Friday, December 29, 2017

My Christmasy Candy Cane, Cocoa, Chocolate Truffles, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Hot Tea Bar.

A new year is upon us hours - just hours away. And I realize this post is quite late but better late then never I guess. When I shared my Christmasy Candy, Cocoa, Chocolate and Coffee before on the blog (last year and the previous December too) you loved it, so for your inspiration I am sharing it again this year. This time my Hot Drinks+Sweets bar is a Christmasy Candy Cane, Cocoa, Chocolate Truffles, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Hot Tea Bar.

Let's walk you through everything. The Cocoa+Chocolate+Coffee bar includes (from left to right): a snowman mug with a vanilla candle inside (which I forgot to light); a clear Mason jar filled with yummy, colorful, fruity-flavored candy canes; behind the candy cane jar I have a crystal sweets stand filled with Godiva goodies like chocolate-covered cookies, truffles and chocolate-covered pretzels; a jar of sugar; my collection of Christmas mugs (all 10 of them) and they are all different-patterned; a bottle of Liquer to add to your hot coffee drinks if you like; a large Christmasy tin filled with Danish butter cookies (love the snow village on top of the lid); a few  mini-sized bottles of Bailey's Irish Cream; a brown Mason glass jar filled with chocolate candy; the little dotted present bag has homemade cookies brought to us by our neighbors; a tin of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate, a tin of Nutella Cocoa; a jar of mini marshmallows; a shaker of cinnamon powder; a variety of Hot Tea bags; and some Lindor Truffles. As you can see there is something for everyone. It is the perfect Hot Cocoa bar because no one would leave away hungry for coffee or sweets.

Isn't that crystal stand filled with the Godiva chocolate goodies so pretty?! Decorating the hot cocoa area, on the left we have a Plaid-clad Santa holding a little plaid Christmas-tree pillow. On the right side of the bar we have our Bunn coffee machine, but I really want to invest on a Nespresso for next year cause I love drinks like espresso, macchiatto and cappuccino. Also, I laid all of the coffee mugs on a little white fringe towel embroidered with a Christmas tree - I have had it for years.

YUMMINESS!! Love the Danish butter cookies and the Lindor truffles the best! But those that know me well, also know that I love both hot tea and coffee and I have to have at least a cup of either, daily.

Little decorative towels can be found in different areas of our kitchen. I love these "Believe in Magic" embroidered towels. Because this is the season to believe in magic!

So, did you do a festive bar cart or a hot cocoa bar this year?! Do you like how mine came out?! I will definitely do a Valentine one too so stay tuned to see that in February.

Happy last few days of December and Cheers to a New Year!