Friday, August 31, 2018

Insanely in Love... We Lost! - Poetry.

I am really feeling the writing bug this month. August was a month where I wrote a few poems and this is the last one of the month, so I am sharing it with you today. It has a lot of reality, truth and raw emotion in it. I am 100% sure several people can find themselves in this poetry. Some may find it sad and hopeless. Some may find it bittersweet and hopeful. Truth is, at the end of the day, no matter how many losses a human being has in their lives, they survive! They may lose in love and separate or get divorced, or even worse they may loose a loved one forever and death is the worst loss of them all! But we are meant to continue, just like an apostrophe we continue through the thousands of sentences that life has for us. Every day we live our life sentence through triumphs and tragedies, gains and losses!

Insanely in Love.... We Lost!
[Late Summer 2018]

Insanely in love with the idea of what was,
an old love so sublime, a feeling of free butterflies,
beautiful birds running free on a sky so blue,
and even the darkest cloud seemed white like cotton candy,
we surpassed it all, every thunderstorm, beyond the rainbow!

Insanely in love with you, what we were together,
what I was to you and what you were to me,
a pair of little fluffy bunnies like 15 year-olds in love,
everything tasted sweet and sugary,
nothing was tart, difficult or impossible to overcome!

Insanely in love we were,
mountains, bridges, thousands of miles among you and I,
oceans, seas and infinite blue water between us,
two continents away and yet none of that really kept us apart,
freezing snow in Michigan and a semi-warm sun in Albania,
we knew how to survive it all and become one!

Spring or Fall, Summer or Winter,
whatever season there I was,
a plane ticket away from you, far away but not really,
my heart beating for you, close to you even from afar,
my body tingling for you when we slept next to each-other,
my lips tasting your kisses, like bees to honey!

...But a decade or so later something broke, something faded,
a bond we believed couldn't be broken or shattered,
a connection we thought was stronger than the light of the stars,
a love so deep it could be unspoken,
something happened to us and sadness filled both hearts...

Insanely in love we were no longer,
we grew out of love and anger filled your soul,
my soul tried to console the pieces of my broken heart,
as you stepped on it harder than ever before
and said words that hurt more than any migraine I ever had...

Insanely in love no more, no baby, no sweetheart,
and sometimes it seems so difficult to comprehend
how two spouses who once shared everything 
could turn from best friends to bitter enemies,
from happy butterflies who once were so crazy in love
to insane people who believe no more...

Insanely we live in separate cities,
we walk and drive on separate streets every day,
just like our lives who took separate paths,
just like our two separated souls that may one day forgive but will not forget,
just like we loved insanely, insane how we lost!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Thursday Moda #130: Americana Denim Cutoffs.

I have great legs. They are not thick, not too thin, they have muscles in the right places. They have well-shaped thighs. They are fit. They are long. And (lately) they are tan, also. Sure, I have cellulite - who doesn't?! And I, like most women, hate shaving lol, but despite all these 'issues' I am pretty happy with the gams I have been blessed with. And yes, I am not supposed to flatter or compliment myself, but darn it I do have pretty good legs and I have been told that by men (and women) for over two decades now. Actually, at 21 when I was working while going to college and dressing pretty fancy for my job, this girl I worked with started calling me "legs", a nick-name others have used and called me for years, including a current male co-worker. But see, as great as my legs are I never wear super short shorts though I love mini skirts and wear those often. And I may have owned a pair or two of cutoff denim shorts before, but none I have truly been happy with. And truth be told, I am not 100% convinced these are the best denim cutoffs but they were inexpensive (less than 20 bucks from 'Universal Threads' at Target), not very distressed except for the little frayed hem, mom-approved (I think) and high-waisted. Plus the button-front fly is the icing on the cake I think. 

