Friday, May 19, 2017

Third Thursday Thoughts (on a Friday), May 2017.

OK, so it is Friday today but I started thinking and writing this post yesterday, on the third Thursday of May. First of all, can you even believe this is the 3rd Thursday of May?! The way 2017 is going, we are almost half way there. We will be scrapping our cars off of snow and wrapping Christmas presents before we know it. Here is a big dump for this Third Thursday Thoughts, on a Friday.

- I also mentioned in my last post, that I have had a busy week at home. So I have done some (but not as much as I'd like to) Spring cleaning, purging and organizing. If you guys follow me on Insta Stories (and you should :-]]), you may have seen that I tackled (most) of Vivian's closets the other day. I purged a lot of things, I set a bunch aside to give away, I set some aside to re-think them and then I stored the Winter stuff in boxes and bags and I started organizing her Summer clothes into the drawers in categories like leggings in one, skirts in another, long-sleeve tees in another, socks in another one, underwear and accessories in another one and short-sleve t-shirts in another. Ditto for her dresses. I folded her casual dresses into drawers and hung up, organized and looked over all of her dressy or fancy dresses. I cannot wait to donate all of Vivian's clothes and shoes that don't fit her anymore. I am giving them away to some of my mommy friends and acquaintances and most of them will be given away to Vivian's 2 year old cousin who is flying with her parents for the first time in USA tomorrow (to live here for good).

- I have also tackled some of my wardrobe but I have more than one closet and several dressers so I am trying to get to them some by some. I have already purged several boxes most of which will be donated to Good Will and Salvation Army but there are some that are nicer, trendier, more stylish etc. that I want to sell. Let's see how much luck I have at Clothes Mentor. I am also looking at Thred Up and Poshmark Closet as options. Have you guys sold your gently-used clothes online, before?! Have you used Thred Up or Poshmark, if so please let me know of your experiences. Thank you. I need to know your honest opinions and reviews, please. I know that I have way too many things and I need to get rid of a lot more still. I need to be more ruthless with my closet. For example I have a ton of dresses, tops and jackets in great condition that I have had in my closet for 7 to 15 years (don't judge!) and I haven't worn in quite a while, but I can't seem to let them go because of their well-kept condition or because they are still stylish or I think I might still wear them etc. (I am talking about items that fit). I have an easier time with bottoms especially pants and skirts. I think this has to do partially with the fact that through the years most of my pants or jeans don't fit, some are smaller but some are even bigger. And of course some I don't think of as stylish at all. Truth is, I have a lot of dresses, blouses, shirts, tops, blazers and jackets that I wear which have mostly been bought and accumulated over the last couple of years, so I don't need to hold on to ones from years ago that are collecting dust and taking very valuable real estate in my closet. I need to make more room for what I have and love. Right?!

- On a completely different and unrelated subject, you guys am I alone or in the minority when it comes to starting TV shows and not continue to watch them?! I have done this so often with so many series, most of which I have usually just watched the first two seasons, such as: Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Parenthood, Revenge, Desperate Housewives, How to Get Away with Murder, The Fosters, etc.?! Last year alone I started several new shows like Quantico, Madam Secretary, The Catch and Blindspot, but some I only watched the entire first season of and some just the first half of the first season. The thing is I loved them all. But due to time restraints I couldn't continue them. However now that my two current favorites "Wentworth" and "Prison Break" are ending soon (and I need to catch up on the last few episodes of "Scandal"), I want to binge-watch some of my favorites that I used to watch on Netflix. I think my top 3 in the list for now are: Gossip Girl, Revenge and How to Get Away with Murder. So why have I fallen so behind on so many shows you ask?! Well first and foremost life gets in the way. There are never enough hours in a week. And, in my defense every year there are many new shows that premiere which I want to watch, several of which I start watching and end up loving. Plus there are some reality shows that I watch religiously yearly or twice a year, like The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, Master Chef, Project Runway and Big Brother. Speaking of The Bachelorette and Big Brother, both are starting soon. I am so excited that Rachel is the new bachelorette. I loved her on the last Bachelor and yeay finally a Black American girl to hand out the roses. And Big Brother is my Summer Guilty Pleasure. It is almost 20 seasons through and I have only missed two seasons in total. It is also probably the only competition reality TV show I'd ever be able to do or that I would want to participate in, if I ever applied for a reality show - which I probably never will.

