Sunday, April 22, 2018

Poetry - Closer.

Guys, this latest, newest little poem, is my favorite one yet, that I have written so far this year (in English). It is realistic and raw, humble and honest, beautiful and bold, heartbreaking and healing, filled with hope and sadness at the same time. I love it! I hope you do too. Have a great new week!

(April 2018.)

Sometimes it feels like a million years
that a love that breaks us and makes us 
comes along once again,
time stands still and yet it moves along,
as two souls head toward each other
and they get closer.

Steps we take up and down,
downing coffee every morning
as a new day starts and a new opportunity beams,
time is nothing but sand in a hourglass,
each hour feels longer than the last,
but we get one step closer.

We have loved and lost so much,
our souls have been through cycles like in a washing machine,
days have turned into nights and nights have felt like days,
tears have poured and filled pillows with sadness,
time has continued to move on,
we have healed as we have gotten closer.

One day we wake up and feel wiser,
no fool ever fell in love without opening up their heart,
no day starts without a sunrise even the rainy ones,
time fills up our Insta stories
and our Facebook Timelines,
there are stories there to be told,
stories that have brought us closer...

Closer to humanity, closer to people,
closer to the ones that see us each day,
closer to the children of the world
and the smiles that warm up their faces,
closer to the sun when we needed it the most,
closer to the ones we have lost
and the loved ones six feet under...

One more time we run around
with the broken pieces of our hearts in our hands,
we try to pick up each piece,
close the door behind us and start all over again,
to try to make sense of it all,
as the scars of our souls try to heal...

And one morning we turn a new leaf,
like a Spring bird we sing and chirp,
filled with a sense of calm tenderness,
we get closer to the truth we once hated to admit,
closer to the ones we shut down for many long months,
closer to someone who may make us feel like we belong...

We belong to another heart, another embrace,
we deserve to be loved again,
we deserve to be treated with kindness and sweetness,
we deserve to feel like a prince or a princess,
as we get closer to another lost soul,
closer to another body who felt cold and alone...

Closer to a touch that feels softer than anything,
closer to a kiss that tastes sweeter than anything,
closer to a hug that bridges further than anything,
closer to a heartbeat that beats stronger than anything,
closer to an embrace that bonds deeper than anything,
closer to a person that makes us feel like everything!

Closer to a hand that feels like it belongs holding another hand,
closer to an eye that looks at us and makes us feel the most beautiful,
closer to a body that feels like it was meant for our own body,
closer to a bed we were supposed to share together,
closer to another human who time shattered and healed again,
closer to a person just like us, broken and imperfect... 
but strong, courageous, fierce and oh so brave!