Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Poetry - The Driver. Plus Thursday Moda #115.

I had every intention of having at least four outfit posts this week - Monday through Thursday - and also catch up on commenting and blog-reading. I do have a lot of outfits I have yet to post, after all. I did some of the second but I didn't blog at all... because life. I was off yesterday and decided to have a "me day" where I did things like go to the gym, clean my room, organize, take a nap or two, catch up with a friend, spend time with my sweet Vivi and such. It felt nice. It was nice. I need more of these days, myself. So here I am without edited photos or a new outfit post. But I do have a brand-new poem I just wrote for you, today and it is a good one. 

It is exactly the message I need to tell myself after the last couple of days I have had. I even wrote more about it on my most recent Instagram post - about editing my life. So check out my Instagram to see what's new there. I post new daily content on my Insta and Insta stories. Anyhow, before I get to the poem here is what I wrote about life lately and editing my life:
                    "2018 has been the year where I have edited my life, endlessly, cruelly, ruthlessly, absolutely!! Taking all the negativity away and closing the doors off to all those people who are a constant bad seed in my life and try to take me down every chance they get. This year l have learned to look deep down inside my heart and believe that everything happens for a reason; that I am stronger than anyone gives me credit for; that the root of all evil lies within each malicious thing people say; that we can choose to be kind and/or silent or be aggressive and respond in the same way. This year I keep choosing #selfjoy #everyday because I can and because I want to. This year I choose to be happy despite of the unhappiness surrounding me. I love my life as is and I will love it more a year from now. I love my daughter unconditionally and I will choose what's right for her, every day. I will protect both of our happiness at every cost!! Today I choose to live as I throw away the trash others try to "sell" me and kill them with my genuine smile as they walk away without fulfilling their purpose. Today I also embrace God as he is the only one who can judge me. So, if you have a lot of spam in your life too, I suggest you edit it as well. Make your life your own masterpiece and continue improving it each day!"

Now, on to the poem. Hope you like it!

The  Driver.
(May 2018.)

A path sometimes we didn't take
may cause us decisions we now have to make,
broken promises at the other end,
but a rainbow shows when you thought it can't!

Life is full of cycles and habits, routines and flow,
a magazine full of pages we filled with truth and some glow,
some pictures are un-touched, raw and not our best,
some are like the selfies with filters we use to no rest!

Some days feel like Instagram snaps of beauty and fluff,
some days we look like shit and we cannot bluff,
some nights call for the most amazing intimacy with that special someone,
some nights we are by ourselves and no romance in sight, just alone!

...In spite of what happens, when and how,
we continue to grow as we cry our eyes out,
emotions filling the soul and memories unfolding,
what if's and questions we can't answer, keep rising...

We are like a plant that goes through every step of blooming,
we live every season through rain, thunderstorm, sunshine and snowing,
we have batteries that sometimes expire or simply don't work,
but we wake up each morning still ready to re-charge!

Because you can't let one single event, year or even a decade
damage your happiness, ruin the rest of your life,
you can choose to dwell and fill up entire tissues,
or you can choose to move on and remember everyone has issues...

So take your issues and make a decision now,
follow your heart and let your sparkle glow,
let out the inner child within you and make a mistake or two,
don't drive yourself crazy, in this life the driver are you!

Due to working all day and also due to a horrible migraine I have nothing prepared as a new Thursday Moda post. If I wake up OK Thurs AM I may put something together. But either way I won't sweat it lol. I am leaving the linkup at the end of this post though. Have a great rest of the week of I don't see you on the blog until Monday. =)