Saturday, April 1, 2017

Weekend Wants: Easter Dresses for Vivian.

Hi Guys. Happy April and welcome to the first full month of Spring! I made it a full month without shopping. Hooray for me!! Besides a couple of food/coffee treats here and there, I did no shopping for myself, Vivian or anyone else in my family and I even returned everything on my last shopping trip from February. I have a gift card from Loft and one from Toys R' Us I will probably use this April, but rather than that I have no plans of shopping again with the exception of picking an Easter basket of goodies for Vivian.

Speaking of Easter, it is only two weeks away. Which means pastel colors, trips to see the big bunny and Easter dresses are on my mind (even if it is just window shopping for me). More than for myself, for Easter especially I love to shop for a dress for Vivian. I found so many adorable options which you can see on the collage below. While I love the Lilly Pulitzer Shift, to round up my top 5, I also am in love with the Adorable Bunny Sweater Dress, the Fuchsia + Purple Fancy Dress, the Ruffled LWD (do they have that on mom's size?!) and of course that Pretty Daisy Dress. Lucky for Vivian she already has her brand-new Easter dress purchased for her by her very generous and knows-about-fashion uncle (my brother), and it is the most beautiful white+pink dress with an oversized eyelet floral pattern and you will see my adorable Vivian soon, in it. We will probably shoot some Easter-inspired posts starting tomorrow, actually. Stay tuned. ;-)

Beautiful Garden

What is coming up on the blog this April?!
Lots of Bright Colorful Outfits, Easter Styles, some Mommy+Me Easter Dresses and a Special Easter Collaboration with some other mommy bloggers and their adorable tots. What else?! A 'Currently' post sometime next week, a few colder weather looks, a couple of lifestyle and weekend (what to do) posts and even a recipe or two; also (very very late but still) a recap of Vivian's 4th birthday which was in January. Also in April, I want to start doing an Instagram/Instagram stories recap post and hopefully do one of those monthly, every 4-5 weeks. 

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