Thursday, September 28, 2017

Family Time: Watching Movies together.

I have been meaning to do more life+style posts around here and I will do more. Today I have a fun post for you all. It is all about family movie time with your little ones. As you all know I have a 4.5 year old girl named Vivian. A couple of weeks ago she started pre-school too. Because she wakes up between 7.15-7.30 each morning, it is important for her to go to bed early, say 9.30 PM at the very latest. Because of that too and the fact that we make it home around 5.00 or 5.15 after I pick her up from pre-school, evening time feels short and is indeed pretty short.

When we get home, we usually eat, call it a late lunch for me or early dinner, whatever. Vivian is a very picky eater and a little eater at that. She eats very little in school to be honest so she comes home very hungry and usually eats all of her dinner (knock on wood). After that, she likes to watch some of her favorite TV shows or movies. Lately, I have been watching some of these with her. Instead of letting her watch it on her iPad, I let them play on TV. This is good for several reasons: she won't be glued to the iPad or the cell-phone or watch too close because let's face it too much technology is not good and watching up close is not good for their little eyes, either.

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Some of Vivian's favorite movies are: Trolls, Finding Dory or Finding Nemo, Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Red Riding Hood, etc. She loves Disney princesses too so anything Disney normally she adores. She also has a lot of favorite shows she watches regularly like "Shimmer and Shine", "Dora the Explorer", "Paw Patrol", "Peppa Pig" etc. A lot of times we watch these instead of movies. It makes it easier on both her and her dad and I if we are not up to watching a long movie or don't want to spend all of our evening glued to the TV. These shows are usually in short episodes and she can watch a few episodes (or just one) and then Viv can play with her toys, dress and undress her dolls, spend time with her books or draw - which she is very good at and loves to do. Usually when we watch these shows on weekdays, we won't do snacks because we watch them as a family after dinner. Sometimes Vivian will drink her water - her drink of choice - or some apple or orange juice. She doesn't drink milk unfortunately.

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On weekends, movie time is a little bit different. We usually get ready with our bowls of snacks: nuts and cheese or something salty for me (rarely a glass of wine too, usually juice or apple cider), while Vivian likes to snack on apples, bananas, fruit loops (dry, she always eats her cereal without milk) or a Greek yogurt strawberry shake. While I do like popcorn, we don't buy them often because Vivian doesn't care for them too much, she will only snack a little on them or won't eat them at all. But I do love them with lots of butter and salted too (of course). As I mentioned we will watch one of the children movies. Sometimes though they are as long as two hours and a young child will probably get tired or bored. So we will stop the movie and pick up where we left it off, the next day. Pureflix is a great website you can stream great family movies or children movies from. They have thousands of titles you can choose from and you can start as early as today and have your first month subscription for free. Pureflix also has an app which you can download on your phone or tablet and let the children watch a movie of their choice outside of their home too. This would be perfect for long travels or long trips in the car when you have to drive for a significant amount of time, especially hours in a row. Pureflix's moto is: "Investing in Kids for a Brighter Future" - you gotta love that. 

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I do believe spending at least one hour a day of quality time as a family, at home, with your children is very important. It makes them feel more loved, included and important - which they are all of those things. I also think it is very important to have at least one meal as a family together, usually dinner. I suggest dinner because usually everyone is home in the evening for supper time. 

Movie time with your child/ren is spending quality time with them sitting next to you or why not in your lap, if they are still little. You can also discuss the movie together, encourage them to eat their snacks and cuddle with them under their favorite blanket on your cozy couch. Other important times you can spend with your family are read together, play together, go grocery shopping together, cook/prepare meals together, paint or draw together, build together, make puzzles together, go on a picnic together, take pictures together (lol), clean/organize together, etc, etc. I will talk more about each of these in future posts, so stay tuned.

On another note, today is the last day of Shopbop's Huge End of Season Sale. It is time for you to purchase that amazing coat, designer jeans or a new pair of boots you have been lusting after. Check out my favorites here.

P.S. This post was done in collaboration with Pureflix but I wasn't compensated for this post. The thoughts and opinions written here are 100% mine. Thank you.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Thursday Moda #82: Light Neutrals for Early Fall.

