Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Thursday Moda #50: A Collaboration - 5 Bloggers Celebrate Valentine's Day.

Welcome to the 50th week of Thursday Moda, how is that for a round-up anniversary?! I cannot believe it will soon be exactly one year that I have started the Thursday Moda linkup which has gone strong each week I might add, thanks to all of you. 

To celebrate my 50th milestone and once again in honor of Valentine's Day, today I have another Valentine-Inspired Collaboration with 4 of my very stylish blogging buddies (pictured on the collage right above), whom I have contributed with before for New Year's Eve as well as some of them for last year's Valentine Collab. I am so grateful to have them join me again this month for another Valentine Collaboration, the third in a row, too. Yesterday, one of my blogging babes from today's collab Monica got a dozen of us for her own Valentine's Day Collaboration while on the previous post I collaborated with Rachel and our gorgeous daughters, to show you how two moms celebrate Casual Valentine's. The Mommy+Mini posts return on Friday, by the way. 

Last year, I also shared a Work-Inspired Outfit that one can wear for Valentine's Day, except last year it was all about Red+Leopard with some Black and this year I went for a Subtle, Feminine, Baby Pink or Rose Quartz. When these photos were taken, it was in the mid 40s so the (thin) Nude Stockings worked just fine. I did wear a coat for the outside of course. I must say it is the accessories that make this outfit. Instead of a necklace I also opted for two mini flower brooches and the flower in my hair brought some bright jewel tones since it was in emerald, royal blue and purple. Everyone else looks stunning too. Each look is so different and expressed the ladies personalities. I love Sheela's Pewter Tiered Dress but my favorite outfit is Linda's. Her Red Tulle Maxi Skirt is gorgeous and she she styled it so well. Check out their outfits and read on below to see what the ladies said about Valentine's Day.

“Love must be celebrated on a daily basis. And not just for your other person but expressed towards everyone you love.  Corny, I know, but really really true.  It just makes life all that much better.”

"Hey Everyone!  I'm Monica from Jersey Girl, Texan Heart.  First and foremost, thank you Ada for this awesome collab!  I decided to keep it a little simple and mysterious for Valentine's Day.  Of course I love dressing up, but sometimes I want to be a little more casual.  OTK boots, a whole black outfit with a pop of red is my way to go this year!  You can find me on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter!"

"Valentines Day in the North calls for innovation in the outfit.  Luckily my New Chic skirt arrived in time to inspire a winter ballerina look."

"My Valentine's day will consist of a half day of work - enter this Rose Quartz (or blush) Midi Dress for a subtle festive pink, which I paired with some fierce black pumps - and spending the rest of the day with my daughter, since my husband is currently not in town. Vivian and I will probably go for a play-date at Chuck E. Cheese, which for that I will be dressed festively comfortable. Happy Valentine's Day to you! It is a day to celebrate love and not just with your significant other."

"Wine and Couture is a Life and Style Blog that I started over 4 years ago.  It has grown and changed over the years into a fun and amazing place to style and restyle your clothing as well as investing in classic pieces.  Today I am sharing some ideas on what to do for Valentine's day that is low key.  Some of these are things my husband and I have done in the past.  Stop by my blog to read more and please leave a comment."

Last Thursday for the linkup while there were several outfits that were Wintery, some hinted at Spring and others were inspired by Valentine's day. As you will see from this week's favorites, lots of you wore blush, red, cream, burgundy and pink which are all great colors for the month of love. I was also attracted to lots of pretty oversized sleeves too, as you will see.
This week's featured blogger is TAMARA from Style in Harmony, an elegant expectant mom which linked this Romantic Rose Quartz Blouse that she paired with black skinny jeans and colorblocked leopard pumps. I think this outfit is perfectly polished for work on Valentine's day (hello pumps!) and we both think that a light shade of pink is pretty and subtle enough to wear to work on Valentine's day. We are both carrying nice classic leather bags, too. I have only followed Tamara for about 6-7 months but I love her style, it is sophisticated and so harmonious like the name of her blog hints. If you haven't yet, check out Tamara's blog and make sure you congratulate her on being a first-time mom, soon. Congratulations Tamara!!

Chanda's pretty red bag is the perfect 'Poppy' among a sea of neutrals. Her hi-lo gray skirt is so classy and that is the perfect cream down coat, for Winter.
I am a huge fan of Mommy+Me looks and smiling Sandy and her daughter duo look adorable in those gorgeous burgundy bell-bottom 'Velvet Pants'.
Tiffany's smile is as bright as her red and pink outfit. Love her slip of a lace skirt in romantic ivory. She is chic in this 'Romantic Valentine's Day Look'.
Grace shows off a gorgeous 'Zuri Collection' necklace paired with a lacy bell-sleeve black blouse, a blush watercolor skirt and those stunning rockstuds.
Jordan rocks pants and this time she shows off a sexy and smart bourdeaux pantsuit, which is a 'Color' that is strong and sexy yet not overpowering.
Cindy gets us closer to Spring in this baby pink 'Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress' which she paired with the most gorgeous floral crown with large white flowers.

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