Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Thursday Moda #100: A Special Celebration with a $200 Target Giveaway.

Hi everyone and welcome to this milestone Thursday Moda linkup because we made it to triple digits and today Thursday Moda is 100 weeks old, which means almost 2 full years. It has been 2 years of many sleepless nights (just like tonight), a lot of work, outfit changes, photography, editing, collaborations and decoding HTML and SEO's for you and me both but it has been a very fun and stylish ride along the way. And you know what I do it ALL by myself, while working a full-time job and raising a child. So, today you and I both celebrate and I don't even have any of the typical anniversary "blogging props" that most bloggers use (like balloons, numbers, cake with a candle on top, cupcakes, confetti, champagne or fresh flowers). Instead my only 'prop' is my glass of Cabernet Wine (a good kind too) and it wasn't even a prop at all, because I drank it to the last drop. 

For today's special post I am wearing the current biggest/on trend colors of 2018: red and purple (or fine let's call them Scarlett and Ultra Violet). And it wasn't even planned. I literally threw this outfit together in less than 5 minutes. The Red Silky Draped-Front Camisole and Jewelry (Statement Earrings, Gold-Tone Cuff Bracelet, Intricate Crystal Cocktail Ring and triple Circle Cubic Zirconia Stone Rings are all new). The Purple Tulle Skirt is sort of new-ish. A local boutique gave it to me months ago and I think this is the right occasion to wear it, finally! Cause a tulle skirt = celebration, right?! Last but not least I am wearing my Croc-Embossed Gold Christian Louboutin Pumps. But besides my lovely fancy outfit, I decided to give away $200 to everyone's favorite store - Target, duhhh. If you read my blog often you know that a big percentage of mine and Vivian's clothes come from there and I get complimented on them often. A bunch of my favorite blogging ladies - whom I have collaborated with before many times - and I are contributing to this giveaway. So whether you need some new clothes for Spring, outfits for your kids or even stuff like pillows, candles, makeup or even a candy bar, go ahead and shop on us at Target. The Giveaway is at the bottom of this post (so scroll down lol) and once again I want to thank the lucky 13 ladies who joined me today in giving away this lucky little gift.

Check out all the other fantastic and stylish fashionistas who joined me today. I didn't ask them to wear any particular festive outfit, just to stay true to themselves and their styles. But they still all look great whether dressy or totally casual. Thank you ladies for being part of my 100th Thursday Moda Celebration today!

So even though ultra-violet is a much lighter color than the color of my skirt it falls under the purple family. This skirt between an Eggplant and Royal Purple Color was gifted to me by a boutique since the Summer and the size is XS (it read, fits sizes 00 to 0 which I am clearly not). But luckily it still fit me (thank you elastic waist) and even better now in January since I have lost a few pounds (hope you can tell!! lol). Since a new month - February hello - is starting I also have plans for a healthier eating plan this month. I won't really call it a diet because it is not. But I will focus on drinking a lot, a lot of water (I almost always forget to drink water these days), reduce the amounts of coffee; get more sleep and I will do that by going to sleep earlier and sleeping better in general, eating more vegetables and fruits which I actually do cause I love fruit+veggies and last (and this is a biggie) reduce the amount of bread and gluten I consume. See I love bread and I eat it often and a lot. I am thinking I will have a cheat day once a week. Wish me luck - you think I can do it?!

Now the Scarlet Red refers to my silky camisole I found at Express by chance, this Tuesday. I got it on sale for a steal and I am glad that when I went home I saw how beautifully it fit. For reference is a size Small and I am wearing just a demi strapless bra with it (fortunately I am busty enough - though I hide it well - for this slinky beauty to look pretty one without a pushup bra). This camisole is stunning and I have to go again and see if they have it in more colors. Plus it is in my color - red. And I have a funny story for you guys. Many many many years ago I used to own an almost-identical red camisole, it had the draping in the front too and the color was the same bright red, just a different material. I remember it quite well because I wore it the day I lost my virginity lol. TMI perhaps?! We are all friends here. I figured I would share this fun fact about the twinning red camisole today (since it came to my mind) on my 100th Linkup. But I won't tell you when that milestone happened for me, I will keep that to myself.
 I like the cartoon filter here. Artsy!



I want to thank these fantastic ladies who support and read my blog always and joined my giveaway today and will be part of two more Love-themed posts coming up in February so stay tuned for those posts on February 8th and February 20th respectively. A special thank you goes out to a beautiful lady who participated on today's giveaway - she knows who she is - who has been a great virtual shoulder for me to cry on these last few weeks because I have gone through so much downs and personal challenges. She has landed me her ear and her heart to cry on. Thank you from the bottom of my heart my friend! I appreciate it more than you may know. 

Oh and one last fun fact: I stayed up all night doing this post. I wrapped it up around 5.15 AM and I will be going to work with about 2.5 hours of sleep today. Thankfully I function on little sleep.

