Saturday, November 18, 2017

Street-Chic and Modern Athleisure Elegance for Thanksgiving.

This is one of the last outfits from The Common Threads Challenge that I am blogging and it dates from a month (or 5 weeks ago) or so - you see that warm sun shining in these photos. Clearly, if I were to wear this today I would need black opaque tights or fleece-lined tights and even a puffer coat over it - it is freezing nowadays. But I saved this outfit for now because I think it would be perfect for Thanksgiving. It is casual, street-chic, modern, fun, colorful yet neutral and with an athleisure twist to it. It is very comfortable and cozy yet has that slightly dressy feel to it due to those amazing Burgundy Satin Pom Pom Sneakers by Mossimo from Target. And if you are paying attention, I totally paid attention (you like that word game I just did?!) to the details to dress this up a little bit. My lips are berry - matching the cute sneakers - and I even added that Fun Dark Red Glass Cocktail Ring. And my Nude/Taupe Sunglasses go perfectly well with that Tan/Khaki Skirt which all looks fine with the Gold-Tone Dangly Metal Earrings that look like metallic feathers. I say this always but the little details can make or break an outfit, no?!

If you read my blog often you know I am a huge fan of the Who What Wear line at Target. It is my favorite brand they carry. It is very well-made, very affordable and very versatile too as there is something for everyone: office wear, casual styles, everyday mom wear, cocktail dresses, sheaths, blouses, sweaters, lounge wear and even some pieces that would be perfect for Holiday events (currently). My sweater is about a year old and only the first time I blog it, but I loved the unique style because it has a hood on the back and of course the fact that it was black+white with stripes makes it classic as far as color combinations go. I also love the fun big pocket in the middle which you can use to keep your hands warm if you like. The best part about this fun sweater is that the material is made of chenille and cotton, so it feels great on and it isn't very hard to wash either.

I just mentioned these Stunning Burgundy Satin Pom Pom Sneakers that are from the Mossimo line at Target. They also come in white and in black but yeah I definitely wanted this gorgeous shade of wine. Fun fact: I bought Vivian a pair of pom pom sneakers too (also at Target - from the Cat + Jack children's line) but hers are white with one white and one navy pom. However they are slightly big on her but I cannot wait to twin with my baby girl come Spring. I first saw the pom-pom shoe trend probably this Spring. I think the first pair of pom pom shoes I saw were these sleek, gorgeous and fun loafers. Then I saw them on sneakers - slip-on sneakers like mine - and after that I started seeing fun pom poms on the back of the boots or booties, over shoe-laces, on pumps and so on and so forth. So yeah, I guess I drank the Koolaid and bought me a pair. But I figured why not?! These are pretty, very inexpensive (under 30 bucks) and I love the rich color of Malbec which makes them perfect for Fall and for the holiday season, from Thanksgiving all the way through the New Year. I have worn them to work too with sweater dresses or a sheath and tights. I love that they are pretty dressy.