- Our temperatures dropped about 40 degrees today and I am not lying or exaggerating. I am one of those human beings that talks a lot about weather and even do so with my husband which he hates. But I am also a style blogger and weather affects me more than most women, especially when it comes to picture taking. For real though, on Wednesday our temperatures were as high as 87 degrees, it dropped just a few degrees by Thursday and today on Friday we woke up to a very cool and windy 47 degrees. My Insta stories are proof of it also LOL. This is Michigan after all - we are known for ever-changing and unpredictable weather. We have had such strange weather this month.

- It dawned on me that it is May 19th today and the 19th is a special number for me. First and foremost today is exactly 4 years and 4 months since my pretty in pink princess Vivian was born and next month June 19th, I celebrate my wedding anniversary too and believe it or not, it will be a dozen years this year. 12 years - God that feels so long ago. We were practically babies. I hadn't even graduated college yet. But yeah speaking of the 19th I never did an update of Vivian's 4th birthday. I haven't celebrated any of her half birthdays but I think I might get her a cupcake and a mini candle for her half birthday this year and finally do a recap of her 4th and 4 and a half birthday. Better late than never, right?!

- I am about to start a limited capsule wardrobe, similar to the 30 for 30 remixes I have done before and blogged about (the last one was about 2-3 years ago, by the way, in Fall of 2014) but at the same time a little different. This time around - it is my second Spring capsule remix I have ever done - I will focus on 2-3 base colors which will make mixing and matching outfits much easier. I don't plan to include the shoes in my 30 pieces, but rather 30 clothing items excluding any accessories and I plan on creating 40 outfits with my 30 pieces and will try my best to have all 40 outfits posted within 6 weeks starting with the last week of May, on the 28th. I plan on starting wearing these outfits IRL next week (I have set aside about 24 out of my 30 items so far and have yet to settle or decide on the last 6) and I hope my week is not super busy and I take as many OOTD photos of each outfit as possible, otherwise I need to re-wear some on Sundays when I usually have a little bit more time for Outfit Photos. I will post more about this sometime next week, too.

- I am looking for co-hosts for Thursday Moda. It is absolutely free and a great way to expose your blog to new readers and grow your following, more. Usually about 110 ladies linkup each week and my linkup is always growing and adds new members weekly. Let me know if you'd like to co-host with me sometime and we can e-mail each other the details and set up some dates. Thank you. My e-mail address is at my contact box of my profile.

- I had a great Mother's Day this year. I spent all afternoon with my favorite two ladies which make my title as a 'mom' more meaningful and special: my mom and my daughter. It was such a beautiful day in the late 60s/early 70s and our late afternoon/evening couldn't have been more perfect and relaxed - I even captured some of it in pictures and videos via my Instagram and my Facebook - for those of you who follow me. We ended the day with frozen yogurt and fruit crepes. I even got to wear a cute outfit (photo below) and my favorite nude shoes. The outfit may seem familiar to you because it is very similar to my head to toe Serenity Blue look. I even wore the same periwinkle blue cardigan and another pair of patterned skinny pants. Unfortunately, this is the only full head to toe outfit picture I took, but you can still shop my outfit on the widget below the picture.

I wanted to end today's super long post on a sweet note with a sweet picture of me and my mom that we took on Mother's Day this year. So here it is. And sorry not the best photo since it is snapped with my phone and guys I need a new phone (badlyyyyyy). What smart phone do you use and/or suggest?!
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