Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Poetry - Do You.

I literally just wrote this poem so why not publish it right away?! I hope you like it and I hope you all enjoyed this Tuesday which felt like a Monday. Before we know it, we will be faced with half of April, already. Where is 2018 going?! Anyhow, here is my latest poetry... A little pessimistic, a little optimistic, very realistic both ways! 

Do  You.
(April 2018).

Stairs we climb,
obstacles we jump,
as we happen upon a struggle
in this world that is a huge jungle...

We seek something,
small, big or nothing,
we feel so tiny against the infinite world
that we face every day with each breath...

We are followers
and sometimes leaders,
we do as we are told
will we fit or will we fold?!

But life isn't poker,
our choices aren't always as clear as water,
we make so many mistakes along the way,
we fit, we fold, we fall prey...

What comes next,
may be the rest...
or just the beginning
a continuation or an ending...

We will never know
if there is a show,
if you are the main actor or a sidekick,
if you will play the best or die trying...

But at the end all you can do is try
and try hard my friend, don't be afraid,
make all the mistakes you need to,
live your life, do you!