eyelet Button-Front Midi Skirts (by Mossimo from Target). After talking with Elsie also, it looks like we are making this a 12-day series. There are still many pretty skirts ahead to be styled by us so we will continue with some next week and some the last week of July, too.

For our 5th day of the skirt series, Elsie and I decided to style Mini Skirts for the weekend because they are the perfect type of skirt to wear on a weekend. I am doing a daytime casual weekend look and an evening dressier/night out look. But seriously Elsie's outfit is my favorite of the three today because she looks smoking hot in her very Unique, Asymmetric Lace Detail Camel Mini Skirt which she styled in a monochromatic look with more black and some tan. Love her leopard clutch and those killer heels!

I mentioned my post today has two outfits, worn on weekends actually, during the month of June. The first look I wore on a Friday morning+afternoon and it is a Casual Look featuring a Cream+Black Ethnic Print Mini Skirt with Black Fringe Trim on the bottom (close to the hemline). While the second look which I wore on a Sunday Night out is a Dressy Look featuring my Off-White/Cream Feathered Mini Skirt. The first Outfit (Day Look) makes a great outfit for a casual weekend off, when you are running errands, or if you work on a business casual environment and can dress like this on Fridays -- it is perfect for that, too. The second outfit (Night Look) is a cute little outfit for a dinner date or a night out in town with your girlfriends. Due to the fact that I wore my Cream Skirt with other light colors, it makes the perfect Brunch Sunday Outfit, too. So, see both of these outfits can work at least 2 or 3 weekend scenarios each.

First up, the way to style a Mini Skirt Casually for the weekend. I wore this outfit on a Friday off (with Vivian) and the two of us coordinated in black and white. My Friday afternoon was spend being a mom: running errands, chasing after Vivian, teaching and encouraging her to ride her new 'big girl' bicycle and shopping at Loft together. For my daytime look, the mini skirt I chose is my Mosaic/Diamond-Print Skirt which has an ethnic vibe to it and the material is sturdy and thick enough to wear it for any season including Summer as long as it is no more than 80 degrees (like it was that day). The skirt is Donna Karan and I purchased it at the end of Fall last year from Lord+Taylor for about 70% off the original price. Vivian's outfit is the opposite of mine with the Illusion, Split-Sleeve Black Linen Top and White Tulle Skirt. While I got most of my black on my skirt and I too have on an Illusion White Tee (from Loft last Summer). Under the Lace-Looking part of the pretty neckline there is a strip of minimal fringe on my tee which matches the 2 strips of black fringe on my skirt. Talk about coordinating and I didn't even plan on it! =)) As far as our shoes: Vivian is also wearing 2-Strap Sandals similar in style to mine, except hers are colorful in Orange-Red with Camel and mine match my Black+White Monochromatic Look beautifully since they are black with white pearls (from Target last Summer). You will see Vivian's adorable outfit in a future style post I will be doing for her on the blog. Since it was warm that day I pulled my hair half-way on the back with an elegant cream sea-pearl clip and for jewelry all I did is some Gold-Tone Hoops with little open heart links around them (bought them in a pack of three at Aeropostale). My tip in styling a Mini Skirt Casually for the Weekend is to tuck or knot a tank or tee with it and wear some Cute and Comfortable Shoes like flat sandals, slides or some canvas sneakers. If you wear a Plain Tee or a Small-Patterned Graphic Tee do a Long Necklace with it to dress it up, like something with a few charms or a tassel necklace. But if you do the necklace opt for small stud earrings. If you want to skip a Statement Necklace you can go for some Statement Earrings but not both.

As I mentioned I wore this even Shorter Mini Skirt for a Sunday Night Out. I purchased this mini on a whim. Actually it is a Petite and I am about 5.7" so I definitely needed a regular, but it was the only Cream/Off White Fringe Mini Skirt left at The Limited just a few weeks before they closed down their stores, and it fit. Originally it was about $70 but I know I paid under 20 bucks for it. I decided to go for texture and pastels so I paired it with my Swiss Dot Chiffon Lavender/Light Pink Blouse (A New Day's line at Target from this Spring) and besides the Swiss-Dotted Texture look at those Stunning 3D Ruffled Sleeves this gorgeous blouse has. Talk about Statement Sleeves! I decided to keep the pastels going so I chose my Tan/Camel Block Heel Ghilly Sandals by Charlotte Russe and my Nude Blush Softest Faux Leather Crossbody Bag (also from A New Day at Target). I chose a pair of Statement Earrings too so I wore my Faux Pearl Crispin Earrings (which are new-ish) by Francesca's. Since this was an evening look I went for a bright pink Lipstick and a Smoky Eye. Last but not least my Rose Pink Aeropostale Sunglasses matched the gorgeous Mauveish-Pink Color of the blouse. And how coincidentally fun that both of these Fringe Mini Skirts were paired with Swiss Dot Tops though one is just a Cotton Tee and the other is a Dressy Blouse. My tip in styling a Mini Skirt for a weekend night out is to go for a Beautiful Blouse with fun details like cold shoulders, split sleeves, one sleeve, one shoulder, embroidery, texture, lace, embellishments, etc. You can also do a silk camisole or a lace-trimmed cami. As always go for a pair of Statement Earrings and a Bolder Makeup. You can choose dark, neutral or pastel colors for the evening. Anything goes.

For size reference in the Black+White Fringe Trim Mini Skirt (day look) I am wearing a size 4 and for the Off-White Fringe Mini Skirt (night look) I am wearing a size 2P.

Which of these weekend minis' outfits is your favorite today: the Day or the Night Look?! Which of these Fringe Mini Skirts is your favorite?! Let me know in the comments. Thank you and have a fantastic weekend!!

self portrait utility mini skirt | summer mini skirt outfit | Commando ballet body short sleeve bodysuit | Clare V snow leopard foldover clutch | strappy sandals | summer date night look | neutral outfit | style | fashion | polished whimsy | pattern mixing and colorful style blog | skirtmas in july | best skirt outfits

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