Now Join the Giveaway for a $200 at Target - my favorite store ever. I mean who doesn't love Target?! And if you shop smart you can get like 3-4 outfits. Trust me, I shop there a lot! The giveaway is good for one full week, until 12 midnight (Eastern time) on February 7th 2018. 

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Last but definitely not least, join this Very Special 100th Thursday Moda Linkup today, hop around, be inspired by style and have a ton of fun! Thank you to you all for supporting my blog and for linking with me every Thursday - I haven't missed a week, yet!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Recapping My Style from 2017: The Best of July thru December, in Numbers.

Happy last week of 2018!! How is it that January is already vanished?!

Today I am recapping the last 6 months of my favorite styles (that I shared on the blog) from 2017. When recapping these favorite outfits I didn't have a specific number of favorite outfits, in mind. I blogged 234 times in 2017 which is about 2/3rds of the year (if you look at the year divided into 365 days). Give or take I probably blogged about 220 outfits since most of my posts were style posts and the rest were life-style posts, shopping/gift guides, etc. Overall, - since we are talking numbers - these are my favorite 29 looks I shared from July 1st through December 31st on the blog. I will comment on a few of these outfits and do a little mini recap+reflection on each month. Also, you can see January-June's Favorite Looks here.

To see my top most favorite outfits of 2017, check out the #bestnine post. You shouldn't miss it!

July 2017.
July was my favorite Summer month of outfits. No wonder I have 9 (NINE) favorite looks from this month, out of a total of like 22 outfits, for a total of 20 posts. As you can see my favorite outfits from this month were girly, dressy, feminine and ladylike: lots of skirts and dresses. But besides dresses, skirts and maxis, I wore a lot of shorts and a lot of hats too, this past July and almost every pair of shoes I wore were nude or neutral. Vivian was spotted a lot during this month too, whether in our Mommy+Me Style Posts or even her own style post - which is my favorite lifestyle post of the second half of the year 2017 - I did during July featuring like 6 different outfits Vivian wore during Summer (the two photos right below). Of course, those two red dresses are my favorites from her Summer looks. Girl rocks red and wears it so well, just like her mama!! Since Independence Day is on July 4th, you saw a lot of Red/White/Blue outfits on me and Viv, too. There were like 3 two-fer remix posts, too.

Mom Wear: Camel Laceup Block Sandals.
This was a two-fer post featuring these Faux Suede Camel Laceup Block-Heel Sandals by Target (which I wore a lot last Summer). Both outfits from this post were kind of dressy and both of them featured clothing (shoes weren't included) from the 30 for 30 Summer remix I did. The other outfit from this post is further below with the Red Peplum Top and Geo-Print Navy Pencil Skirt. I think this look with the Flirty Blush-Floral Skirt, Pink Peter-Pan Collar Blouse and Neutral Floppy Hat is my favorite of the two.

Dark Flowers and Light Umbrellas.
I loved these mommy+me outfits we wore, such cute dresses. And this Blush Pink Shirtdress with Printed Blue Umbrellas that Vivian wore - and how it was styled - is one of my favorite outfits of hers from Summer.

Mom Wear to Work Wear: Peachy Pink Pastels.
This was a Mom Wear (Shorts) to Work Wear (Pleated Skirt) post featuring the Pastel Floral, Sleeveless Button-Down Blouse. I was so torn as to which of these looks I liked more so I included them both. But I definitely think pairing peach on the bottom with this pastel-colored blouse on top, was a great idea and the scalloped shorts and pleated mini skirt are both dressy too.

Thursday Moda Fashion Files: Chambray Dresses and Neutral Suede Sandals.
I love matching or twinning with my little girl as you all know and we did it again in our nude suede sandals and denim dresses. I must say Vivian's pose above (next to me) is so precious and she looked stunning that day wearing one of mommy's many red lipsticks.

Flirty Flower Skirts and Girly White Tops.
Here is that same floral flippy skirt with the cascading side ruffle. This outfit is dressier than the one with the pink-striped top and I love, love the gold wedges with this and all the fun jewelry I wore.

August 2017.
August was the month we went on our 10-day Summer vacation (with my parents) so it was light when it comes to posts on the blog (16 posts total). This month I noticed that most of my looks were Little White Dresses or Vacation Outfits. Vivian made many appearances again being her adorable self.

What to Wear to a Summer Bridal Shower as a Guest.
Hands down my most favorite striped dress I wore last year and one of my favorite dresses I purchased at Loft last year. This LWD has the mixing of red+blue stripes creating wider groups of stripes, wide straps and that beautiful wrap-ruffled style. I dressed it up with a pair of Olive Green Block Heel Laceup Sandals and a Golden-Bronze Oversized Bow Clutch. Vivian looked gorgeous in her Cold-Shoulder Striped Dress.

Thursday Moda #74: Black for Summer, for the Office.

Thursday Moda #78: Beach Vacation Floral Swimsuits.
This post was all about some of the swimsuits we wore during our August vacation. I loved the 2-piece Red+Black Floral Bandeau I paired with one of my Floppy Hats and Vivian's Ruffled Hot Pink Polka Dot Swimsuit.

