Friday, July 21, 2017

Third Thursday Thoughts (on a Friday): The #NSale.

OK, so I started writing this post last night on Thursday to be clear and there are a million thoughts going in my mind, but I am going to try to keep it on point here. Thanks ahead for reading.

- Before we get to the #NSale, a little update on Vivian. As you know, this past Tuesday she underwent a tooth surgery and was under anesthesia for a few hours. The surgery went well and my little girl was brave and strong the whole time. But of course she was in a lot of pain (and still is) after and she is taking penicillin now and will do so for about 10 days. She also had a little bit of fever on Tuesday and Wednesday and mostly laid down in bed the whole time, no energy. Because there were quite a few fillings she had to get done, some of which for the front teeth or molars she uses to eat and bite with, the first day she almost ate nothing. Just orange juice and water for my baby. The next day was a little bit better. I will be honest, she is a very bad and very picky eater. She eats very little in general and the last couple of months (perhaps because of all her tooth pain, she has been eating very little). Usually she has alternated between toast with butter, French toast and a little bit of yogurt, a few fruits (like apples and bananas) and some apple juice or orange juice. I really hope within a month or so, after her teeth don't hurt anymore, she starts eating back like she used to, her regular daily meals and all the other foods she loved. Fingers crossed. Please pray for her! It makes it hard on me too. I want my child to eat well and be healthy!

- Now let's talk about the #NSale that everyone and their mother is talking about. To tell you the truth I am kind of sick of it already and it didn't even open to the whole public until this morning. I have never even seen more hype, more advertising by bloggers, more blog posts and Instagram posts, giveaways and stories done on the Nordstrom's anniversary sale as I have this year. Maybe because I was a newbie to Instagram last year as I had just opened it so I didn't notice it (I was following a few people too), but I have never seen as many posts by a blogger on any sale EVER as I have this year. Do you all agree?! To tell you the truth, so many of these people's lists are very similar or the same: lots of jeans, sweaters, boots+booties, jackets+coats and a few beauty items, scarves and some dresses. One thing I do appreciate is that a lot of these bloggers, especially the big-name bloggers or those who have thousands of followers did their homework well and took their time and dedication to create these lists or do these try-on sessions, whether live, on YouTube or posted on their blogs. I always appreciate hard work from a fellow blogger. 

- What I found kind of annoying and not realistic or normal (and again this isn't from everyone, just the big bloggers mostly) is the amount of clothes they tried on, probably between 50-150 pieces and how much they purchased. Several of these people purchased between $1000 to $3000 amount of clothes with the intention of keeping it all. That is crazy. This budgeting mama doesn't have money for that. What I find even more weird is how several of these bloggers bought so many pieces not to keep them but just to try them on for their followers. They want to return at least half of them. What is the point of that?! I get that they want to do their try-ons and have as many links clicked as possible, but why buy items you don't intend to keep or wear. Items are selling super fast as it is, especially popular sizes, why take those sizes away from people who might want to purchase them for real, just for the sake of trying them out and adding a million affiliate links to your posts and Instagram?! It makes it even harder on those people who don't have a Nordstrom card (like myself) and cannot shop until Friday morning (today) or later. I just don't get it. 

- On the other side, there are several bloggers whom I love, follow and whose opinions I trust that worked hard to bring the best picks and best items to buy at this sale and I think their genuine work will show and those are the ones whose links will be clicked the most. Will I believe someone who has a long try on session of whatever designer/brand/store 4-7 times a week, which therefore makes the #NSale look just like any other try-on session they have daily?! Or will I trust someone who purchased items they genuinely love from the #NSale and have already worn and styled them for us to see?! I don't think I or you have to answer that.

- Now, as far as what will I buy or how am I shopping the Nordstrom sale: I actually woke up around 6.00 AM this morning to add to my shopping bag, several (not all) of my wish-list items. Like most of you, I love and want a lot of things but that is not realistic, I don't have money for all of that and my closet doesn't need a million things, either. I have been saving money lately specifically for this sale and this sale only. In mind, I had some boots/booties, a couple of new sweaters, a fun top or two, some jeans and a maxi wrap dress I have seen and loved on several bloggers. I was also shopping for some shoes (specifically a pair of Natives, at least) for Vivian. So, even-though the sale had only been open for a few hours, several of the items I had wish-listed were already sold out in my size. Unfortunately my size 6.5 or 7 for shoes and my size Small for clothes are always very popular. I decided some of those items weren't meant to be so I went ahead and ordered the rest. Except, the website doesn't give you a ship-to-store option which I know Nordstrom offers. So, I got in touch with an associate online to chat and she told me to call the store where I wanted my items shipped to and make my purchase through a sales associate. Now, you can imagine how busy a Nordstrom store is on the first day of the #NSale public access but I finally did call around 11.00 and placed my order. 

- The two ladies I spoke to were wonderful (Nordstrom is always known for their great customer service) and were trying to locate these items (even ones that were sold out online) through their own store, the website and through other stores. I got a phone call back and I finally gave them my card information. They are still looking to locate my items in hopes of finding everything I was shopping for. I yet don't know how many of these items I am receiving or what the sales associate was able to locate for me, but I do know that I will get a convenient text message and email back to keep me updated and find out what was charged in my card and what was not. The best thing is that I can pick ALL of these items at my close-by store the moment they have all arrived and I can try them on when they are there and decide to keep, return or exchange sizes for any of them. Would you guys be interested on a fitting room try-on session when I finally make it to the sore after all my items arrive?! Let me know and I will do one for you and I promise to be very honest with each piece. I will tell you all about the material, the sizing, the fit, how they feel, are they worth the price, etc. etc.

- Now, last year from the sale I only purchased 5 items, 3 of which are featured on my outfits below. I had in mind a leather (faux leather) jacket to add to my Fall/Winter closet and I picked up not one but two great Faux Leather Jackets. 2017's version of my Blanc NYC Black Moto Jacket can be found here and it is part of this year's Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale. I cannot rave about this jacket enough, plus so many other bloggers have it and everyone I have seen looks great in theirs. So, if you are in the market for a price-friendly, goes-with-everything, well-made, edgy yet classy black moto jacket this is the one. Nordstrom has perfectly named it the life-changer jacket. They are right!

Outfit worn last Fall for a Fall Wedding.

Outfit worn early Fall last year for a day off spent with Vivian (it was raining that day so these photos are not good).

- I am going back to work today after having all week off (took some time off to be with my sick Viv). I also have to go back to work tomorrow and make up for some lost time. I have so much work to do. Next week will be a busy one for me. It feels weird to go back to work today after not being there for almost an entire week. 

Sorry about all my ramblings today, but thank you for those who read this. I hope you enjoy this weekend and if you get to the crowds at Nordstrom, I hope you get everything you hope for and it is a smooth and pleasant shopping experience, for you!