Friday, February 16, 2018

School Shootings.

School shootings?! They have become a thing of the day and age we live in. I would even call them a 'trend'. For real! They have become so common that unfortunately it is not shocking AT ALL to wake up one morning and hear of YET ANOTHER school shooting. Preschools, kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities, all of them are not safe. It has happened at every school level. Gunmen do not discriminate. Our country is not safe and unfortunately OUR CHILDREN are not safe. As a mother myself with a child who goes to PreK, every time I hear of a school shooting, my heart skips a beat ...or ten. Why?! Why do these senseless crimes have to happen and continue happening?! Why can't we stop these things from happening?! Is it entirely the gunmen's fault(s) or is it our government's fault, too?! How can "the best country in the world" have so many crimes and more mass shootings than anywhere else in the world?! What is our president doing about that?! And it is not just schools. Churches, shopping malls, stores, movie theaters, stadiums, concerts halls, sporting events, music events, subways, airports, restaurants, hotels. There is no such place 'marked safe' nowadays. You are not safe no matter where you go. You could go to your local super-market and be shot. It is unfortunate and so, sooooo sad.

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The latest school shooting in Florida, of course affected me. I am a human being after all and I am a MOTHER. I can never picture or imagine those mothers who get the worst news of their lives: that their child is killed, their kid didn't make it. For real, how do they make it through the night?! They are a lot stronger than I could ever be. And here I am trying to feel their pain and trying to understand if any of this makes sense, but I got nothing. Instead of spending money on walls and things that affect us way less, we should spend money on what matters the most: our schools where the future of our country learns every day. We should focus on what matters the most: our children. We should invest and think of those innocent lives. And as if Florida's news wasn't enough, there was a local school shooting here in the Metropolitan Detroit area, too. And this one hit me close to home, not only because it is in my home here in Michigan, but also because one of the students killed, happened to be one of the best friends of this 18-year old kid who interns for us. This kid was devastated about his best friend and I got to see his pain with my own two eyes, today. He has every right to be sad, mad and frustrated over what happened.

You guys all know I am originally from Albania. Albania is such a small country compared to USA. It is also less developed than America. Sure, we have everything in Albania and if you visit the capital, you will see beautiful buildings, sky-scrappers, streets full of lights, gorgeous cafes+bars and beautiful restaurants (among other things), so much luxury really. But there is also a lot of poverty in my country and a lot of problems and crimes too. Albania has many problems but we have never, ever had a mass shooting and most definitely never had a school shooting. It amazes me how a country like America who has its shit together for the most part, can't control guns and can't find a way to stop these mass shootings from happening. And let't not talk about mental health at all. I think the easy way to justify any of this is to say that the person was 'mentally ill'. OK, so if they were mentally ill, why are they allowed to live a normal life and have guns?! Why are they not in a mental institution or getting the proper help?! Why are they allowed into our streets, our schools, our stadiums and you name it?! I think pointing fingers in these situations is the easy way out. Our government needs to look at the big picture. Please, please find a way to ban guns forever! And let's not forget that guns are only a tool used to kill. Guns don't kill people. People kill people!! Enough is enough! This needs to stop!! A sea of tragedies because we decide to allow sick and mentally ill people to carry guns?! No, that is not good America!!

Sorry for my rambling but I always touch on current issues and current events and what is going on in the world...

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