Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Thursday Moda #105: Blazers + Brooches and International Women's Day.

Happy 105th week of Thursday Moda!! I have had a week with ups and downs but I am in a good mood as I type this. And it feels to me that yesterday I ran a marathon at work. I got soooo much done!! Today I am back with a co-host and she is MARY from Wind and Spindle with whom I have co-hosted before (back when she had very long hair and a different blog). My darling and very artistic Mary re-branded her blog, chopped her hair into a cute bob and continues to slay both with her style, her photography and her words, because she is a story-teller. We decided to style brooches for you today, and coincidentally we both wore blazers (in the same color family, nevertheless). However I added my brooch to my collarless blazer while she wore hers as a pin to tie a little wispy scarf. I love, love the retro glam appeal of Mary's outfit and I also love how we both had Spring in mind, by the colors we chose and since I wore a dress and she wore a skirt.

My Gold-Tone Pave Crystal Brooch is by The Limited, purchased right before they closed. I added it to my Gorgeous Golden Mustard Collarless Velvet Blazer which went on top of my Trumpet-Skirted Red+Blue Floral Dress. For comfortable+modern layering, I decided to belt my blazer with a Double Buckle Tan Belt and I am so glad I did, especially since this blazer is open. I decided to double my velvet (and double my fun) and wear my new Burgundy Velvet Sock Booties which is the 3rd time you see on the blog, in less than 2 weeks. Since the Brooch - which is so pretty, feminine and classy - was the star of this outfit, I went for Simple Circle Studs in a brown undertone, my Rose Gold Dainty Druzy Kendra Scott Necklace and a couple of rings. My Orange-Red Lipstick also matched the flowers of my dress. Also, those Taupe Sunglasses you and I both love so much play off all the tans and yellows of this outfit. And in case you are wondering, the dress, blazer, stud earrings and sunglasses are all by Loft which is one of my most favorite stores/brands. What do you think of this look?! Do you like the belted blazer and how I doubled my dose of velvet?! Let me know. =)

I know these colors might seem crazy paired together but I think this trio works because I am wearing the three primary colors: red, blue and yellow. I ended up loving these colors together. They are bold, but then again when did I not make bold fashion choices?!

Today on March 8th is International Women's Day. It is a day that is acknowledged and celebrated a lot in Europe, including my home country Albania. In honor of this day I wanted to make a wish for ALL YOU BLOGGING WOMEN out there. I have met so many great women through this blog (in my journey of 6 years). Some have become mothers for the first time and some have become 2nd and 3rd time mothers, along the way. All of them are strong, supportive, kind, funny and unique. My blogging lady friends are beautiful souls, encouraging women who support other women who do the same thing as they do - blog - and blogging is not as easy as it looks or sounds. For example it is 2.30 in the morning and I am typing this post still, in order for it to go live by 7.00 AM this morning. So to you all, be a little kinder to yourselves today. Buy yourself some flowers. Treat yourself to a Starbucks or a lunch. Have someone else cook for you. Put aside the dirty dishes, the dirty laundry and the home chores for today. Relax at the comfort of your home with a glass of wine (or your drink of choice) and pamper yourself!

Last week you all came to celebrate with me 2 years of Thursday Moda - and totally loved my Floral Bohemian Outfit, too. Around 100 outfits were linked and they were so pretty. Look at these ladies below! A couple of them are rocking True Red Booties (red boots like me). This week every single one of these outfits is completely different but I love them all the same.
'The White Button-Down Shirt' doesn't look so simple on beautiful Christine who paired it with a Springy silky scarf and those "look at me" red boots.
' A Red Striped Shirtdress' like no other, Darlene stays true to the name of her blog because it is totally "Aquamarina Style" paired with her white skinny jeans and matching red earrings.
Nancy's 'Graphic Print Dress' is bold, yet the monochromatic black/grey color scheme makes it easy to style and wear anywhere. It is a stunning dress and looks great layered with the long coatigan.
Fonda nailed it in '4 Ways to Wear a Faux Fur Stole' but I just loved this cozy, soft and pretty head to toe Winter White look. Layered perfectly for Winter.
Ashley is a girl after my own heart. In this post she discusses 'Florals and Personal Style' and she shines in both, because that red floral maxi dress and perfectly-pointy sexy red booties are marvelous!

And since today is International Women's Day, I wanted to reflect a little bit on what it means (to me) to be a woman.

In my 30+ years of living as a woman I have learned that classy and sexy go hand in hand. I have learned that it is better to be overdressed than underdressed. I have learned that sometimes it is good to let your hair down (especially behind closed doors), let loose, have a few drinks and have fun. As a woman you should walk with your head held high and with your posture straight. And you should wear whatever the heck your heart desires. You should and could wear any outfit as long as you feel confident in it. Own your clothes, don't let your clothes own you! Own your style and don't give the slightest care what others think about your style, or what they think of you for that matter. As a woman I have learned to be strong and brave and zero out anything negative or bad I hear about myself. As a woman I have learned to be sensitive and vulnerable if the situation calls for it. If I feel like crying, I am going to cry. If I need a hug, I may ask for one. If I don't know something, I will ask questions damn it! As a woman I have learned to appreciate my style, my aura, my personality, my traits and my vices too. As a woman I have learned to appreciate my physical and spiritual beauty and I know that the two go hand in hand. Even more so in the last 5 years, since I became a mother, I have appreciated more what it means to be a woman. I would do anything for my daughter. I have also realized how important it is to teach her what it means to be a woman, how she should be treated and that she should be respected, ALWAYS. As a woman I have learned to love as well as to fall in and out of love. I have learned to rise up every time I fall. I have learned that my battles are mine to fight and my challenges are mine to overcome. As a woman I have learned what it means to be a woman, dress like one, act like one, behave like one, feel like one, love like one!!

Thursday Moda's Co-Host: Wind and Spindle.
Today's Thursday Moda Co-Host is the Lovely and Very Talented Writer and Story-Teller, my friend MARY from Wind and Spindle. Mary relaunched her blog and re-branded it. The name of her blog is as magical and fairy-like as the stories she describes with all of her beautiful story-telling and her magnificent pictures. Here is a snippet of some of my favorite looks of her, lately. She lives in a very cold snowy area like me, yet manages to layer so nicely. Love how she styled all her black coats here, all different looks yet equally stylish!

From Mary's Mouth:
"Wind & Spindle is a storytelling and creative lifestyle blog by Mary Tait. Originally intended as an outlet to share her personal style, her blog transformed into a place where she could share her storytelling, writing, personal style, and photography." Follow Mary on InstagramPinterest and Facebook.