Saturday, January 21, 2017

Reflections and Fashions.

Hi guys. How was your weekend? We have a little get-together about Vivian this Sunday, since she celebrated her 4th birthday. We have some family members coming over.

Anyway, I rarely write about politics in here, my focus is fashion and family but you know it is my blog so I can write about politics if I feel like it.

I am against the Women's March on Washington "revolution" (if I can call it that) that is currently happening in many large cities of USA: Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston etc. Yes I am a woman, a feminist even. Yes, I appreciate and stand up for women everywhere. I do not support men that treat women unfairly, or who consider women like sex objects etc. I am also an immigrant, who like most immigrants that have come to USA, is here to live her American dream, especially since several years ago, I am proud to say that I hold an American citizenship. I have voted every time there has been an election, heck I even voted from another country. To tell you the truth, I am not even a republican, I am a democrat. I am one of the millions who voted for Hillary.

So then why am I against the Women's March on Washington you say?! First of all, in my opinion these marches do not accomplish anything. A new president was chosen in November and he took his oath on January 20th. Whether there are 75 or 750.000 women marching on any giving large city in USA, it won't change things. We will still wake up with Donald Trump as our president. But my main reasons why I am against the march is indeed humane reasons. I am an American, a proud American actually and I want this country to succeed. If I was against Trump, then I would be against America. If I wanted Trump to fail as a president, then I would be OK with America failing. And I am not. I want America to become a better country each year. I want our country to succeed. I want America to have more jobs, less crimes, more peace, less fatalities. I want America to have a better healthcare system and less people on welfare. I wish for everyone to have a job and be able to pay their bills and secure everyday meals for their kids. I wish for better schools and a better education system, so that we can raise generations of smarter, healthier, more intelligent, better-educated, less ignorant children. I want America to be better all-around because I live here and even more importantly my daughter lives here. I want this country to become a place that is safe for my child. I want to feel that there are people we have elected who can protect us and troops who can keep us safe from enemies and terrorists.

In my opinion, these marches did not accomplish anything at all. They add to the hate, and malice; they encourage spite and revenge. They also clearly didn't portray all women. It was mostly women that participated in these marches but those millions of women do not represent me personally. They do not represent any women in my family or most of my female friends, because they also feel the same way as I do. No, we are not indifferent to what is happening, neither are we blind or deaf but we choose to continue our lives without protesting against something that only encourages hate and spite. We choose to walk with our heads held up high and take each day as it comes, not pre-judging what may be or judging who our chosen president is, but instead continue to be proud of this country and helping to keep it safe and peaceful. These protests and marches do nothing to bring peace, quite the opposite. Truth is, no chosen president ever had only supporters. Not everyone is a fan of Trump just like everyone would not be a fan of Ms. Clinton. But I bet as Americans we all are (and should be) a fan of America. By doing nothing (i.e. not agreeing or participating in these marches), I am not saying that my voice doesn't matter or my opinion doesn't count. I choose peace and I choose to believe that Trump wants what's best for this country.

So no, I am not against Trump just like Obama isn't against him. Any good politician out there would want Trump to succeed and even help if they could, because if they are good politicians, they would fight to keep our country safe and help to secure that America has a better future and I truly believe that's what Trump will do, too. Why do we have to fight him if we all want the same thing - to live in a better and much more improved America?! Also, before making any judgments, let's give the man a chance for God's sake. Trump hasn't even been a president for 48 hours yet. OK?! End of rant.

Since we are talking about Trump, didn't all the women in his life look beautiful during his special day of Inauguration?! This is a fashion blog after all, so let's end this post on a light note and focus on some fashion.

Melania Trump's Looks:
Hands-down my Most Favorite Outfit Melania wore during the Inauguration weekend was this Baby Blue Midi Dress + Cropped Jacket by Ralph Lauren with matching Suede Gloves and Pumps. Her pulled hair in an updo was fresh and elegant and she kept it sophisticated with Simple Studs. She definitely channeled Jackie Kennedy in this look. It was so classy, polished, lady-like and classic.

The new first lady is wearing a Stunning Off-Shoulder White Gown by HervĂ© Pierre that she helped to design for the Inaugural Ball. The dress had a simple thin Red Ribbon Belt around the waist, her long hair in smooth waves and once again some Classic Studs for jewelry. The frothy 3D ruffle across the front of her dress is a very pretty detail.

For the National Prayer Service on Saturday, Melania wore a Classic Black Belted Coat with Navy Blue Pumps, while her husband - the new president - matched up in a Long Black Coat, Black Trousers and a Navy+Blue Striped Tie.

Ivanka Trump's Looks:
Ivanka didn't disappoint either during her father's oath ceremony on Washington. Her White Asymmetrical Blazer and Trousers by Oscar de La Renta made for a Beautiful, Modern Outfit. Her kids look so elegant and fancy too - I love their coats. The three of them are wearing all of America's colors altogether: Red, White and Blue. Super chic and patriotic.

This Gold Beaded Carolina Herrera Gown was glistening and gorgeous on the stunning Ivanka. I loved that the gown had long sleeves and her Diamond Drop Earrings are beautiful. Ivanka and her husband made one beautifully-dressed, elegant couple at the Inaugural Ball.

For the National Prayer Service, Ivanka is rocking head to toe Burgundy in another Oscar De La Renta Look. The Leather Gloves, Velvet Coat Dress and Polished Headband made the entire look both feminine and modern at the same time.

I cannot wait to see both of these women's fashions in the next four years because I am sure we will be seeing some gorgeous, elegant outfits from them both, while Donald Trump is the president, especially since both have been involved with fashion for several years. I loved Michelle Obama's Classy Style and I have a feeling the new first lady won't disappoint, either.

Last but not least, since I didn't have time to do it on my last Thursday Moda, below are my 5 Most Favorite Looks from previous week's Thursday Moda linkup. If I could use just one word to describe the 5 following ladies, that word would be "fancy". These outfits couldn't be any more different, but even the most casual of these outfits is fancied up by a Pretty Floppy Hat.
Kim's navy 'Velvet Trim Dress' is figure-flattering from every angle. She kept the whole ensemble blue by pairing it with fun fringe electric blue stilettos.
Lee is 'Classic with a Poncho'. Her colorblocked tan+black pumps match her Western-print shawl and the sunglasses are sharp, literally!
Sarah's 'Twist on the Little Black Dress' is pure elegance, with a ball-gown bow skirt paired with a sheer polka dot blouse and a classic updo. It would be perfect for a Winter Wedding.
Kristin shows us the right way to wear 'Winter Floral' mixing her navy floral little dress with more neutrals: nude hat, gray tights+gray oxford booties and a camel tote.
On 'Day One' of 2017, my dear friend Lorena looked her usual chic dressy self, mixing a B+W striped pencil skirt with a tucked-in red wrap blouse. Love that embroidered, colorful floral belt she added.

You can still join my last Thursday Moda linkup if you haven't already. You may be featured next week. Also, a new linkup will be live next Wednesday on January 25th at 6.00 PM Eastern time.

Have a great new week ahead, everyone!