Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Big Brain Dump and What's to Come.

Hi guys. 2016 has been such a very busy year for me thus far. So much so that I swear I never realize when my 24 hours in the day come and go. Top that off with some extreme cold we have had especially in the last couple of weeks, temperatures in single digits and sometimes even below zero, snow and frost, weather that doesn't motivate you to go outside except for when you have to go to work, also the kind of weather that makes photo-taking outside pretty much unbearable. Vivian has also been feeling ill and I haven't been able to schedule a visit with her pediatrician. With all that together, I have been able to photograph fewer outfits than usual. And, also, there have been many days when I have lounged at home in the comfort of my yoga pants, plaid fleece jacket, or a cozy over-sized sweatshirt and pajamas, having a huge (sometimes more than one) cup of coffee or cocoa from my red, beautiful and so festive Hot Cocoa Bar and of course munching on a Lindor truffle or two and a few M+Ms. My work schedule has also been all over the place, definitely not steady or organized. Actually it looks like next week I will have to go to work every day and work full time pretty much (not many days logged at home). With the exception of the visit/dinner at my cousin's and my Galentine night out I have not gone anywhere else. Actually some old friends and I have been meaning to meet for dinner since before Christmas and have had to cancel four times due to busy schedules. Yes, it has been that bad. Things are also going to start looking different on this blog very soon - something I am very very excited about. I will let you know more about it on Thursday.

But on a positive note, on Valentine's day I spent part of my day sending virtual greetings and wishes via Facebook to some friends and acquaintances I have not seen or heard from in a long while and even to some of my favorite bloggers whom I consider friends (they know who they are). I made a point to connect with several people I had lost touch with on Facebook. And it felt really good. It is good to know that most of these people still consider me their friend. Truth be told, we are all busy women and moms now but still. And of course I sent out most of my Valentine's Day Cards on time. You may have noticed too that I have fallen so behind with recapping the year that was - 2015. The idea was to have all 12 months recapped in detailed posts no later than the end of February 2016. Well my friends, February is technically more than half-way through so I do not know if that will happen. But I will try to recap July+August this weekend at least. Also, I have been MIA in a lot of blogs. A few of them I keep up with daily or at least bi-weekly. Some I don't visit more than 2-3 times a month but usually when I do I binge-read and most likely I comment on my most favorite posts I have missed. So, I do apologize if you fall in the later category but believe me when I say that I am still in the process of reading or will read all of your blogs. I am still here.

Also, on Vivian's front, I totally meant to recap her Christmas with her opening ALL of her gifts and she got a ton and I also meant to give a detailed recap from her 3rd Birthday Party. She was definitely spoiled a lot these last couple of months. It was a given since it was her first Christmas and her first Birthday Celebration here in Michigan with all of my family. My brother in particular spoiled her rotten. She has him wrapped around his finger. He loves her only niece so very much and shows it to her every day. Alas thus far I have only been able to write this Christmas Post and  this Birthday Post only. Speaking of Christmas, part three (and final) of my Christmas Home Tour never made it to the blog. Neither did a few other Mommy+Daughter Christmas/Holiday Outfits we wore and shot (well because I lost the SIM card for those; well I have misplaced it actually but have yet to find it to this day). Also, over the last couple of weeks I planned out a lot of Mommy+Daughter Valentine-inspired for Vivian and I but we were only able to show you one thus far. The other outfits either never got worn or we never were able to take photos of. Other areas in my life have suffered too despite trying to plan and schedule things. I have never used a planner in my life as much as I have these past couple of months. For example, I should have mailed back my Rocksbox at least 2-3 days sooner. But I kept forgetting to simply stick that little label and put it into my mailbox. You can still your own first month of Rocksbox for free using my code: ADABFF39. Such is life, people. I never claimed I was perfect - far from it. 

Anyway, I didn't mean to write a novel and to tell you the truth, minutes ago when I started writing this post I totally did not think it was going to be a brain dump. I thought it would just be the usual style post. But it is almost 1.00 AM, neither Vivian or I are sleeping (her sleeping schedule has been so off lately) and to tell you the truth I don't have all the outfit photos for today all ready and edited. So in turn you got a long novel of me complaining lol. However, below is a sneak-peak of outfits you are expected to see on the blog soon. I really hope you like them. Thanks. And especially a million thanks for reading whenever you do, but especially today. You guys are my sounding board.

What's to come:
Clearly, my love affair with Hot Pink continues.