Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Currently: September 2015 (Loving so many things and a Blogger Meet-up).

Happy Tuesday and Welcome September! Another month gone and August was a great one for me. It was a month full of lovely things, a very long flight, moving, traveling and it ended with a great vacation at St. Joseph. I was busy, busy, busy this past month, but I feel very fulfilled afterwards. It also helped that despite being in two different continents, the August weather was sunny, mostly warm and very pretty.

Here is my monthly "Currently" Post.  Like last time, I am linking up with Anne, tomorrow. And speaking of tomorrow, stop by because you will see a great Fall Transition post between me and some other lovely and stylish bloggers. =)

reading: I feel bad about this one but I haven't been reading any books since I left Albania. My plate has been very full and furthermore I still need to enroll at my local library. I plan on doing that soon so I can borrow lots of books for both Vivian and I to read. I am currently reading a People Magazine and of course lots of articles plus news online and blogs, too lol.

making: Negative on this one as well. Besides making lunch for me and Vivian every now and then, I haven't been making anything else worth mentioning. I do have a couple of easy DIY projects I am eyeing to make this month or next month, though.

pinning: Lately I have been pinning lots of Denim Looks: relaxed outfits, layers and transitional Fall Outfits. I am pinning lots of Fall inspirations for personal style, home decor, recipes, drinks, DIY's and more. Fall is such an inspirational season.

anticipating: I am anticipating the new TV Shows to start. I have been loving to watch lots of reality shows this Summer like "Bachelor Pad", "Master Chef", "Big Brother" and "America's Got Talent" but I am looking forward to start watching some good TV. I think 'Blind Spot" and "Limitless" are two new thriller dramas I am looking forward to watching. I also want to start watch "Astronaut Wives Club", "Mistresses" and "Madam Secretary". Anyone watches any of these three shows? Are they any good? I would love your recommendations.

loving: So many things I am loving lately. I am loving spending time with my mom and dad here in Michigan and both Vivian and I being spoiled by them. I am loving that this week it will be in the mid to upper 80s and Summer isn't gone completely. I am loving that a new season of "Project Runaway" just started - my most favorite competition ever. I am loving the gorgeous statement jewelry I got at my local Wal Mart (for 3 bucks each!). I am loving that Fall - my favorite season in Michigan, hands down - is around the corner. I am loving my glasses from Firmoo and I am hoping to win another pair from a giveaway. Speaking of that, Grace I will contact you via e-mail since you won my Firmoo Giveaway. I am loving this new "It" website called Shein because they have beautiful things for reasonable prices. I plan on doing a post about them, soon. I am loving the revival of the 70s since it was a great fashion era in my opinion. And of course I am loving the Fall Fashions in the stores and cannot wait to get my hands on a few things but I have a very limited budget since I am not working right now. very little television, actually. Speaking of fashion: last but definitely not least, I am loving shopping my US closets and getting to wear things I haven't worn in ages and also finding gems that are very much in style nowadays like off-the-shoulder tops, flare jeans, floppy hats, boho tops and more.

Speaking of things (and people) I am loving, I loved having my first blogger meet-up. I met the spunky, cute, adorable, pretty, stylish, chic, friendly and super nice WHITNEY from Whitney Ala Mode. I have been following Whitney for about a couple of years, now. When we vacationed to St. Joseph MI last week, Whitney happened to be there during the same time (it is her hometown, like she posted about here) so we planned on meeting. I had Vivian with me as well (of course). It was a great little first date of coffee and ice cream. Whitney and I live a couple of hours away from one-another but we will meet again in the near future, that I am sure of. I am happy to say that meeting her was a great experience for me and a first since she is the first blogger I have ever met. She didn't disappoint either. She is super sweet in real life, as well. There are a few more Michigan Bloggers whom I follow and like I would love to meet, while I am in Michigan.
I apologize about my horrible hairdo. It was originally down and even had a little bit of a wave going but it was a super windy day. Don't let the beautiful blue sky fool you, it was pretty cool. I loved the outfit Whitney wore color-blocking Green and Blue (how cute are her striped flats and scalloped top?) I shopped my closet and chose this Maxi (or is it Midi) Silk Dress. I love the Safari/Nature Print. It also looks like a Palm Print which is very in right now. I topped it off with a Moto-Style Denim Jacket. I also wore White, Embellished Ballet Flats and a pair of Cat-Eye Sunnies. These are the only outfit pictures too, so there's that. You can see Whitney's adorable Outfit here. Funny thing we were both wearing Blue and Green with Ballet Flats.

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