Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Year and Blanket Scarves.

Good morning and Happy Leap Day! It is a Monday and how awesome to start a new week with a leap day. We only get these leap days every four years so they are special. So, did you watch the Oscars? As I am typing this, I am currently watching the Oscars and loving all the gowns of course. I will have a thorough recap of them on the weekend but a few stand-outs for me: Charlize Theron, Naomi Watts, Alicia Vikander, Jennifer Garner and Cate Blanchet. For now, check out my thorough recap of the SAG Awards.

As I mentioned yesterday, this week I will show different ways and different outfits I have styled with a Blanket Scarf. My collection has gotten huge this year, since I got in the States. Previously I had some other pretty ones I had purchased in Europe, but I left all mine in Albania. Needless to say, this year I added that Infamous Tan/Red/Green Plaid Blanket Scarf that every blogger has (lol), several ones from Nordstrom, one from Target, one from Banana Republic, one from Old Navy and even one from Wal Mart. Since February was the month of Love where the color Pink reigns, and since today is the last day of February is only fitting that I start this week with all this Hot Pink. So my Fuchsia+Orange Blanket Scarf and Matching Fuchsia Opaque Tights make a return!
I wore this Outfit to work the week before Valentine's day (and it just now made it to the blog, I know - I am suuuuuper behind). Anyhow, I am wearing my latest, newest Striped Dress with my Bold+Bright Blanket Scarf from Target. I styled the Scarf as a Poncho and belted it with a Simple and Classic Black Leather Belt with Silver Buckle. The dress itself has neutral colors - navy and gray stripes - so all the pops of bright colors though a little much, still worked. I did get a couple of weird glances at work but then one of those people also complimented me by saying "I look girly and cheerful". Most day I took off my scarf at work too, so this outfit didn't look as bright. The dress and my new metallic Flats were recently purchased (on the same day) from Gap and I love them. Also, I had a hard time deciding which purse to carry, the purple one or the orange on so I photographed them both here with the outfit. I ultimately went with the orange because I had enough purple+pink in my outfit. The orange one brought out the orange from the scarf too and Vivian was saying "Orange, Orange" once she saw the orange bag. Orange is her third favorite color after pink and red, of course lol. What do you think of this outfit with pattern-mixing and bold colors? Too much or would you wear it? Do you like wearing a Blanket Scarf belted as a Poncho Over a Dress?

Heather Gray+Navy Striped Jersey Knit Dress, 3/4-Sleeve Dress: Gap (New) (similar bodycon midi option, Splurge, love this), (similar, Great Deal), (similar, Steal).
Fuchsia/Purple/Orange Buffalo Plaid Blanket Scarf w/ Fringe: Target (similar, small Splurge, love this), (identical, Great Deal), (similar, Steal).
Black Leather Belt w/ Silver Rectangle Buckle: New York & Company (NY&Co.) (similar, Splurge), (similar, Great Deal), (similar, Steal).
Pearl+Crystal, White/Clear/Baby Blue Bauble Statement Necklace: White House Black Market (similar w/ earrings, Great Deal ), (similar, Steal, love this), (similar, Steal).
Pearl, Double-sided, Bobble Earrings w/ Black Eiffel Tour Painting (on each side): An Accessories Boutique (similar, Splurge, love these), (similar, Great Deal), (similar, Steal).
Fuchsia Opaque Tights: Old Navy (New) (very similar, Steal), (patterned option, Great Deal, love these).
Bright Purple Faux Leather Large Satchel Bag w/ Crossbody Strap: Target (New) (similar, Splurge), (similar, small Splurge, love this), (similar, Huge Steal).
Orange Faux Leather Bag w/ Asymmetric Locket Pocket on the front: The Limited (similar, Splurge), (similar, small Splurge, love this), (similar, Huge Steal).
Bronze Metallic Patent Leather Pointy Ballet Flats w/ Ankle Strap: Gap (New) (similar, Splurge), (similar, Great Deal, love these), (identical, Steal).

Update: Leonardo DiCaprio won his Academy Award FINALLY and I couldn't be happier. Fantastic acceptance speech, also.

I am also linking up with Sheela's New Linkup. She is beautifully styling red this week and I am glad to join it since my scarf has a little red, too.

I will continue Blanket Scarves Week, all week long and Wednesday thru Friday, I will be paired with Emily from Darling Dearest Blog to show both of our Blanket Scarves' Styles.

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