Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Mother's Day 2018.

Well, it has been a month and a half and I have yet to post about Mother's Day, but Vivian and I took a ton of photos that day and just editing alone took close to 2 hours, and my Spring+Summer has been so busy you guys, and you?! Won't believe me?! Check out my Instagram stories to see my everyday life, lots of outfits (a lot of which never make it to the blog) and mom life with my sweet Vivian. =) But even-though I am really late I still wanted to share my Mother's Day Outfit because I love and I cannot get enough of pairing Blush Pink with White or Ivory. It is such a fresh, feminine, easy and cool combo of colors!

MOTHER'S   DAY  2018.
Around noon-1.00 I took Vivian to down-town Milford at our favorite cafe "The Proving Grounds" where I had a French-pressed coffee and cookies and she had ice-cream. She loves that cafe because it has an area for kids to play, draw and read and usually she can find kids there. Plus the owner has two little girls of her own, one Vivian's age. We took lots of cute selfies and videos that day and I posted a lot on Instagram. Since it was Mother's Day, every woman was getting a carnation flower and Vivian picked out mine - a hot pink one (of course lol). Later, my dad surprised my mom and I with bouquets of roses, light yellow ones for me and deep red ones for my mom. Both bouquets were gorgeous and smelled so well. So thoughtful of my dad. I loved my unique and cool yellow roses. The 4 of us then went for dinner to this very nice Mediterranean restaurant my dad surprised us at. My mom and I had never been but OMG their food was so good and there was plenty of food, we ended up taking half of it home. Also the best pita bread ever, we filled up on it. It was a great dinner, for sure. My sweet Vivian wore her Burgundy Floral Print Sleeveless Dress with a Baby Pink Long-Sleeve Tee underneath and her White Tights with Flower Dots. I put her hair half-way up coordinated with a Fury Burgundy Pom Hair Elastic. I wore my Baby Pink Skinny Jeans by Loft with this Pull-Over White Tunic Blouse by JC Penney (it is very similar to the infamous Lush Pullover Tunics by Nordstrom but cheaper and just as well-made, actually). I matched my Nude Butter-Soft Faux Leather Crossbody Bag by Target with my Favorite Nude Flats - these Patent Leather Ballet Flats by Banana Republic. The Statement Earrings I wore are from Sugarfix and probably my most favorite earrings I have purchased at Target. The black+gold goes with everything! With the right makeup, I felt put-together, dressy yet pretty casual, ready for dinner at a nice restaurant without being too fancy. What do you think of my outfit?! How was your Mother's Day ladies, what did you do?!