I do think every woman needs a pair of Denim Cutoffs though. They are super versatile, timeless and sexy and definitely have that Americana vibe. Denim shorts are as American as red, white and blue. So, on a day off last week I decided to wear my blue denim cutoffs exactly with red and white, after all Labor Day is just a few days away. I also brought these with me on vacation and wore them there twice. This time around I dressed them up a little. Yes my Red Floral Loft Tank Top is a simple, casual cotton tank but the Cropped White Linen Blazer and those Red Patent Leather Wedges (with turquoise+yellow straps) certainly dressed this up and I did the same with my makeup. It was hot day though so I kept the jewelry very minimalistic and stuck with tiny Turquoise Violin Stud Earrings only. Have you been wearing a lot of Americana Denim Cutoffs this Summer and how have you been styling them?! Do you like dressing them up as I did?!

Last week we made it to almost 100 links! Yeay! There were so many favorite looks if I am being honest, I was torn so many times. I originally saved a dozen outfits as favorites and trust me when I tell you it was so hard finalizing it down to these 6!!

I agree with you Joi, it is 'Still Summer' so saturated colors should be worn. Those palazzo pants with the bell-sleeve blouse are both on trend and classy too!
Melissa shared a beautiful, striped+ruffled '$44 Dress' and showed us how you could wear it into Fall with a black moto jacket. Those fun laceup sexy stilettos sure are cool!
I always love Amber's style and it is totally Americana too with a French vibe, just like the outfit she shared last week. And yes my friend those 'Leopard Bow Flats' are an essential wardrobe item.
For an 'Evening Stroll in the City'  I am sure Tatiana was the most feminine and fanciest lady out there in her 60s-inspired, plaid fit+flare dress. I love that she belted it!
'To Dress Up for a Jazz Night' Jess wore one of her many dresses. Love the pastel flowers on hers and the trumpet hem. But adding that aqua scarf on her neck was perfection! Also, such a pretty quilted tote.
I love how Bojana did 'Summer Dressing' yet with that long, lightly-woven knit cardigan totally could transition that colorful little Summer dress into Fall. Her statement earrings and straw tote are perfect!

You can also join my new monthly "Skirting the Rules" linkup here. It goes live the last Tuesday of the month! I will leave it open for your convenience all month, too.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Brand-New "Skirting the Rules" Linkup: Baby Blue+White Striped Wrap Ruffle Skirt.

Over the weekend I did a thorough Recap Post about the "Skirtmas in July" series I collaborated with ELSIE from Polished Whimsy and I mentioned that the two of us would be back once a month, the very last Tuesday of each month with a Skirt-Themed Linkup, so today is our very first one, so won't you come join us?! =) Elsie really wanted to wear one of her many tulle skirts. She has some Gorgeous Tulle Skirts but I haven't had time to dig for one of my two tulle skirts that I own so I didn't do a shoot with a tulle skirt. We decided to keep it easy with no theme and just wear any skirts we have worn recently, instead. I am finally blogging an outfit from early July which I thought to originally blog during our Skirtmas in July month, but here it is finally! It was such a hot, hot day that day so I am kind of surprised that my makeup and hair wasn't disheveled due to the humidity lol. But I did love this outfit!

Not only has this been the Summer of the skirt for me, but as you may have seen I may have styled many Wrap Ruffled Skirts so it has been the Summer of the Wrap Skirt. You might as well call it the Summer of the Target Skirts lol (shocking I know lol). This Blue+White Striped Ruffle Wrap Short Skirt is by the "A New Day" line at Target and I would say it runs a little small. I am wearing the size 4. I love that it is a short skirt. It is flirty and fun, girly and easy to dress up or down, or in between like I did here. It was perfect for me to style this skirt today, since the very last Skirtmas in July post I wore a Midi-length Baby Blue+White Striped Ruffle Wrap which is a more demure, more modest sister to my skirt from today. I paired it with this Satiny Cobalt Blue Wrap Blouse from Express that has been in my closet for a decade or so. I wanted a dressier blouse since I wore this look at work first, and then to a dinner date, after. Like I mentioned it was a very hot day so not only did I need a pair of sunglasses (these Tortoise ones with the dark green glasses go with everything, a classic) but I also tend to wear comfortable sandals or flats when it is super hot out. My Nude Sling-Back Open-Toe Sandals are from Target from last Summer. All over the front they have a collage of striped colorful sequins which make them go with anything and everything! As far as jewelry I chose light but statement-making Blue Stone Chandelier Earrings which not only matched the blue shade of the blouse but also mixed well with the Periwinkle Beaded Wrap Bracelet with a Firefly Charm, by my friend Sue Marie. Her 'Hidden Beaded Treasures' are totally beautiful, charming and colorful! They won't break the bank either! So, do you like how I styled my Blue+White Striped Wrap Ruffle Skirt, today?!

