Thursday, March 17, 2016

(Late) Third Thursday Thoughts and Quotes #2.

Back in January I started this brain-dump monthly post, which I would do the third Thursday each month. Well February's Thursday got behind me because I have been so busy. Anyhow, I am back today and letting you know what is on my mind. You can stop reading here if you could care less. I won't be mad. =)

- It was a very crazy windy day. So windy that I cannot even image how Chicago's weather (it is the windy city after all) must have been. We are only 4 hours away from Chicago and usually experience similar weather on the same day. But yeah, Thursday was such a windy day. It didn't start off as bad, but then when I went to grab lunch on my lunch break, despite all the sun and how warm it looked, it was indeed very windy and quite chilly. All these wind chills will lower our temperatures down to about 35 degrees and we are expecting another snow in the next couple of days. I mean I knew Winter wasn't quite over. And to tell you the truth I wanted it to snow at least once more - I love snow - but see I bought my daughter the prettiest Easter Dresses and we were supposed to take photos this weekend. We might have to snap some pictures inside, indeed. It is too cold for me to take Vivian out for pictures. Especially since her immune system is a little weak and a light Easter dress does not agree with our current weather.

- It looks like the new blog design is a HIT! Not only do I personally love it, but it seems like it is a hit among all of you as well. ASHLEY from The Grits Blog dis such an outstanding job. The girl is talented, plus she has a sweet and sassy personality. She is from sunny Florida after all. I am glad she took me in - I am not a very easy client after all. Glad, to call her a friend now. Ashley is also quite affordable. If you are looking for a little face-lift for your blog, a new header, new buttons or perhaps a complete makeover like I did, I definitely recommend her. Actually, she is currently sharing some cheap+beautiful blogger templates if you are interested to see them or buy them. And she just started her 'Anything Goes' Friday Linkup today with which I am linking this post with.

- A new blog design has brought some new opportunities, new collaborations (coming up soon) and I plan on doing a few giveaways this Spring too. And of course I started my own linkup. I am glad to say that Thursday Moda has been pretty successful so far and the third week is still going strong. You can still join the linkup here. I have tried to spread the word as much as I can and visit lots of new (to me) blogs this way, too. If any of you would like to co-host the linkup in the future, let me know. It is free and also a great chance for your blog to get more exposure.

- I just opened an Instagram account a few weeks ago though I haven't posted anything on it (yet). You can find me here by the way. I know I am like 3 years late to the game and a lot of you have moved on to Snapchat already. But anyway, I am a little ashamed to admit that I have no clue how to upload photos to Instagram. Do they have to be uploaded straight from a smart-phone. Can I upload them from my Facebook, since I opened it using Facebook or how? If you read this, any help in this topic would be welcomed and appreciated a lot. Thank you.

- I really want to splurge on a beautiful pastel designer bag this season, one either in Serenity or one in Rose Quartz (I wish I had one in each color, actually). I am torn though. There are a few top choices I am loving: 1, 2345678, 910 or 11. Which one of these would you choose? Which are your top 2 picks? I mean, if money was no object, I would love to own at least 3 of these. But you know money doesn't grow on trees. =D White House Black Market currently has some gorgeous bags too, many that look like designer bags and are very on trend. And talking from experience, their bags are definitely well-made. I have been eyeing both this one and especially this one for quite a while now. I have seen them both in person and they are both very nice and well-made handbags. I especially want the saddle bag and it is a great deal now. Also, loving this and this. Two gorgeous bag and each on huge sale.

- I want to do a blog survey. I think it is a good idea to see what my readers like and dislike, why they read my blog, what other topics they might find interesting, if they don't mind Vivian being a big part of my blog and our Mommy+Toddler posts, etc, etc. If you have done a blog survey before, have you learnt from it? Also, what website have you done the survey from? Let me know.

- Now I will leave you on to some quotes for the day. I think good quotes always motivate me and since I have had yet another week of terrible headaches and bad sleeping/lack of sleep, I need all the motivation I can find. The first quote (below) in particular is perfect for me today.

F.Y.I. I started writing this post last night (Thursday night) but never pressed send, so you are seeing it this Friday morning. 

Enjoy your St. Paddy's Weekend Ladies!