Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Very Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas Everyone!! I hope by now you have shared traditions, worn your cute and comfy holiday pajamas, eaten yummy food, opened some great presents and done part of your holiday celebrations with family and loved ones. We do most of our Christmas celebrating on the actual Christmas day so tomorrow, but since having Vivian we like to have her open a gift or two on Christmas Eve and the others on Christmas day. Today I am sharing a few photos taken just a couple of hours ago, from when Vivian opened her first two presents of many (she has still at least a dozen of presents to open). I am sure she will get tired tomorrow opening up presents, but at the same time that is part of the fun and the joy of Christmas - opening gifts.

As you can tell Santa was very gracious and good to us this year. All the gifts under the white Christmas tree are Vivian's, while the ones under the green tree are everyone else's. We only did one gift for each of the  people in our list and of course many gifts for Vivian. Because truly, the reason for the season is having a little one and celebrating through the joy in their eyes.

Ironically the very first present Vivian opened is the Red Santa Gift-box one where the lid says "Do not open until December 25". Of course she would open that one because that is where her two balloons were tied on and my girl loves balloons - she has always loved them. In this box she got a fun outfit: dress, leggings and shoes from Old Navy. She loved the shoes and put them on right away. She also loved the gift box but she could care less about the dress or leggings lol.

Vivian working hard to take the bow and wrapping paper off her second present. This present was one of her presents from her uncle. It was a Minnie Mousse. It was this holiday's season version of the Minnie Mousse. Vivian loves Minnie and Mickey. As you can see by the last photo she was enamored with this Minnie. It was so beautiful and soft. She hugged it and kissed it many times. My brother bought Vivian 2013's Holiday Disney edition of the Minnie Mousse and she also has a small one gifted to her from a family friend for her first Christmas (two years ago). The one today is by far the biggest and most plush one she owns and her favorite. FYI Vivian's mini toilet, her toothbrush and the tube of her toothpaste are also Minnie Mousse. She also has some Minnie Mousse clothing and she is wearing some Minnie socks with this New Christmas Outfit today. And, just recently I also bought her a Minnie Mousse Outfit.

Vivian's Outfit:
Navy "Sparkle like a Star" Graphic Tee: Target (New).
Gray Soft Cotton Turtleneck w/ Gold Stars: Wal Mart (New).
Red+Black Buffalo Plaid Leggings: Old Navy (New).
Gold Metallic Bow Barrette: Target (New).
White+Hot Pink Minnie Mousse Socks: Disney via Wal Mart.

I hope you had many reasons to celebrate today. Christ is Born! A Very Merry Christmas to you!!