 A printed blue tube top by Lily Pulitzer with a blue cotton pencil skirt and suede mules.
Kicking off this month's 'Skirting the rules' Linkup by featuring my favorite skirt outfit linked last month from our 'Skirtmas in July' linkup which belongs to Kathrine that styled a mostly-blue look in an outfit perfectly named "The Summer Blues". A Ruched Skirt is not only beautiful and versatile, but very forgiving and versatile to the body and I particularly like them for the Summertime. I love that she styled it with a tube top in a simple blue Summer print and that slate clutch matched the skirt perfectly. But it is the fun tasseled pastel earrings and those beautiful deep coral mules that are not only striking but brought a couple of other color pops to her Summer Blues!!

Now Join our NEW and SUPER FUN "Skirting the Rules" Linkup. Isn't the graphic so fun and fabulous!?  I love it!! You can link up any outfits here, not just skirts, but Elsie and I will pick a couple of favorite skirt looks to feature each month! The linkup will be open for an entire month, for your convenience. Have Fun, blog-hop around and meet some other fabulous fashionistas along the way!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Skirtmas in July 2018 Recap and Thoughts.

I figured since Summer is more than 2/3rds done, I will finally do a recap of my "Skirtmas in July" collaborations I did with my lovely skirt-loving friend Elsie from Polished Whimsy. We covered so many pretty skirts this Summer and July was all about our love for skirts. We styled mini skirts, mini wrap skirts, wrap ruffled skirts, pleated midi skirts, patterned midi skirts, a-line skirts, pencil skirts, eyelet skirts and denim skirts. Here are three collages of the 15 outfits I styled for our 12 days of #SKIRTMASINJULY. I wore a total of 13 skirts since both of my Black Eyelet Midi Skirts (the button-front one from Target and the ruffled wrap one from Loft) were styled two different ways each. I must say I love ALL of these outfits. So proud of all the outfits I put together AND wore during this series. Every single outfit was worn in real life, too. Let's look at them all, once again.

Look 1 // Look 2 // Look 3 // Look 4 // Look 5

Look 6 // Look 7 // Look 8 // Look 9 // Look 10 // 

Look 11 // Look 12 // Look 13 // Look 14 // Look 15

Now before I get to my most favorite outfits, let's take a look at the my favorite looks worn by Elsie.

I was really torn between these two above looks the Denim Skirt Outfit and the Summer Mini Skirt Outfit as my two favorite outfits Elsie wore. The two mini skirts styled for the weekend stood out to me because they are both so edgy, fun and gorgeous, so perfectly-layered and perfectly-accessorized. Elsie has killer legs and she looks fabulous in a mini skirt. She chose beautiful black heels for the above looks, too. I was really torn as to which was my favorite.

I love the unique, dressy, office-chic way Elsie styled the Who What Wear Button-Down Birdcage Skirt. Those fuchsia pumps were the perfect exclamation point to this look and it looks so great with a chambray button-down tucked in! That neutral quilted mauve bag is so pretty, also.

The last outfit we blogged on this series featuring more wrap skirts was also another favorite of mine from Elsie. I see some similar elements to the third favorite look with the hot pink heels and another fun, pretty chambray shirt. Actually Elsie wore several chambray shirts through this entire series and definitely gave me ideas in how to style my own chambray tops. This Gingham Ruffle Mini Skirt paired with the leopard clutch was so cute, girly, bold and fresh. Great pattern-mixing as always. Elsie is fantastic at mixing patterns!

