Sunday, March 5, 2017

Fit+Flare Fendi.

Exactly a month ago I posted an old outfit you had never seen before. Today I am doing the same. I have previously blogged this Fendi Dress before, almost exactly 5 years ago actually - when I first started blogging. But I had very few readers then so I bet almost none of you have seen it. I will continue to do similar posts like these before because A] I have never blogged these outfits though have worn them and have photographed them or B] I will re-blog outfits from my first couple of years of blogging (Like I am doing today), where I had very very few readers compared to what I have now. I will probably do these posts once a month on Mondays. However, the outfits I will post will be relevant to the current month and to what's in style/on trend still. I hope you like them. 

Fit+Flare Dresses have been all the rage the last couple of years or so. Nowadays (meaning the last two years) women wear them to work, on weekends, for brunch, for luncheons, to showers and even with their sneakers. Actually I have seen them over skinny jeans and even distressed denim, too. They are not left just for fancy dinners, cocktail parties and weddings anymore. I remember this silhouette has always been considered feminine and classic but perhaps not as much on trend as it has become lately. Well in the 2011-2012 Winter season, I found this dress for around 49 bucks (new, of course) at a little boutique in Tirana (Albania), that was running out of business. I picked it up and saw that it was actually made by Fendi. Of course, it made me want to buy it even more. The dress is a thick ponte material in a neutral taupe color. Also, the sides of the skirt are a little shorter than the front or the back, a hi-lo Mohawk if you know what I mean. For this particular look I shot here, I wore this exact outfit to my office and later to a fancy restaurant with my husband. The dress is short, but by choosing opaque black tights to pair it with, made it work-appropriate. What makes this dress magnificent actually is that gorgeous ruffled flower applique over one shoulder. It is in a crinkly silk material with tiny black beads around it. And look how long and black my hair was back then. 

This outfit is relevant to today because it is still very much Wintery outside so keep wearing those thick opaque tights. Fit+Flare styles are very on trend still and last but not least floral appliques and other floral intricate details were all over the runways this Spring season. I just wish I had this dress in my current closet in 2017. It is packed away in Albania. If you owned this dress, how would you style it this year?!

It is funny that I am caressing my belly here. We were trying for a baby then and about a month later or so we got pregnant. Yes these photos are that old - before Vivi was born.
Silver-Tone Beaded Earrings w/ Light Blue Teardrop Stone: c/o a Boutique in Albania (statement option, Huge Steal, my Favorite), (similar, Steal, love these), (similar, Great Deal).
Silver+Royal Blue Crystal Beaded, Pave Stretchy Bracelet: a Boutique in Albania (similar gorgeous option, Steal, my Favorite), (similar, on Sale), (similar, Small Splurge, love this).
Black Suede Pointy Booties + Patent Leather Cap Toes w/ Skinny Heels (not pictured): Nine West (similar, on Sale), (similar, Great Deal, my Favorite), (quite similar, Small Splurge, love these).