Thursday, January 5, 2017

Currently, January 2017.

...And just like that we left behind another year and here we are at the first month of a new year. Welcome January! Welcome 2017! Doing the monthly "currently" linkups with ANNE from In Residence, is a favorite monthly post for me to write. I like the prompts this month. OK, let's see what I am up to/aiming to achieve this January 2017.

(Photo is of Crystal Lake Beulah, Michigan taken during a January.)

gathering: at the last Holiday gathering of the season, just last night, at my cousin's and his wife. We even took a few photos. Their home was so gorgeous and cozy all decorated for the holidays. And they are great hosts, too. If you follow me on Instagram (which you should... and Thank You), you might have seen a couple of pics/videos from last night, of us at my cousins' on my Insta stories.

making: mental lists, quite a few of them. But I am a human after all so I need to write some of those lists down at my new notebook and put my new 2017 planner to good use. Also, I want to get into a more normal schedule on the blog. It will probably happen by February or at the latest March but I hope to get there soon.

sipping: (right now when I am writing this actually) coffee with Baileys Irish cream on it. I treat myself to this warm grown-up drink every now and then for breakfast or late afternoon, and since I am home this morning, why not! Speaking of sipping things, I will be sharing with you my coffee, tea, hot cocoa, cookies, candy and chocolate bar, soon. Most likely January will be a post-heavy month here on the blog.

following: Several new-to-me Instagram accounts (some fashion, some mommy bloggers, some lifestyle and some organizing/DIY ones), but my favorite of all is Lauraiz. This new mom has the cutest baby girl ever and does so many fantastic, creative, artistic photo-shoots of her little girl, at least weekly. She has recently been featured on some magazines too. If you don't follow her yet, do so, you won't be disappointed. I also love her little videos and Insta Stories she posts on her Instagram. Seeing her baby in motion is so cute, Laura's baby girl is just the cutest!

resolving: to make healthier choices in 2017. And I don't mean just eating healthy. After loosing about 7 lbs this Fall I may have gained 2 or 3 back from the yummy eating I did over the holiday season. I want to eat healthier this year: more fruits, more vegetables, more grilled protein, more fish, more chicken, less red meat, less desserts and more natural/organic or freshly-prepared juices that I make myself on a juicer/blender. I also want to drink more water and do water detoxes with fruits and veggies too. Also, once the days start getting longer, I plan on starting out a gym membership (again) and stick to it this time. I resolve to make better choices when it comes to shopping too: quality over quantity. I will soon compile a list of 10-15 items my closet needs this year. I am still working on it. It has to be curated just right. With that said I want to spend a lot less this year, not just for me, but for my daughter too. I vow to make the first month of each quarter this year, a shop-free month, therefore I am banned to shop this January as well as on April, July and October this year. Now, if I make money by selling some things of my own or any gift-cards/coupons I use, or if I make any returns, that money can be used for me to shop on those shop-free months but rather than that, I won't allow myself to spend. It is a good thing I have to make a return and also have a gift card at Toys R' Us so I can purchase Vivian's birthday gift this month.

Here is a little throwback to what I was wearing on this date or a close date on the blog, in the past few years I have been blogging. I always think this is a fun way to look into my past self and the way I dressed, for the same season, in the past. 

This was me at about 35 weeks pregnant, pretty much full-term. Little did I know, about three weeks after that my sweet Vivian would make her first hello in the world. This was one of my last Work Outfits before I took my maternity leave. I was wearing Black Ponte Skinny Pants tucked into my Gray Suede Boots with a Teal Tunic Blouse by Express over them and a Houndstooth-trimmed Black Cardigan over the blouse. I accessorized with a Simple Dainty Necklace and a Leopard Bow Skinny Black Headband. You can also see my festive decorated apartment (we lived in the capital of Albania - Tirana, back then). This outfit is still very chic and I'd wear it all again, today. To tell you the truth none of these items were maternity though I was 9 months pregnant.

This was a New Year's Eve type of outfit. I don't know if I still have this Hunter Green Mini Fitted Dress but the color and the sparkle on the thread (plus it is a textured material) made it perfect for New Year's Eve. It was mild weather too so I paired it with Black Fishnet Tights, my Black Lace with Satin Bows Peep-Toe Pumps and a Black Fascinator Hat. The dress has a built-in brooch on the front of the neckline so I opted for no necklace but put on Simple Beaded Black Earrings instead and I carried a Sparkly Gold Clutch. I loved how sassy, sexy and fab this turned out! Check out the original post for more details.

Silver and Red make a great festive combination for the Holidays. I love how I created a suit out of this Gray Ponte Mini Skirt and this Velvet Gray Blazer (which is packed away in Albania currently, unfortunately). Actually in this post, Vivian matched me in her own velvet piece. Fact, Vivian still has that embroidered-in-silver Navy Velvet Dress and it still fits her. I added a Silver Crystal Beaded Necklace (double-stranded) over my Red Leopard Blouse and I had on a Crystal Pave Hair Barrette on the back of my hair. This was our first Mommy+Daughter post of 2015, by the way.

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