Happy Linkup Day!! Today I have a co-host and it is my fellow Eastern European beauty and girl mom BOJANA from Bo's Bodacious Blog, who currently blogs from Canada but is originally from Serbia. We are styling Light Neutrals for Early Fall. I think light-colored neutrals are a great option to wear from September at least until mid to late October. Think light grey, taupe, beige, soft camel, mellow yellow or even a light blue like sky blue because if paired with other neutrals, it is definitely a neutral. It has been warm around here lately as you may have seen on my Instagram stories, as high as 91 degrees at times and it looks like it has been the case for where Bojana (Bo) lives as well. She rocked some very Stylish Paperbag-Waist Brown Tweedy Pants paired with an Ivory-Grey Wrap Tee and Open-Toe Tan Booties which I think is a great outfit to wear to the office during this transitioning of seasons. Bo is not a stranger to Thursday Moda, eventhough it is only the first time she has co-hosted or collaborated with me. I have featured her on my blog as "The Featured Blogger" twice, actually last time was only 2 weeks ago - I love her style whether she is dressy or casual. Besides the fact that we are both Eastern European, we are around the same age and Bo has two gorgeous girls, which are sometimes featured on her blog, too.

As you guys know I am a huge fan of Who What Wear - my favorite line at Target ever, hands down. They are so good about keeping up with the trends, yet have many elegant, classic pieces. Their quality is great for the price too. Think Express or Loft quality for way cheaper price-wise. My last dress that I shared on the blog for the Fall Wedding "The September Issue" post which you all loved, is also a new dress (current) from Who What Wear and you loved that dress so much. Well this Sky Blue+White Pinstriped Off-Shoulder Blouse (which can also be worn as a boat-neck) is from the Who What Wear brand. I love the crochet detail on each sleeve and the 3/4 length makes those sleeves perfect for early Fall. My Nude Faux Suede Sandals with the low block heels are also from Who What Wear and they have been my most-worn sandals of the Summer though I own a ton of shoes and definitely a lot of sandals. This particular pair has been worn at least 20 times - I even packed them on vacation. The best part is that you can still buy them here. I am not surprised they haven't gone on sale even-though they have been there since Spring, because they are such a classy, versatile piece. And that oversized plastic buckle is the best. These sandals are gorgeous, well-made, go with everything and behind comfortable. I figured since we have had some very warm days here, I could wear them for early Fall. I can see them styled with dresses or skirts with tights too, though. Last but not least, my Fun Distressed Jeans which have been in my closet for 1.5 years are also a wonderful Target find. I love them so much. They are ankle-length which makes them perfect for sandals, booties and mules. I loved how well the blue jeans looked with the blue striped shirt for a cool monochromatic look.

For this outfit I layered two necklaces. Nothing beats the Rayne Necklace from Kendra Scott because it is a beautiful piece that always makes a statement and the type of necklace you can wear for any season. They come in a ton of colors and I own this gorgeous lavender one and the emerald green color, too. I layered it with my Gold-Tone Skinny Bar Turquoise Necklace by Baublebar which they currently don't have anymore, but this is identical except it is all in gold metallic. These two necklaces looked so great layered together. Speaking of Baublebar I wore their Pom Pom Tassel Earrings (the ones I linked are identical in slightly different colors). I have worn these earrings so much this Summer and packed them for vacation too, of course. Oh and in case you are wondering my sunnies are from Loft. I always find cute sunglasses at Loft and I usually purchase them during one of their million sales.

I am not one to carry flowers in my bags or pose in my OOTD pictures with fresh flowers tucked inside my purse. I have seen many bloggers do that and some do it so well but I think I have only done that once or twice before. The day I wore this outfit though, we went shopping to a farmer's market and I couldn't resist purchasing these gorgeous, home-grown orange ombre roses. They were so beautiful and unique. Of course the lady wrapped them in paper for me but I stuck them inside my tote as they were. When I went home I unwrapped them and couldn't resist making them part of my outfit. They are stunning and smelled so good. And speaking of my tote, it is one of those reversible ones. Mine is  camel and mint or aqua on the other side (which I have never carried it that way). Mine is faux leather and is a steal from Wal Mart for under 20 bucks, but you can find reversible totes like mine everywhere from Target to Nordstrom for a great price point. I definitely suggest you buy at least one. They carry so much and are so chic!

