Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Spring Pastels with Black+White Plaid.

I am trying to wear some pretty Spring Colors and Spring Pastels lately, despite the fact that Spring has decided to not come in Michigan, not at all. We have had some teaser days in the 50s, 60s and even a day last week (last Thursday) where it went up to 73 degrees, but yeah it is all a facade. As you can see from these photos which are indeed from this month, our grass is dark green or brown, none of our trees or flowers have bloomed and there is very little sunshine. As a matter of fact it snowed today and we woke up to icy roads, 26-degree temperatures and lots of accidents. I am sorry to sound like a broken record lately with the weather talk, but it is the truth. It affects me personally, affects my mood, my headaches and migraines.

So let's start with this Amazing Coat in Millennial Pink. It is a beauty, isn't she?! The softest, lightest and prettiest puffer coat I have ever owned. It is by Land's End - a brand I love - and got it for 80% off at the end of March. A huge steal for such a gorgeous piece. The pastel pink is perfect and it went so well with my New Bright Yellow Light Sweater from Loft. I love the breeziness and light knit of this sweater. You can always count on Loft for light Spring+Summer Sweaters. Even-though this is a bright yellow, paired with the super light pink coat it creates the effect of Super Pretty Pastels on top. And these pastels went so well with my Nude Blush Lipstick and Nude Suede Pumps by Nine West. On the bottom I am wearing some Black+White Plaid High-Waisted Pants. These have a built-in elastic band which makes them both comfortable and so flattering on. Plus my tummy is pretty flat these days and these pants definitely looked great. The White Earrings also popped well with the yellow and brought out the white of the pants. These Triple Ball Earrings (otherwise known as Crispin Earrings) have been all the rage since last year. This particular pair of mine is very old and I got them at a very inexpensive jewelry kiosk. They are so light, pretty, Springy and you know not as delicate as the typical crispin earrings with the threads. Millennial Pink is literally the color of the millennium and yellow is huge this Spring+Summer so I am glad I paired the two. You will see this beautiful puffer coat as well as more millennial pink (and more yellow too) on the blog very soon. Actually I will be posting another outfit with this coat this weekend. I love it and I love today's OOTD which can take you from the office to a dinner date. What do you ladies think?!