Friday, August 26, 2016

Did You Know?!

My blog has gotten a lot of new readers and a lot more views and clicks, in the last few months and several of you who have stopped to link up on Thursdays for my "Thursday Moda" linkup. So, today I thought to do a little "Did You Know" post with some true facts about me, most of which I don't think I have shared before on the blog. So, this is a little introduction to new (and some old) readers. Enjoy! And, if you have any questions, ask me on the comments. I will do a  future post to answer your questions.

Did you know my birth-given name is Adriana? It is the name I am born with and the one I have in all of my documents.
Did you know I have dual citizenship (American and Albanian) and since I have been 18, I have voted 6 times, 4 times in USA and twice in Albania?
Did you know I have a brother but no sisters?
Did you know I used to play both the violin and the mandolin and I used to sing, since I was 6 years old?
Did you know I met my husband in Albania when I went there for vacation over 13 years ago?
Did you know my second favorite color is yellow? (You all know by now my most favorite color is red).
Did you know, I have traveled on my own for the first time since I was 12? It was in Greece. I went on a 3-week Summer vacation and we stayed in a children's inn. It was beautiful and I have loved Greece ever since.
Did you know I eat a salad every day?
Did you know I have a certification about wines so I know a thing or two about a good glass of wine?
Did you know I am scared of dogs? OK, this is bad but most dogs scare me. I have been bitten twice by dogs when I was young and I have had a bad experience with most dogs. The cute, little fluffy dogs don't scare me much but big dogs, even the ones that look nice and friendly - yep I am scared of them.

OK, that's it for today. I will do one of these around the holiday season, once again. Hope you enjoyed reading these fun facts. Let me know if you like these types of posts.