Thursday, May 31, 2018

Poetry - Endlessly.

I cannot believe May is over and this year is almost half-way through. WOW! 2018 you are flying by! I had a very challenging, tear-inducing and tough May to say the least. I think it even inspired the poem I am writing today on the blog. The idea is that no matter what we go through in life and despite every difficulty and challenge thrown at us, we have to surpass them, continue our lives, move on, survive and smile, at the end. =) Life goes on, as bad as some days get, as hopeless as we feel at times, life goes on and we have to continue thriving!!

(June 1st 2018).

Endlessly, we wake up in the morning and greet the sun,
drink our coffee and start our day, hoping for the best,
go to work to make some money and pay our bills,
grab some lunch on the go and so on with the rest!

Endlessly, we find reasons to be happy and smile,
look around and find all the flowers and smell them within,
stop and stare at the moon, the stars and the sun for a while,
take a deep breath and take all the beauty around us, in!

Endlessly, we follow patterns, routines, behaviors,
we do the same things each day, each night,
sometimes we step out of the box and try different flavors,
we can be daring, brave and bold if we want!

Endlessly we are looking for something but what,
a slice of joy, some happiness, a cloud of hope,
we are looking for love all around us, that undeniable love,
the love that brings butterflies to our stomachs, the love that melts!

Endlessly we are looking for a special someone,
even if we once had him or her ...or so we thought...
we are looking for the unicorn, for the one,
our soul's fulfillment, the one we are meant to find!

Endlessly we are hoping, living and laughing,
making each day on this earth feel better than the last,
endlessly we are falling in love, standing up and falling,
yet continuing to shine even when life is tough and not the best!