Sunday, October 1, 2017

Currently, October 2017.

September was and felt like the shortest month of 2017, so far. Gosh every month this year keeps going faster and faster. I was so busy in September with a new work schedule for myself and adjusting to a new lifestyle schedule in general, since Vivian started school 2 weeks ago and she loves it - she is doing great. Just like in August, I was able to only do about 16 posts in September (same as in August) which is fine, that is still blogging every other day pretty much. However, October will be a busy and post-heavy month, since I am also doing a clothing challenge which was started and created by the lovely ALEX of The Cheerful Closet. I will be joined by 5 other ladies who have done capsule challenges before. I will talk more about that throughout this post.

styling: the 5 pieces I chose for my October challenge - which is called "The Common Threads" challenge and this is how it works. All of us 6 ladies participating get to choose 5 different pieces (it can also be an accessory as one of the pieces, not just clothes) and wear at least one of those 5 pieces we chose, with other items from our wardrobe every day. That is creating 30 different outfits that will feel fresh and new but having those 5 core pieces to remix. It is a great idea to do a 30 for 30 type of challenge which I love to do without limiting your wardrobe and narrowing it down just to 30 pieces.Every Wednesday starting next week on October 4th, we will have a linkup too and anyone can join. The linkup will go live in all of our blogs. On Wednesday I will be sharing the 5 items I chose and the first two outfits I will be wearing for this challenge, so stay tuned. =)


saving: money - I am happy to say that I have been shopping a lot less and it has been great to save up in general. It is easier said than done - let me tell you. But with the holiday season coming up and Vivian's 5th birthday in January, I need to save my pennies.

 books to buy for an almost 5-year old. Vivi has been more and more into books lately and loves reading. If you have a toddler or young children between ages of 4-6 what are some books you would suggest for me to check out?! I plan on buying her a few books now and will be gifting her a bunch for Christmas, too.

picking: the other items/clothes to wear mostly through October for "The Common Threads" challenge. It looks like it will be a lot of my new items lately purchased from LOFT as well as my purchases from the #NSale from earlier this Summer. But I will be mixing and matching a lot of items I have had for a long time in my closet, as well. Last but not least you will see lots of Red - because Grenadine is the color of Fall 2017, and Pink - in honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month.

making: some Fall decor and decorations. I will blog those soon but my favorite seasons to decorate for are Pumpkin season and Christmas season, of course. 

Here is a walk down memory lane with outfits I have shared on the blog, during this time of the year, on previous years. You always love when I do recaps of previous looks so here they are for October. So, tell me your favorites!

In late Summer of 2014 I did a 30 for 30 remix challenge where I picked out 30 items (including shoes) to remix. This post shared outfits 29+30 where I styled an ever-versatile Denim Jacket with pencil skirts and beaded tanks (both times). Funny enough is that the Navy+White Diamond-Print, Tulip-Style Pencil Skirt (from the first outfit pictured above) was also one of the skirts I chose for my 30 for 30 Style Remix Challenge this Summer. The outfits above are a type of uniform for me. Black Bow Peep-Toe Sandals paired with Pencil Skirts, Beaded Tanks, a Bracelet Stack and topped with my Medium-Wash Blue Denim Jacket. I even wore my hair the same both times with one of my many headbands - also a signature accessory for me. I love these outfits and I would wear these over and over again because they are classy, stylish and very put-together. I will do one of these for Fall 2017 to be blogged this October - stay tuned.

Another remix outfit post featuring this Hunter Green+Navy Striped Ponte Dress by Old Navy. Old Navy always has the best ponte striped dresses and comes up with new ones each season. I styled this one from late Summer (left photo) to Fall (right picture). Both looks are quite different and unique making the dress look different each time. I remember I had just purchased this colorblocked dark neutral poncho in September 2015 and loved it - I couldn't wait to wear it. I wore it a lot that year and I plan to do so in 2017 and early 2018 (for Winter), too. I love the Fall outfit with this striped dress. If you check out the posts from this week, you will see a bunch of striped dresses, all styled differently.

We had some hot Summery days in September and early October last year - just like this year. Actually next week we are supposed to have some warm days in the 70s again - Indian Summer you all. I did this head to toe blue outfit and I absolutely loved how it came out. Those Strappy Suede Slide Sandals are both cute and comfy and that is the prettiest, softest Wrap Style Chambray Shirt - need to wear that soon. The Classic Panama Hat and Blue Mirrored Sunglasses were the perfect accessories.

What are you up to this October?! LOFT did a surprise sale this Sunday and they are extending it through Tuesday October 3rd. They have the best sweaters, leggings, skirts and sweatshirts right now. Everything is 50% off including sale items, oh and they are doing free shipping. Hurry and shop one of my most favorite brands. My next post will feature all Loft items in a try-on I did and with all of my haul. Stay tuned. =)

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