Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Currently, March 2018.

I cannot believe there are two months into 2018 already and March marched in (sorry, I couldn't resist) pouring all kinds of low temps and cold weather our way (35-36 degrees was as high as it got). But at least we are turning our clocks ahead come Sunday and that daylight savings time will definitely put everyone in a nicer mood, I think. Here I am linking up with ANNE from Anne In Residence again for her fun monthly "Currently" posts.

planning: Spring outfits and Spring outfit posts and more posts such as Spring Collaborations. Now, only if the weather could cooperate. We are supposed to get a few more inches of snow tonight and it will be a sleek and cold commute tomorrow morning. 

seeing: hmmmm I could answer this into many different ways. But I am going to generalize it into the fact that I am seeing to improve any and all aspects of my life: my life as a parent, as a worker - my career, my personal life, my time dedicated to myself, my time dedicated to my daughter and ALL the other important relationships in my life. I am also seeing to improve my sleep since I have been lacking sleep for the past 2-3 months now. I think I am going to start drinking chamomile at night before I go to bed. It is 100% natural and I hear, very effective.

making: nothing. I barely have time to take a nice long shower sometimes. I am not kidding you. I wish I were making something cute or fun lately. I did spruce up the house a little bit for Spring though, baby steps. 

pretending: that it is Spring. Well, I have worn some Spring-like outfits and shot a few of them. But I don't want to pretend anymore. Spring ain't here yet and this has been the longest, coldest, most snow-filled Winter I can remember in like over a decade. Can Spring get here already?! March is the first official month of Spring. It is supposed to get warm and sunny and like mid 40s to mid 50s at least. Instead it is 28 degrees as I am typing this and mother Nature decided to shower us with more snow right now.

wearing: a royal blue knit hoodie and charcoal grey sweat pants, as I am typing this. And I have been wearing this outfit all day, I even took Vivian to school wearing it (lol), since I took the day off work today. 

Lastly, here are a few outfits from the past 5 years - that I have shared on the blog - during this time of the year. I always love doing these outfit flashbacks, and you love seeing them too. Let me know your favorites from below. Here they go:

This was an outfit I wore as a new mom mixing pastels like lavender, sky blue, periwinkle and lilac with a strong dose of fuchsia - love that coat. This outfit post featured new jeans (bell bottoms - love those pockets), a new watercolor, light breezy Spring scarf and my new 3/4-length Fuchsia Coat. Now with the exception of all the clutter in the background (that is tiny living in a large metropolitan city; we were living in the capital of Albania in a small apartment, then) I would re-wear and re-shoot this outfit today 5 years later, in a heartbeat. I love it all, every piece, including the buttons off the side of each sleeve on the sweater.

This was a two-fer post featuring not one but two pairs of colored cords. The other outfit is also monochromatic, featuring royal blue corduroy pants. Now this outfit is not like WOW but I do like how I belted that cute Black+Gold Chain Print Silky Scarf with a Skinny Belt and the nice Leather Sperry Loafers make this entire ensemble street-chic, European-modern and totally put-together. Also, since the entire outfit is in burgundy, taupe and black it is a pretty neutral monochrome look. I'd say I would wear a version of this outfit or this exact one, again, today.

Everyone should own a pretty floral dress in their closets. This outfit was shot sometime in mid March and I feel like the temps two years ao were a lot warmer than they are today. I love this Blue+White Floral Wrap Dress by The Limited and I need to wear it again soon. The way I styled it, you could wear it to the office, a dinner date, a casual/not too fancy wedding, Sunday morning at church and even for Easter.

This is a little bohemian-like dress but I fancied it up and dressed it up with my Chevron Fishnet Tights, Midnight Blue Velvet Block-Heel Sandals, a Bold Orange-Red Statement Necklace and my Red Patent Leather Clutch. This is a little sexy number that can work in some work environments. To make it more work-ready pair it with a long cardigan or a fitted cardigan or perhaps a black velvet blazer. This dress would make a good option for upcoming Saint Patrick's day which is only 10 days away.