Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Mauve Sweater and Common Threads Challenge Linkup #2.

I totally meant to have two outfits from the Common Threads Challenge on today's post but I am writing this super early in the morning and due to time I only had time to edit the photos of this particular outfit featuring my Distressed Step Hem Jeans and a Beautiful Mauve Cold-Shoulder Sweater. There will be a linkup for The Common Threads on the bottom of this post, too. This outfit is actually what I wore yesterday morning for car pull when I dropped Vivian to school. Early in the morning I did add one of my Colorful Colorblocked Plaid Blanket Scarves (as a wrap over the sweater) because it was chilly in the morning. But I didn't photograph it unfortunately. It was so dark and rainy outside that you get photos by my beautiful mantle, today. =) You can tell there wasn't a lot of natural light coming through our huge window either, due to the weather and time of the day, sorry about these pics.

Don't you love the pumpkins' decor?! It looks great with my Nude Patent Leather Ballet Flats, too. These Flats are new and I got them for a steal at Banana Republic. I will tell you the story about them on a different post.

When I started this challenge, I wanted to wear and utilize all of the pieces I purchased during Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale. This Gorgeous Mauve Cold-Shoulder Sweater by BP is one of them. I cannot find this online currently but BP has a Stunning Black Cold-Shoulder Sweater very similar to mine (right now) and I want it!! I love the ruffle detail on this sweater and the pretty color. I love how the soft pastel color of this sweater is between a blush and a mauve - perfect for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I am also wearing a light, soft pink lipstick. Wish I had on some blush and mascara though. Oh and I forgot a pair of earrings. Some studs would have felt great with this simple look. I feel naked without earrings lol.

Last week I didn't post any of my favorites on Thursday Moda's linkup, so these beautiful ladies featured are from two weeks ago. I love how these outfits are half Summer and half Fall. I will feature some of your looks next Wednesday too during the Common Threads linkup so please join the linkup below. Happy Hump Day!!
Shauna's 'Date Night Details' include the coziest grey fringe oversized poncho and lots of black leather. I love the edginess all the zippers add. The skirt and booties are fab!
Becky showed 3 ways to style the purple 'Lu La Roe Gigi' top but I loved it with the polka dot skirt and camel accessories. It is perfect for a teacher (which she is) and Fall (the current season).
The 'Turquoise Sunsets' and turquoise water match the turquoise beauty of a maxi dress that Shannon is wearing. I love a wrap dress any day, any season.
Lydia's red lace skirt is out of this world. 'Dry Clean Only' or not she doesn't let something as a silky blouse prevent her from wearing all the silk.