Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Currently, June 2018.

I mentioned it a few posts ago, how May was such a bad month. So I am glad May is gone, even-though it is usually one of my favorite months of the year and it is also my birthday month. But alas May 2018 was bad so enough said, let's move on with June and see what I am currently up to (nothing big or that exciting to tell you the truth lol). 

traveling: none. I have no plans for this Summer, due to my work schedule and Vivian attending Summer school, too. We might take a couple of long weekends here and there, going to one of our beach towns in Michigan, but nothing planned or set yet. We shall see.

grilling: burgers.They were actually grilled for me lol. I ate a juicy cheeseburger today, at an outdoor park, for the end-of-the-year school party held for Vivian by her school. I can totally see us grilling chicken breasts, burgers, hot dogs and lots of veggies and like peppers, asparagus, onions and tomatoes, Summer, though.

exploring: new spots, restaurants and cafes in our state, near and not-so-near us. As soon as the weather warmed up, I have already had a few Mommy+Me dates with my daughter and sometimes with my mom too. We had one last night too, down-town Milford. I feel like there is always so much to explore where and around where one lives. Plus, Summer is the perfect season to do so.

planting: tulips and some more veggies for our garden, such as lettuce, kale, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, berries, etc.

playing: with my daughter. She will be off for the next couple of weeks till she starts Summer school on June 20th and I took some days off from work too to spend time with her. Our children are only young and little once. Make the most out of that. Make the most of the time because you blink and they grow. I mean Vivian will be 5 and a half this July and I seriously have no clue how all these years flew.

Now let's see what I wore in the beginning of each June from 5 years ago and forward.

In the first year of Vivian's life, I did a monthly recap each month. Due to being a very busy new mom, I usually posted them like a month late but I still did them each month. This post recapped Vivian turning 4 months old. Look at what a happy and chubby baby she was. I love her Super-Colorful Hot Pink Polka Dot Dress. I also love my very Versatile and Classic Pinstriped Grey Wrap Dress. It is a Poplin Shirtdress by Express.

This was a recap post of my 30 for 30 Spring 2014 challenge that I did. I think I have done 3 (or maybe 4) 30 for 30 challenges where I remix 30 clothing pieces (usually including shoes) and create 30 outfits out of them. This was my most successful 30 for 30 challenge I believe. So many cute outfits were created with a very limited closet. As a matter of fact I wore my Cobalt Blue Ponte Pencil Skirt (from the collage above) 5 times and each outfit came out so cute. But my favorite 2 outfits featuring this blue skirt are the ones with the matching button-down plaid shirt and the one with the red blouse and light-wash denim jacket. Those Pointy Navy+White Polka Dot Shoes were just perfect with this skirt.

In this post I featured light knits and how to wear them in cooler days for late Spring or early Summer. Love this Animal-Print Grey Sweater Dress so much (it is by Loft). This time around I wore it with my Black+White Chanel Loafers, a Beaded 3-Strand Necklace and Round Dark Blue Sunglasses.

What a cute Athleisure Look this was. What I would call a Mom Babe Look and perfect for the 4th of July since I am wearing a Red Dress with White Sneakers and a Navy Blue Baseball Pistons Hat (Pistons is our local Basketball team). This is totally a super casual and sporty way to style an otherwise dressy dress. This LRD (Little Red Dress) is lace after all. The only thing I regret with this outfit, is that you could see my extra pounds on my belly. I gained some weight that Summer.

Last Summer I also did a 30 for 30 clothing challenge but I was 'more loose' on this one. I stretched out the days as far as the outfits went and didn't include any shoes. I ended Up selecting pieces featuring a lot of white, navy, blush pink, yellow and light blue. Love how this particular Work Outfit turned out. This mixing of patterns was modern, fun and unique. That Tulip Geo-Print Mini Skirt is one of the most favorites ones I own and have worn many times. I also love how my Little Yellow Floral Bag meshed with the Yellow Floral Top.