You all missed out on my favorites last week but I am back with my featured looks this week. There were about 100 outfits linked last week and narrowing it down to 5 is no easy task. My favorites this week are all so very different but all equally great looks in my opinion. Two are definitely more Summery looks and both slightly edgy with the denim while the other three are definitely Fall looks.
Lee has on the most adorable outfit I have seen all Fall so far. Those 'Ruffle Sleeves' and the way she knotted the ends of her leopard scarf - oh my. The backpack adds to the modern and chic look.
I am a huge fan of 'Birmingham, MI' and my fellow Michigander Chanda, knows where all the best restaurants are. Loved her denim overalls with the gold oxford loafers and her daughter matched her too.
Come on you know I'd love this 'Autumn Shirtdress' that Kim wore. I am a sucker for a long-sleeve dress with ruffles, in a bold colorful print and this is proof.
Jaime's look is divine 'Head to Toe' as I seriously love every single piece. But the true star here are those bow mule flats. Can they magically appear in my closet?!
Emma is wearing a 'Purple Escada Jacket' that looks from a different era altogether, but that is most definitely a compliment. She is 1000% polished.

Today's Fabulous Thursday Moda Co-Host: Bo's Bodacious Blog.
I have only 'known' Bo for a few months but she has such cute and achievable style. She shops at reasonable stores I love like Old Navy and loves a good remix, like she has shown below with both her tulle embroidered skirt and those stunning cream pumps. These are just some of her recent looks I have loved.
From Bo's Mouth:
"My name is Bojana and  I am a  34 year old woman that wears many hats throughout the day; mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, granddaughter, friend, teacher, early years childhood and literacy consultant, and fitness enthusiast,  just to name a few.   I created Bosbodaciousblog in 2016 as a way to express and rediscover myself, and who I was in the midst of all of these other characters that I had taken on over the years.  Hop over to my blog, or follow me on Instagram, to see daily outfits that are trendy,  affordable and functional for everyday women.  You'll also get a glimpse into 
my little family that isn't always perfect BUT is always honest, realistic, and full of love and laughter."

Shopbop's End of Season Sale ends on Friday September 29th so hurry and add some new Fall/Winter items. In case you missed it, I shared my favorites here.

Happy Thursday!!

Now join the linkup and make some new friends!

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Shopbop's Huge Fall Sale: Shop my Favorites.

SHOPBOP is currently having a huge sale. As you all know, Shopbop is your online department store or destination for a lot of designer pieces and high-end brands. They are having their Event of the Season Sale which ends this Friday September 29th. It is time for you to splurge on designer denim, great sweaters such as wool and cashmere pieces, beautiful dresses - lets not forget the holiday season is around the corner, leather purses and designer bags, coats of course and let's not forget all the gorgeous shoes such as boots, mules and booties. The sale is like this: if you spend under $500 you get everything for 20% off including items already on sale and if you spend over $500 then you get everything for 25% off.

 Below I am sharing my favorite items from the Shopbop sale where I focused in 4 categories: denim/jeans, dresses - duh, shoes and sweaters. If money grew on trees, I would add most of these items on my wishlist. How stunning are all the dresses below?! I am loving all the shades of yellow and mustard. Perfect for Fall, too. I am seriously looking for some good designee jeans to add to my closet this season including a pair of overalls. I should look no further than Shopbop right?! Take a peak at all of my favorites below. What are you looking to buy from the Shopbop sale?!





Monday, September 25, 2017

The September Issue: 10 ways to Style a Wedding Outfit for Fall.

