Tuesday, September 20, 2016

$10 Budget at Target and what I got (August).

OK, so full disclosure, I am doing a no-shopping month so I haven't shopped or plan on shopping all September, so even-though I am doing this monthly series now in September (since I forgot to do it last month), like the title indicates, these are all actually from August. We last left off this series in May. I did do the $10 challenge in June and July also but I have been so busy and haven't posted them. Actually, I haven't blogged at least half of the outfits I have worn this Summer, including some good ones. Such is life. 

This is a monthly 'challenge' and a linkup hosted by Becky each month, where anyone is invited to share what 10 dollars at Target got them. It could be one item, 3, 5 or even 10. It doesn't matter how many, but it is fun to see what everyone got! This month I am sharing with you these three items I got: 2 bras and a bronzer by E.L.F.

So, since I like to keep things honest on this blog, the total for these three items was actually $10.91 but I rounded it down to 10 bucks, it is still very close. I got a face bronzer from E.L.F. which I just started using this week but I love it so far and two new bras. One is an electric blue with black colorblocking and the other is a satin nude bra with reversible straps, because one can never have too many bras, especially nude bras. August was the month of buying undergarments, for me. I picked up several bras, several panties, camisoles to wear underneath shirts or to sleep in and even some lounge wear, at different stores. I was very happy with this recent Target purchase and now I am excited to see what I will get for 10 bucks in October. I am eyeing some Fall decorations and a new Fall-ish mug. What have you gotten at Target recently?

In case you missed it, I shared what I wore to a Red Carpet Event, earlier this week. A Brand-new Thursday Moda will be live tonight at 7.00 PM Eastern for you to share your posts and once again I am co-hosting with the lovely Shelbee and I will have another new outfit to post, on Friday. 

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