Thursday, March 8, 2018


Earlier today, in honor of International Women's Day, I wrote this mini prose and I posted it as a Facebook status, at first. Then, I elaborated more to it. When I was writing it, I had myself in mind: a woman in her 30s, vital+healthy, bright+intelligent, vulnerable+strong, brave+bold, in pretty good shape physically, in love with life, eager to make her life better every day. I had myself in mind as a woman filled with flaws and imperfections but a beautiful heart and goodness inside her, nevertheless. I thought of myself because I have been through so much in life, especially over the last 3 years and here I am still, stronger than ever, a survivor! I have fought many battles and overcome many challenges. I have loved and lost a lot... Yet, here I am. In the process, through this vulnerability, rawness, truth, strength, real life and resilience, I have rediscovered a passion I have had since my pre-teen years: the passion of writing. I have always loved to write. I haven't always been great at it, but I think I am pretty good. I think, as long as it comes from the heart, it must be something worth reading, right?! Plus, let's not forget, English is my second language - though I have considered it my first for about two decades now.

When I wrote this little prose titled "SHE" I thought of many women like myself: strong, scared at times, beautiful inside out, encouraging, courageous, spontaneous, bright, resilient, smart and witty. My own beautiful mother (who is extremely funny and such a hard worker) came to mind and my two deceased grand-mothers whom I still love dearly. I also thought of the blogging community and those special blogger babes who make this blogging thing easier to do every day, because they are a gem and because they are so kind, loving and encouraging. My friend SHELBEE from Shelbee on the Edge came to mind. This woman has such a vision when it comes to not only style, but how she uses her words and her blog to spread kindness and spread the good word everywhere. She is an army wife and a mom to two little boys. She is rambunctious and fun, funny and adorable. Her smile is always beaming, because we are seeing the inside of her heart! Before deciding to post this today on my blog, I even told Shelbee that I thought of her when I wrote it. Plus, if you read Shelbee's blog, you will realize how talented and witty of a writer she is!

Here it is and I truly hope you like it. Here is to her, to she, to YOU!!! Be the amazing woman you know you are!!


She was bright like the sunlight in the peak of the morning. The sunlight that radiates in her hair when she brushes it each morning. She was beautiful like the full moon kissing each star into a perfectly-blue sky. She was beautiful like the stars too, the silver stars that cut sharp through the darkest of nights.

She was brave like all the women before her who fought for her rights. Brave and strong, resilient and powerful like all the women who made history prior to her. She was bold like the animal that hid inside her, eager to get out every time someone tried to step on her. She let that animal out every time her rights were wronged. She was blessed with Mona Lisa's hair, Marilyn Monroe's curves, Madonna's attitude and Mother Teresa's heart. 

She was strong like the wind that swept her hair and sensitive like the violin strings that had composed so many notes for her. She was sweet like a caramel and saucy like a red pepper. She was stubborn as hell at times, but it was that part of her personality that made her who she was, that made her into the strong and proud woman she is today.

She was special like the woman who gave her birth. She grew into her own womanhood and learned to appreciate her body, her curves, the curl her lip does when she smiles, that stubborn little hair on her right eyebrow that always stands up. She learned to love her flaws and to learn from her mistakes.

She was sassy like a cat and stoic like a dog. She had the eyes of an eagle, the hearing of a moth and the brain of a dolphin. She was protective like a lioness and sharp like a coyote. She was ferocious like a leopard and at times unapologetic. She didn't apologize for speaking her mind and for being fair in an unfair world.

She was a woman in a world full of species like and unlike her. She was foxy and feisty. She was fresh and fabulous. She was sinful and sexy like the sex that created her. She was fun and funny. She was thoughtful and kind, creative and unique, artistic and musical. But at times, she was scared and vulnerable. She cried when she needed to and laughed her little heart out when she was happy.

She was a million emotions and feelings trapped inside beautiful distractive curves and curious, mesmerizing eyes. She saw the world with her special qualities and made each day on this planet better, because she existed!! 

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