Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thanksgiving Gift Guide, for the Hostess.

Good evening you all. I am skipping Third Thursday Thoughts for this month of November because 1} this month is flying by super fast (like every month this Fall, it seems) and 2} the less we say about November the better - so many crimes and that brutal church shooting that happened - yeah it wasn't such a good month. So let's focus on some good things instead.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner - a week away to be exact. Some of you are lucky to be invited as guests at your family members' or close friends' homes, while others are indeed the hostesses or hosts (with the mosts lol) and they are doing the prepping, cutting, cooking and baking of all the food and other delish dishes to be served for Thanksgiving. So many of you have already started your Holiday Gift Guides (some even in October), but let's not forget to bring something to the Thanksgiving Hostess too, for Thanksgiving. They worked really hard to put together a great meal and also decorate that beautiful Turkey table.

First, I think the best thing to bring when you are invited to Thanksgiving dinner is something that you cooked or baked yourself. Side dishes or appetizers are best, such as meatballs, fried cheese, stuffed mushrooms,garlic+butter breadsticks, cranberry sauce, baked potatoes, a nice salad or even something more scrumptious like a lasagna (meat or vegetarian) or baked penne pasta. But even a dessert, cake, Crème Brûlée, cupcakes or cookies are a great option too. If you can't cook, you might buy your appetizer or you can buy something to drink, like a great bottle of Pinot Noir (red wine) or a crisp bottle of Chardonnay (white wine). You can also bring a bottle of vodka and a fun tropical juice like mango or pomegranate to make cocktails while dining. Or you can opt for a bottle of scotch or a nice brandy. However, all of these food or drink gifts are not necessarily for the host/ess. They are for everyone to eat and share while eating Thanksgiving dinner. 

If you are looking for something more personal for the hostess look no further than my gift selection, on the collage below. Some of my favorite gifts to hand to the hostess for Thanksgiving would be on the comfy side: a throw blanket, a pillow, warm fuzzy slippers/socks or a scarf they can wrap with. But I also love that patterned cardigan that I included on the collage. And if you know the hostess well you can go for something more personal like a makeup palette, a gorgeous brooch, mascara or that Pure Grace beauty set. The "Reading at the Cafe" candles, set of ornaments, cookie jars and gorgeous fancy teacup with saucer are great gifts for the hostess and to use as home decor, too. A lot of these gifts (like the mascara, makeup palette, candles and notebook/journal) would make great stocking stuffers too so if you don't have a hostess to gift them too, consider them as stocking stuffers for the loving women in your lives.

Thanksgiving Gift Guide, for the Hostess

Thanksgiving Gift Guide, for the Hostess by Elegance and Mommyhood featuring personalized drinkware

You can shop any and all of these gifts below by clicking at each picture. Enjoy!

Starting this weekend all through next week, I have a great week of outfits I am planning to post on the blog, including part two of The Holiday Series which will be all about 'What to Wear on Black Friday'. All of the awesome ladies I am collaborating with and I, will be sharing our Black Friday plans on Tuesday Nov 21st. That post will be LIVE by 5.00 AM Eastern at the earliest. Also, I will still be hosting Thursday Moda next week but due to it being Thanksgiving next week, I will host it a day early (with a friend), so look for the New Thursday Moda Linkup to go LIVE on Wednesday November 22nd at 8.00 AM Eastern, instead. =) And on Friday, the actual Black Friday (Nov 24th), I will be co-hosting with Shelbee on the Edge, her fun "On The Edge" linkup she hosts on Fridays.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving, are you the guest or the hostess and if you are invited somewhere do you bring Thanksgiving gifts?!

Happy Friday everyone and enjoy the weekend ahead! 


  1. I love that Reading at the Cafe candle. Too cute. These would make great stocking stuffers, if not a hostess gift, but I think hostess gifts should become more normal. It's a sweet thought!


  2. You're right, Ada, the month of November has not been very nice, for lack of a better word. I do think, however, that this year, there is also a great deal to be thankful for xoxo

  3. Ada, thanks so much for this fun list of hostess gift ideas and Thanksgiving dish ideas. We have been invited to spend Thanksgiving with our dear friends and their family and I have been struggling with coming up with a delicious dish idea! Since we usually travel to another state to spend Thanksgiving with my in-laws, I never bring a dish because of the traveling part, but rather I just help in the kitchen when we get there. So this is a new one for me! I appreciate all the wonderful suggestions you have offered and I look forward to having you as my Link Up On the Edge co-host next week! I also am super excited to see everyone's Black Friday shopping outfits! Have a great weekend, my friend.


  4. You are so right to think of the host/hostess. Though I tend to enjoy hosting, you are right that it's a tremendous amount of work not only on the day but the days leading up to the event. Love the idea of bringing along a side dish and some wine, or the cute little items like a festive new pillow. Good luck with all your Thanksgiving preparations.

  5. Great post and guide! I love getting ideas from guides, there are always ideas I would never have thought of! Thanks for joining our Style Wise Link Up party!

  6. Such great ideas, Ada!
    And thanks for joining us for On Monday's We Link Up!

  7. Hi Ada, to the Thanksgiving dinner we're attending I'm bringing a potted poinsettia for my hostess.
    Great choices.

  8. What a great idea for a gift guide! I always bring a dessert! I love to bake

  9. Great gift ideas, I adore the cat pin! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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