Thursday, March 22, 2018

Uncommon Gifts and Introducing Sunny.

Spring is here you guys and we all feel like we need to spruce up our closets, our jewelry drawers and our homes. Some of us want to update our kitchens, some want to add new linens, towels, pillows, throws and accessories to our homes. Some are in need of something fun like a photo frame, a painting, a cool new journal to write our thoughts or write out our Spring+Summer plans on. Some might need a new, great-smelling candle to add to their coffee table. And some of us may need some new dishes, serving plates, glasses or some kitchen utensils. 

Enter Uncommon Goods - a website dedicated to all things beautiful, fun, unique and 'uncommon'. Uncommon Goods is your online destination for the most unique gifts for your mother, in-laws, best friends, sisters, or that hard-to-please person. They have hundreds and hundreds of uncommon gifts that are as unique, as precious and as beautiful as the artists and creators that have made them. Uncommon Goods works with artists, brands and designers from all over the world. But the best part about Uncommon Goods is that they make it so easy for you to find these gifts because they use Sunny - their expert gift guide finder. Uncommon Goods has over a dozen of categories so navigating through many pages into each category may be a hard task and certainly time-consuming. Instead of browsing through every single category in detail, Sunny - the Expert Guide Gift Finder makes the job easier for you, because it helps you search for your recipient's interests and collects ideas for that particular recipient. It then creates a personalized gift collection for the recipient. 

Uncommon Goods has many different categories you can shop for, such as:

So, depending on what you are looking for, there is definitely something for everyone, in there.

But it is definitely Sunny that helps you narrow down your selections. For example if you are shopping for your mother-in-law for her birthday and you are interested in jewelry, kitchen items and candles as some of the options to gift her, Sunny will narrow down the list of choices for you and give you let's say a collection of 20 items for you to select from. Another easy way to use Sunny is by starring/loving as many items as you desire, while you are browsing them. By starring the items, the list of gifts becomes more personalized and Sunny may even add suggestions similar to the items you have starred. Think of Sunny as your mini computer robot like Siri or Alexa. It will do your job for you. At the very least, it will make your job a lot easier. Sunny will cut down your time from thousands of the amazing gifts that Uncommon Gifts has to offer. Sunny is so great that it has been featured in AI publications like and Chatbots Magazine

It is time for you to give a try this Spring and select some cute items for yourself or to give as gifts. Let Sunny do the job for you. I will soon have another post on Uncommon Goods where I will show you the gifts that I myself will select to add to my home this Spring.