Last but not least, here are my Top 5 Favorite Looks from this series starting with:

There are so many reasons why I loved this outfit. The fact that I chose all black with just two small pops of color via that Plum Crossbody Bag and my Red Lipstick. The fact that I accessorized with several bracelets and rings but no statement earrings or statement necklace. The Perforated Booties I chose. The fact that I looked incredible in it. I also love that I chose the matching eyelet top to this eyelet skirt and the sliver of skin peeking through since it was a crop top. And last but not least all the fabulous compliments I received. I felt and looked like a million bucks in pieces all by Target which makes it even more special. I styled this Button-Front Eyelet Midi Skirt twice throughout our skirtmas series but this is my favorite look of the two. 

I love how this outfit came together. The Jewel tones of Navy and Deep Teal looked perfect together. I loved the textures too (faux) Suede and Satin. Also the asymmetry between the One-Shoulder Top and Wrap Style Skirt. It was perfect for a date night, paired with Blush Feather Earrings and Camel Laceup Sandals. This Wrap Mini Skirt also happens to be my favorite skirt I styled through this series. Again, I felt fantastic that evening!

Another day, another mini skirt. I love wearing minis, especially in the Summer. This Off-White Fringe Mini Skirt is my second favorite mini I styled in July, during one of our weekend looks. Not only would this be perfect for a weekend event like brunch, shower, engagement party, girls' night out  or date night, but can even work for an office environment.

 I like that this outfit is both casual yet dressy, totally office-chic and mom-chic, 100% put together and with a French vibe since I wore a Pencil Skirt with a Classic Striped Tee and paired it with classic, timeless, go-with-everything Nude Ballet Flats with little skinny bows. The little pattern mixing of the Colorful Pencil Skirt in a soft pink with the Black+White Stripes totally worked. I wore this outfit the entire day, from work in the AM to out with Vivian down-town Milford in the PM.

This outfit was worn the day before I left for vacation in late July and it had all the vacation vibes, between not just the Pineapple Skirt but also the matching fruit-embellished Woven Bag, the Multi-Colored Tassel Slides and all the fun Nautical/Summer Charm Jewelry (bracelets, ankle, necklace and earrings). It was such a fun shoot too among all those woods.

I must say this was YOU ALL'S FAVORITE! From my little Instagram polls I did on Insta stories and all the Instagram Posts I did of all of my skirt looks, this was hands-down your number one. You all voted it 100%. I like it too because I had this exact vision in my head in regards to this outfit and it came exactly like I pictured it, actually better. I must say I will pair light blue, dark blue, red and white more often. You all loved how I styled the Crane Midi Skirt with those super fun Red Pom Pom Stilettos.

Which of these outfits is your favorite and why?! I love how diverse and different all the outfits Elsie and I put together were, even the 4 identical skirts we styled - we styled them very differently. I want to thank ELSIE from the bottom of my heart, for doing this super fun "Skirtmas in July" collaboration last month. We put a lot of work and hours into each of our posts. Each day Elsie and i chatted about our outfits, our visions, the collages, the skirts we would style, etc, etc. We gave each other encouragement and feedback, style advise and more. This way we got to know each-other more, in a lot more personal ways too. I can easily say that Elsie is one of my very closest blogging friends for sure. She knows things about me that no one else does. We will surely meet one day. I also want to thank her for all the beautiful collages and graphics she created! 

Like I mentioned last month, Elsie and I will continue the fun as the last Tuesday of each month we will be doing a skirt-themed linkup titled "Skirting the Rules" and the very first one is this July on August 28th. So make sure you link up with me then. This will be an entire week of linkups as a matter of fact, since on Wednesday I am guest-posting for Monica from Jersey Girl, Texan Heart and it is her weekly linkup day, then Thursday is my Thursday Moda Linkup and on Sunday September 2nd is our Sunday Showcase Linkup with Chrissy and Kellyann. So welcome by ladies and don't miss this exciting week!

For your convenience, I have the Linkup going live already so here it is below: