Saturday, December 29, 2018

What to Wear to a Holiday Party.

 I hope your very last weekend of 2018 was a memorable one! This outfit post is special because besides showing you guys a very chic and elegant outfit - I must say - I am also sharing about a Holiday Party I went to that my first cousin Gloria (who is like a sister to me) and her husband hosted at their new, beautiful home. The photo right above are more than half of us female cousins and cousin-in-laws. Throughout the post you will see photos from her beautiful decorated house, the holiday get-together and the awesome food table she had set up for us! 

For my cousin's Holiday Party which was on a Friday night I wanted to dress up nice but feel comfortable in my outfit, too. I went for this Blue-ish Tweed Dressy Trousers (with a Bow Belt) and a Mustard Blouse with Lace Yoke Detail on the shoulders. Both pieces are by Loft. I wore the pants with Faux Suede Oxford Laceup Booties. To dress this up and for some sparkle, I added a Red Circle Pendant Crystal Necklace (gifted) and Cluster Statement Crystal Earrings with Champagne, Green, Red and Pink Stones (by Sugarfix via Target). A little shimmer powder on my face, mascara, eyeshadow and a mauve lipstick and I was ready for an evening with my cousins (the guys were there too, by the way). We ate, we drank, we sang Christmas songs, we played games, we gave gifts, etc. I think this is a great Holiday Party Look because it is dressy and put-together without feeling too fancy. This type of outfit is also a great work look, and, because of the sparkly crystal jewelry, you can wear something like this for New Year's Eve if you don't want to feel too done up or too fancy. As a matter of fact, we are going out for dinner with my family and I will most likely wear another blouse by Loft and accessorize it with some sparkly jewelry! What about you?! Plans for New Year's Eve?! What will you be wearing?!

The hosts of the Christmas Party: Gloria and her husband Roland. They are such a good-looking couple. With their gorgeous looks (plus they are both very tall) they will make beautiful babies, one day.
Gloria's new house is so festive and inviting on the outside too, not just on the inside. Love the gold-lit reindeer.
The beautiful dining room table with all the delicious food minus the desserts and the drinks. The evergreen Christmas tree branches are real and they smelled so good, plus they looked very pretty.
Gloria even had a fresh bouquet of flowers on the island of her kitchen. They were gorgeous and smelled so fresh!
 Love her little family room. It is small but it is cozy and looks so pretty and Wintery in white and silver.
This is how I wrapped up one of Gloria's presents. It came out so cute. The 2 houses are actually a Christmas ornament that says "From Our Home to Yours". I thought it was perfect, especially since this is a new home for them and the first Christmas season they get to celebrate there, plus Gloria's tree was in white and red (like mine this year) so it was a perfect addition to her Christmas tree.
Their mantle area is just beautiful. Love the cozy elegance she went with in classic, traditional Christmas colors. Loved those stockings, too.
My Favorite Girls: my cousin-in-law Orjana and my first cousin Gloria. They both looked great, and so festive!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Favorite Outfits of 2018.

A New year is upon us, literally hours away (just a weekend away now). I only managed to average 3 to 4 posts each week because life is busy, especially when you have to work full-time and be a mom full-time, all the time. I do plan on two more outfit posts this year though, one over the weekend and one on Monday the 31st. One will be casual and one will be dressy. I am hoping to post 3 more outfits, actually. Fingers crossed! My goal for next year is to be able to have between 230 to 260 posts for the entire year, but I won't sweat it either way. This blog still is a hobby to me, though it is a side job that doesn't really pay but which does indeed take up a lot of my time. My point is, I will also spend time with my daughter, do things, enjoy life and hopefully get to travel a little this upcoming year, too.

Today I am doing a Style recap of my favorite outfits of 2018 - a total of 25 outfits! In case you are wondering the two photos above show my most favorite look of 2018. We will get more on that, a little below. I love doing these recap style posts of the year we left behind, each year. I also love when other bloggers do it and when they go through their own favorite outfits. I think style is a matter of taste and what might look good to my eye, may not to your eye. Which makes these posts more fun and a little unexpected. Anyway, here is a look at my favorite outfits from each month. I picked one casual and one dressy outfit from each month. I will be honest with you though, in real life I wore at least another 100 outfits that never made it into the blog. And I even photographed like half of them but unfortunately never had time to edit the photos or post them on the blog. However, another 20 outfits or so did make it into my Instagram as I post there daily.  So my recap of the Favorite Looks ONLY contains the outfits that were blogged and that you got to see via my blog. OK, so here is a breakdown of favorite outfits month by month (one dressy/dressed up look and one casual/everyday look). But first, let's look at my Most Favorite Outfit of the entire year. =)

This Outfit always stood out to me from the entire year. I love it so much. I love that I did head to toe black - which is rare for me as a color-lover. I love that I chose a bag in a plum color for a pop of color. I love that I styled a two-piece eyelet set of a midi skirt and a cropped tank top and that I chose to wear it with edgy boots. This outfit is edgy, sexy - while all covered up, fun, sassy, elegant, feminine and it got so many compliments. This outfit is one that a cool mom would wear and I like to think I looked cool, that day. One of the compliments from this lady in her 60s that was so gracefully-dressed, even stood out to me (you should read the original post). I felt fabulous in this outfit more than I did in every other outfit. I actually wore and blogged this skirt 2-3 times this past year and it was even the fourth post in my "Skirtmas in July" month, but this was the first time I wore this skirt and by far the best time. And I look like a million bucks though I am wearing Target head to toe. Again, the brands or prices of the clothes and accessories you wear don't matter at the end of the day. It is the way you wear them, the attitude you carry and how you style them that makes an outfit shine, or otherwise. I also loved all the photos from this fun afternoon/early evening downtown Northville - one my of favorite local towns. I loved Vivian's outfit too and how we looked together.  But another reason about this being my most favorite outfit of the year is because this is the kind of outfit that is both casual and dressy. And that is the best type of outfit. What do you think?! Is my Most Favorite Outfit of 2018 your most favorite too, from the outfits I showed in this Style Recap post?! Or do you prefer another one?! Let me know in the comments.

JANUARY {Lots of Red this month and a Huge Blog Celebration+Collaboration with a Giveaway - see first outfit, right below.}

FEBRUARY {The shortest month but I managed to post 18 times. Possibly my favorite month of outfits too. I rocked the hats!}

MARCH {We got a glimpse of Spring this month and there were a few sexy and dressy outfits. Some of them were worn during February which is the month of love. I had a work gala too and killed it in a red dress!}

APRIL {It must have been a very busy early Spring, cause I only managed to blog very few outfits.}


MAY {My birthday month where I had my annual blogging birthday party with my blogging friends. I wore a lot of dresses and stripes. And the Nude Laceup Sandals (from the outfit below) were my most-worn shoes.}



JUNE {My June continued with dresses and skinny jeans. I also wore many light layers and pretty, breezy tops. I also continued wearing pastels.}

JULY {This was the month I started collaborating a lot with my friend ELSIE from Polished Whimsy where we did our Skirtmas in July post and styled 12 different styles of skirts and style of outfits for the whole month of July. My most favorite outfit of the entire year (first 3 pictures on top of this post) is also from this month. I loved this series so much and I loved wearing and styling a lot of my skirts. I must say I had a very stylish July!

AUGUST {This month you saw a lot of color, a lot of florals and many outings with Vivian. I did a lot of photo-shoots out and about Michigan and visited many cute down-towns. Also, there is a lot of sunshine in my photos.}

SEPTEMBER {This month I blogged very little. Perhaps because I got back to another routine that was different from Summer and Vivian of course entered Elementary School and started Kindergarden. There are still a couple of outfits that stood out from this month, however.}

OCTOBER {We saw touches of Fall into the air and that showed in some of my outfits, too. I love dressing for Fall. This is actually the month I had the hardest time choosing favorites. I erased the original choices lol. In reality I have two favorite dressy outfits and two favorite casual outfits. Oh and to be pointed out - I wore a lot of Millennial Pink and Red this month, even paired pink with red.}

NOVEMBER {Layers, Burgundy, Red, Skinny Jeans and Skirts made up the 'symbols' of this month's outfits. I started wearing booties and boots and you saw some of my cold-weather hats. I did a lot of collaborations during this month, too. I wore a lot of casual outfits in November and only two dressy ones but I actually had the hardest time choosing my favorite dressy look between those two lol.}

NOVEMBER {Outfits get more glamorous, more fancied up, dressier and more sparkly this month. Some of my outfits - as every December - were shot by my Christmas Tree and I did my annual Holiday Home Tour too. Though I have 2 or 3 more looks to blog this month, I know hands down the outfits below are my favorites! What do you think?!}

Last but not least I have to finish it off with dessert and that is my princess Vivian. She is the icing, the whipped cream and the cherry on top of my life. Vivian was featured a lot on my blog in 2018, but my Favorite Vivian Post is the one below where I shared all about Vivian starting Kindergarten. This is a big milestone in her life but even in my life as her mom. I am so very proud of her. The post was filled with the cutest photos too and I loved her outfit so much. The unicorn is a big metaphor for what I want her to achieve in life. I want Vivian to dream big and realize all of those dreams!! Thank you for giving mommy the most loving year in 2018 my sweet girl, and it hasn't been an easy year - I have a huge post about that coming in January of the new year - but with Vivian next to me I have won the lottery, seriously! What a gem and a blessing she is!!

Since this was Christmas week, some of you haven't had time to link up with Thursday Moda. So, for your convenience I am leaving the linkup code below. Happy Linking and Happy Last Weekend of Two Thousand Eighteen!!