Sunday, November 26, 2017

Pink and Cream for Fall - NOT Groundbreaking.

We are used to seeing pink and white or pink and cream for Spring, but for Fall, especially late Fall - not so much. That is why I titled this post: "Pink and Cream for Fall - NOT Groundbreaking". It is true, this is not a common color combo for this time of year (actually this was around October 30th when I wore it IRL - ending up the month of October honoring Breast Cancer Awareness month) but it would be a perfect outfit to wear for Tuesday since it will reach close to 60 degrees here in Michigan.

If you are counting my shades of pink, there are several of them. A nude-ish blush Soft Leather Satchel Bag, Fuchsia (and White) Patterned Cropped Pants, Polka-Dot Two Tone Button-Down Silk Shirt, Neon Pink Lipstick and Mauve Suede Loafers. But let's talk about the star of this outfit: that Gorgeous Cream Sweater with a built-in layer that looks like a chiffon blouse (you can see it from the back) even more. I love the sporty vibe of this sweater with the little navy stripes on the sleeves and hem. I bought it a few months prior to The Limited closing its doors forever.

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