Monday, August 17, 2015

Japanese Inspiration.

This Outfit is from about a month ago. I have outfits galore saved up on my memory stick. I won't post all of them most likely, but trying to catch up after taking some time off. And truth be told, I could have posted any other outfit today. Since I don't particularly love this one. I don't hate it, but I am not too happy with it. But, in hindsight, I thought it looked better on me (on the body) than how it photographed.
So, what does this outfit remind you of? Well, I think of Japan and Japanese stories/movies when I look at this one. A lot of the Japanese ladies wore similar silhouettes and styles. And trust me, when I put on this Bright Coral Maxi Skirt with this Faux Wrap, Kimono-Style Chambray Shirt, my intention wasn't to create a Japanese Styled Look. But it ended up looking that way, especially with my high bun and the long slits in the maxi skirt  (which sort of make the skirt look like wide gaucho pants, very similar to what the long skirts the Japanese women wore back in the day, looked like). And since in my late teenage years I saw this beautiful TV serial whose storyline took place in Japan, I remember those outfits quite vividly. Not on purpose either, but those stripes around the neckline of the Chambray look like zebra little stripes and 2 of my straps of my sandals are also in a zebra-print. Overall not a bad outfit, but mehh. What do you think of this one? Do you see the Japanese Inspiration behind it?
Bright Coral, Cotton-Stretch Maxi Skirt w/ Long Slit off the Right: Love Culture (very similar), (very similar, best deal), (similar w/ ruching detail by Bisou Bisou, great deal, my favorite), (gorgeous pleated option, on sale, love this).
Black Braided Bracelet w/ Smoke/Gray Oval Semi-Precious Stone: White House Black Market (similar, best deal), (similar in black+gold, great deal, love this), (similar by Bottega Veneta, Splurge, love this).
Pink Bow Hair Tie w/ White Polka Dots: Random Street Vendor.
Black, White+Zebra Strappy Sandals w/ White Flat Platform Heels: Simple Shoes (New) (very similar), (similar by Steve Madden, great deal, love these), (fun option by Misguided, best deal, love this), (similar platform slides, Splurge).

And below is another way I have styled this Coral Maxi Skirt last Summer.

Also, another way/another skirt I have paired this Chambray top in late Summer 2014.

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