Friday, February 5, 2016

Flashback Friday: Classic Red Coat.

Well for this Flashback Friday (almost Saturday morning, actually) I wanted to show you a Red Coat I wore on repeat last Winter. I love a good bright coat, especially a red one. I own two Classic Red Coats (the one from today's post) and another one, as well as my Red Puffer Coat. I wore this Classic, Waist-length, Red Coat a few times last Winter through early Spring. Today I am doing a couple of Throwback Looks with my Red Coat in honor of Valentine's Day next weekend. The first look is casual and the second look is dressy. In both outfits I also featured a Classic Navy Stripe. This red coat is perfect for this time of the year, Actually, it is the perfect Coat to wear anytime from November at least until February. It covers all the holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and of course Valentine's Day. Funny enough the first casual outfit was worn for mom duties out and about, while the second was worn to work. So in honor of "Mom Wear to Work Wear" - a series I haven't done in a while, let's see this Coat side by side from mom to work. And a brand-new "Mom Wear to Work Wear" post will be available later this month, on the blog. =)

Navy+White Striped, Boat-Neck Sweater w/ Silver Button Detail on the Sleeves & Shoulders: White House Black Market (similar, Splurge, love this), (similar, Great Deal), (similar, Steal).
Off-Black, Soft Velvet, Skinny Pants: Martin & Osa (similar, Splurge), (similar, Great Deal, love this), (similar, Steal).
Red+Black, Cheetah Print Scarf w/ Fringe: Express (similar, Splurge), (similar, Great Deal), (similar, best deal).
Bright Red, Double-Breasted, Waist-length Coat: A Boutique in Albania (similar, Splurge), (similar, Great Deal, love this), (similar, Steal).
Red Leather+Black Beaded Lace, Colorblocked Oxford Shoes: Lord & Taylor (similar, Splurge), (similar, Steal).

Black, White & Hot Pink, Floral, 3/4-Sleeve Cardigan w/ Logo Silver Buttons: White House Black Market (similar, Splurge), (similar, Great Deal), (similar, Steal, love this).
Blush/Nude Pencil Skirt w/ 2 Wide, Navy Pleat Stripes: c/o Sabra (gorgeous navy striped option, Splurge), (blush+navy floral option, Great Deal, love this), (similar, Steal, need+love this).
Bright Red, Double-Breasted, Waist-length Coat: A Boutique in Albania (similar, Splurge), (similar, Great Deal, love this), (similar, Steal).
Heather Gray/Charcoal/White Large Buffalo-Print Woven, Blanket Scarf: A Boutique in Albania (very similar, Splurge), (similar, Great Deal, love this), (similar, Total Steal).
Baby Pink, Plastic, Double-sided, Bobble Earrings: An Accessories Boutique (very similar, Small Splurge), (similar, Great Deal), (similar, Steal, love these). 
3-strand, chain necklace w/ Rose-Printed Blush Beads+Fans: Love Culture (similar, Splurge, love this), (similar, Steal).
Dark Charcoal/Off-Black  Semi-Sheer Tights: Golden Point (similar, Splurge), (similar, Great Deal, love these), (similar, Steal).
Soft, Dusty Pink, Suede Moccasin Shoes: Payless (similar, Splurge), (similar, Great Deal), (similar, Steal, love these).
Nude, Round-Toe, Patent Leather Pumps: Apartment 9 (Kohl's) (similar, Splurge), (similar, Great Deal), (similar, Steal).

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