Saturday, November 11, 2017

When in Real Life an Outfit Doesn't Work.

Well today is the perfect example of when an outfit we whip up in our minds - thinking it will be cute and turn out great - doesn't translate good or cute in real life. I still have a few outfits not posted from The Common Threads Challenge and this is one of them, featuring my Infamous Ochre/Dark Mustard Chenille Cardigan. First of all, let me say something good about this outfit, I love all the Fall colors together. The sort of ombre effect caused between the nude, tan and mustard is great and mixing it in with merlot, yellow, grey and black worked out nicely - as far as a a color combination goes. 

But I would lie if I say that I like this outfit, especially after I saw myself in these photos. The layering is all wrong and bulky. I guess that is why this thick chenille cardigan didn't come with a belt. Because belting it makes it so bulky and adds pounds to my frame, even-though the belt I chose is super cute and trendy. Plus, I thought my Tie Dye Tan+Ivory Scoop-Neck Tee I have underneath would show and once I belted the cardigan, it didn't show so much. I think the Yellow/Black/Grey Blanket Scarf goes great with the Ochre Cardigan but again not in this particular outfit. Also, I pictured these Merlot/Burgundy Desert Booties with this look and nahh they didn't work so much. Overall I felt and looked a lot older in this look. I didn't feel like myself and I felt frumpy. But you win some and you loose some, I life to keep it real on the blog and post some of my not-so-great outfits, too, like this one. Sorry, not sorry!

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