Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year 2017!

This post is coming really late but I wrote it on Friday so I hope that counts. LOL I hope you made the last weekend of 2016 an unforgettable one as we continue through the festivities and the celebrations of a New Year on Sunday Jan 1st.

By the way, a Holiday Home Tour is coming really late (but better late than never) on January 1st, for New Year's. We keep our tree at least until Jan 6th - when you are supposed to - so it's OK.

Hours left before 2017, a year filled with firsts and bests. Happy, grateful and blessed that God gave me good health and peace of mind each day. Happy, grateful and blessed for a little girl who tells me "I love you more" every day and kisses and hugs me daily. Happy, grateful and blessed for a fantastic family close by or far away, from my husband to everyone else who gives me reasons to smile. ...But I also want to take a moment of silence because there was so much loss and terrorism in the world this year. Let 2017 be the year that will put sense in everyone's minds and the year that will make love not hate reign everyone's hearts!!! Live each day as if you had no clue what happens next and take it easy because if you rush you might miss out on those small moments that make a huge difference. Happy 2017 to all my family and friends, to all my fans and followers too!

Take a leap of faith and jump into a New Year with pride, bravery and joy!