Thursday Moda #77: Bridal Shower Dresses for the Bride.

Third Thursday Thoughts (on a Wednesday): Vacation and More.
Ok so this was more like a Reflections/Thoughts/Real Life post but I talked mostly about our August vacation in New Buffalo where we also visited Indiana and Chicago Illinois (above).  The Red/Blue/Floral Ruffled Romper with the Waist-Tied Pineapple Cardigan and Gold Leather Gold Sandals was one of my favorite outfits that I wore during vacation. Such a cute background too. You gotta love Chicago's riverside downtown.

September 2017.
I was just as busy in September as I was in August, except this time around with work (it kicked my butt). Also, since Vivian started pre-school, I changed around my work schedule. I had to wake up way earlier. I only managed to post 16 times. But there are still some cute looks from this month, and I noticed that the pastel outfits were my favorites. Possibly the most special and most favorite post I wrote this month pertained to Vivian starting her very first day of school (ever). That post is featured right below with Vivian holding her first day of school sign. This month I also did a big September collaboration with a bunch of my blogging babe friends, titled "The September Issue".

Vivian's First Day of Pre-School.

Thursday Moda #80: Navy Embroidered Dress for Fall.

Thursday Moda #82: Light Neutrals for Early Fall.

The September Issue: 9 ways to Style a Little White Dress for Fall.

Sage Green Sweater and Loft's Early Fall Sale.
The combination of these Blush Pink Satin Pearl-Embellished Sneakers, Off-White Lace Mini Skirt and Minty, Tulip-Back Light Sweater was perfect.

October 2017.
Things picked up a little bit on the blog for September and you saw a whole lot of my 2 Long Chenille (Sister) Cardigans (the Ochre one and the Dusty Pink, both by Loft and they are gorgeous). I did another unique remixing challenge this month with some blogging babes, where we chose 5 pieces to wear all month. So one of the 5 pieces should have been remixed into a new look each day. It was fun. I managed to get out 20 posts this month.

Thursday Moda #83: Black Skinny Jeans Remix for Early Fall.
Possibly the 2 simplest looks featured out of my favorites from these 6 months, but both equally chic, put-together, mom-friendly and modern. I am so glad I purchased these very black Abs-olution Jeans from the Nordstrom Sale last Summer. They are great, make my butt look fantastic and I have worn them over 10 times so far.

Thursday Moda # 85: Plain Tees + Neutral Booties = Fall Staples.

Khaki Skirt and Red Stripes.
One of my most favorite casual looks of all 2017. The combination of khaki with red and a touch of white was beautiful and fresh. I'd repeat this outfit head to toe as is (and I don't repeat outfits).

November 2017.
November was a pretty easy-going month for me on the blog and sort of the calm before the storm before the holidays. I did start "The Holiday Series" collaborations towards the end of this month including both the Thanksgiving and Black Friday outfits this month. Oh and there were a total of 19 posts. My Grey OTK Suede Boots and Colorful Wooden Beaded Long Necklace along my Deep Forest Green Chenille Coat-Cardigan made many appearances this month. I started wearing a lot of dark colors but along jewel shades.

The Holiday Series: What to Wear for Thanksgiving, a Multi-Blogger Collaboration.
This outfit and collaborations was one of my favorites of 2017. Though this outfit is pretty casual, it is also slightly dressy with my shimmer white booties. That coatigan is amazing too and I wore it a lot last Fall and now during Winter. And I was having a great hair day cause I had just chopped and styled my hair at the hair-dresser.

Thursday Moda #87: Leggings and Tunics for Fall.

Thursday Moda #91: Plaid Mini Skirts and French Berets.
I am thinking I shall do more similar looks to these above: mini skirts, cute shoes, fun detail tops and berets or baker boy hats, this year. I liked the outfit with the hot pink bird sweater and tulip wrap mini a little more though I love these both. While you preferred the navy+red preppy look best!

December 2017.
December is one of my favorite months to dress for and usually every year I have so many beautiful outfits from this festive month. I didn't do too many dressy looks this year but there were still some I loved. This month I continued "The Holiday Series" and I was so busy. While I managed to post 10 times, I never did part two of my Christmas Home Tour. There were a few posts reminiscing about Christmases past and of course Vivian showed off some of her own holiday looks.

Fancied up for The Holidays with Target.

Thursday Moda #94: Merry Christmas from 3 Friends!!

The Holiday Series: What to Wear for New Year's Eve, a Multi-Blogger Collaboration + Linkup.
My favorite Mommy+Mini Holiday Look post that we did. I loved how we coordinated in burgundy+black without matching at the slightest. And I love that I am ending my very lengthy and thorough 2017 Style Recap with this outfit cause you got to admit that lace+leather skirt is so darn cute! And even cuter - Vivian's pom pom ballet flats and her beaming smile!