Good Tuesday you all! Today, I am doing the second part of "The September Issue" collaboration. Part one was all about styling a Little White Dress for Fall and you can read that here. You all loved that post and some even e-mailed me about it. Today all of us and a couple of other babes (10 bloggers to be exact), are back to show you how to style an outfit for a Fall Wedding and why it doesn't have to be a dress. Separates and jumpsuits are hot items to wear these days, so think outside a box. But of course I chose a dress - in red, nevertheless - and stayed true to myself.

 Ada from Elegance and Mommyhood blogs from Metropolitan Detroit, Michigan, USA (originally from Albania, Europe).
Shelbee from Shelbee on the Edge blogs from Watertown, New York, USA.
Roxanne from Glass of Glam blogs from Washington, DC, USA.
Stephanie from Glamorous and Geeky blogs from Florida, USA.
Jennie from A Pocketful of Polka Dots blogs from South Carolina, USA.
Kristin from Countdown to Friday blogs from Germany, Europe (originally from The States).
Michelle from Michelle's Pa(i)ge blogs from Long Island, New York, USA.
Chrissy from Granola and Grace blogs from Georgia, USA.
Cristina from Memories of the Pacific blogs from Spain, Europe.
Laura from I Do deClaire blogs from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

These (above) are all the ladies that are collaborating with me for "The September Issue" this time around. I noticed a lot of reds and also olive which is such a great Fall color and black and white looks, too. Michelle and I are practically twins in our ruffled, long-sleeve floral dresses. I think this style of a dress is perfect for a Fall wedding because it is flirty, fun and in a fabulous print. You have to stop by the blogs and see the details of their looks. Then you will learn why Chrissy paired her strapless dress with sneakers or why Stephanie is wearing a white dress to a wedding. My favorite looks I think are Roxanne's and Kristin's.

The dress I decided to style for a Fall wedding is this beautiful red floral number by Who What Wear which for the past couple of years has been by far my most favorite brand at Target. I love their modern and flirty style, ready-to-wear pieces and they always have gorgeous florals. I love this print so much, I am considering it in the moto jacket too. This dress suits my style and what I love to wear. I am a dresses person, someone who has always loved and worn ruffles, someone who loves floral year around and of course red is my favorite color. This dress hits several trends in the head, including the fact that Grenadine is considered the biggest color for Fall 2017. And of course this will be a great color to wear through the holidays and Winter. I love the bold print here, it looks like poppies. The red of course is the main color but there is a little purple and black too so those are two great colors to pair this dress with, too. Of course, the way I dressed it up here, is perfect for a Fall Wedding, but you can totally dress this down with a denim jacket and light-colored sneakers or nude/tan booties and matching floppy hat. 

I chose a pair of Suede Black Pumps to pair my dress with. The velvet material and tortoise heels read "It's Fall" (though it has been 90 degrees for days, now) and the fact that the pumps have block heels, makes them comfortable for walking or dancing while you may be a little tipsy, at the wedding lol. These pumps are also by Target and I purchased them before the holidays last year. Mine are not available anymore but you can still find these similar ones with block heelsthese identical to mine but the heels are velvet too (mine are also by Merona) or these classic skinny heel pumps which are on sale and my favorites. My bag has been in my closet for 7 years. It is quilted with a little bit of metallic in the thread, looks like a classic Chanel bag. I gave it to my mom though it was mine but I still borrow it all the time and it is my most-worn bag for dressier events. It is by White House Black Market.

I decided to mix+match metals and crystals as far as my jewelry goes. Everything has been in my closet for a while. My Crystal-Encrusted Gold Teardrop Hoops are by The Limited and they can dress up anything. The Layered Silver-Tone Pyramid Bar Necklace is more casual but it worked here not to upstage the print and ruffles of the dress. I love that one of the pyramid charms is all pave. I also wore a Snakeskin Band Red+Blush Watch with a big round face, layered with a two-stranded Green Beaded Coin Charm Bracelet and I am wearing a Gold-Tone Pave Crystal Snake Ring in one hand and an Asymmetric Glass, Red Cocktail Ring on the other.

Just like last time, this week, I am also co-hosting Shelbee's "Spread the Kindness" Tuesday linkup, today, so add your links on the bottom of this post and stop by her blog as well to check out her Fall Wedding Look.