Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Pom Poms, Ruffles, Floral Embroidery and Tassels.

So I have been a little absent from here lately and mostly took the entire Labor Day weekend off from the blog, from commenting or engaging with my fellow bloggers. Today it is only between 51 to 54 degrees here. It was freezing out despite my jeans and sweatshirt but I am not ready to let Summer go yet. We still have some warm days up in the horizon and I will be showing mostly Summery outfits until September 22nd which is the official start of Fall. Speaking of Fall, schools start today here in Michigan, on September 5th. But anyhow, this is one of the million Summer outfits I wore that forgot to be blogged. And to tell you the truth at least 20 outfits I wore this Summer weren't even photographed, that is why you never saw the end of my Summer 30 for 30 capsule #fail on my part. This Flirty, Girly Skirt was also a part of my capsule pieces and last minute I almost added this Cropped, Knotted Embroidered Chambray Shirt from SheIn also. Such a cute shirt. It reads vacation. Kept my hair in a low bun, added a Bright Fuchsia Lipstick and kept the rest simple since I was already wearing Bright Beaded Sandals - my most worn sandals of Summer 2017, hands down. I love how these Black+White Tassel Earrings with the dropping beads look.